The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 6 Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: Tear Down the Deception

Bai Lian returned to the Queen's side, finding her unharmed.

It seemed that she and Ling Yue were the only two people left in the vast royal city.

Two people.

A city.

A little exciting if she thought about it!

Especially so because this young girl seemed to be very restless in her sleep.

She tossed and turned, causing her clothing to shift and reveal enticing glimpses.

A new task immediately popped out in front of Bai Lian's eyes.

Long time no see!

Bai Lian almost thought she was really a Natural Saint after being called so by so many people.

Task 1 was very eye-catching.

[Task 1: Turn Ling Yue from a girl to a woman in her sleep! (Reward: Unlimited Water)]

The reward was an extremely rare item.

It can be used to refine elixirs, and to refine the best Spirit Tools. It can even be used for drinking.


It's also very dangerous!

If she really did it, someone would surely pop out from behind and stab her in the back.

Moreover, if stabbed, while dealing with the assassin, she couldn't allow Ling Yue to wake up. She has to let Ling Yue continue to "Grow" in her dream.

Well. That's too difficult!

Forget it.

Bai Lian decided to choose Soft Skill +1. (PS: the author didn't write what Task 2 is)

However, Task 1 also provided her with new ideas.

She originally planned to take Ling Yue and escape. With some luck, she might avoid the pursuit of the Nanwang Country ancestor.

But now she decided to wander in Ling Yue's dream.

Bai Lian sprinkled a lot of phantom butterflies around the bedroom, so that no one would disturb her.

The temperature dropped sharply.

In the spacious bedroom, Bai Lian walked slowly towards Ling Yue.

She doesn't know much magic, but it's easy to intrude into an ordinary person's dream.

Just squeeze in.

A bit later.

Walking through the fog, Bai Lian found herself in a sandy area.

The world in Ling Yue's dream was also dark.

The night sky was dark red, and the moon was a blood moon.

Bai Lian lowered her head and detected a row of footprints stretching into the distance.

These were made by Ling Yue.

The girl walked alone into the boundless desert.

She had been walking.

Even she herself didn't know how long she had walked.

Looking back, Bai Lian couldn't see the source of the footprints.

In this dream, except for Bai Lian who burst in unexpectedly, Ling Yue was the only living creature.

The evening wind cleared away a layer of sand, exposing a pale skeleton.

Bai Lian thought she understood what this was all about.

Likely, this is Ling Yue's psychological trauma.

In the cultivation world, this is called an internal demon.

Come on.

After recovering her memories related to the game, Bai Lian found herself either fighting with an internal demon, or on the way to fight an internal demon!

As said in the game introduction, this world is full of troubled girls.

She floated gently towards Ling Yue.

Like a ghost in white.

The girl didn't even notice her existence.

The girl walked forward step by step, like an emotionless automaton, who could only think of moving forward.

It's the last night. Let me walk this endless desert once more. I will regard it as a goodbye!

Bai Lian remembered the lamps in the bedroom.

Each lamp had the effect of increasing energy.

It was strange, but now she figured it out.

The massage, candles, and lights were all so Ling Yue didn't fall asleep.

Asleep, she would come to this world of despair.

However, Ling Yue is not a cultivator. No matter how much she doesn't want to sleep, she would still fall asleep.

Only the eternal sleep would grant her relief.

Bai Lian finally understood Wen Su's concern. Ling Yue is his only daughter!


Ling Yue continued to move forward.

This was the last time and she felt she should show some decorum, but after walking for a while she gave up.

Around her was still the unchanging sand.

Playing Desert Bus for eight hours is enough to drive people crazy, Ling Yue has been walking in the sand for 12 years!

Occasionally, she would lie down and hope to fall asleep in her dream, but it was just a baseless hope in the end.


At a certain moment, Ling Yue suddenly stopped.

She heard footsteps, footsteps that are not her own.

Could it be…

She jerked her head up.

What appeared in front of her was a black "shadow", which was unknowingly fierce and even a little scary, but Ling Yue didn't feel scared at all.

This was the first time she met something else in the desert!

Her dark eyes became bright.

"You are…"

Ling Yue saw the black shadow extending out a hand.

The hand didn't reach her head.

Only the voice floated over, which made Ling Yue familiar with the trembling voice.

"Silly girl, I'm your father!"

The old king!

No mistake, this was the voice of the old king!

Ling Yue covered her face with both hands, "Father, I……"


Bai Lian blinked.

Of course, she was the shadow.

She didn't plan to become Wen Su, but just spontaneously imitated Wen Su's voice. Unexpectedly, this move was so powerful that Ling Yue immediately believed it.

The girl knelt down on the ground, powerless with tears slipping through the gaps between her fingers and wetting her hands.

She said in a weak voice, "I'm useless. I can't save anyone. Under my governance, Nanwang remained the same. Only, even more people died in war."

Bai Lian comforted, "It's not your fault. You've done a good job."

Ling Yue shook her head and said, "Father, you don't need to comfort me. I know that I'm not suitable for this position at all. I should let more capable people guide Nanwang forward. I've decided to let…"

"Never!" Bai Lian shouted lightly.


Ling Yue stopped crying and looked at Bai Lian in doubt.

"Silly girl!" Bai Lian said with a sad look, "You have been deceived."

Ling Yue was stunned, "I was deceived?"

Bai Lian nodded and said, "Yes, you have been lied to. Even if you sacrifice yourself, Nanwang Country will not be saved. On the contrary, it won't be long before Nanwang Country is completely engulfed by sandstorms."

Ling Yue's body trembled again, and she kept shaking her head.

"How could… impossible, impossible."

"Silly girl, you've really done a good job. There's no need to put all burdens on your shoulders alone."

While talking, Bai Lian extended her hand.

Ling Yue didn't dodge.

Bai Lian tenderly patted her head.


Ling Yue was unexpectedly docile.

The soft feel of her hair caused Bai Lian to stroke her head for a long time.

"Give up that unrealistic idea. Your life will not bring about the prosperity of Nanwang."


Bai Lian continued, "It's better to leave Nanwang City temporarily and come back after the storm stops. Don't worry, Daddy will be watching you all the time."

Ling Yue was silent.

Was this telling her to run away?

She couldn't.

As Bai Lian said, it's all a hoax!

Ling Yue suddenly stood up. She stopped crying but tears were still on her face.

She stared at Bai Lian calmly, "You are not my father."

Bai Lian's hand stopped. What made you suddenly catch on?

Ling Yue said, "My father would never touch my head this way. He was always dignified and reserved."

Bai Lian explained, "Today is different."

"Nonsense, I have a bad relationship with my father. He would not stroke my head, but scold me loudly!"

Did you want to be scolded?

Was Wen Su's concern false?

Bai Lian was confused.

Ling Yue sneered, "Since you said you were my father, let me ask you a question. When did I come to the royal city?"


"You are the cultivator who came to my bedroom not long ago, right?"


You really are!

Bai Lian removed her disguise to reveal her original appearance.

She understood.

Wen Su was probably the same kind of person as Master An Lan. He clearly cared about Ling Yue, but he didn't show it to Ling Yue because he wanted to look dignified in front of his daughter.

Bai Lian sighed and said to Ling Yue, "You don't understand your father's love for you!"

Bai Lian had a headache.

This unlucky girl…

Come on.

If Ling Yue had been more clever or foolish, she would have been deceived!

"It's you!"

Ling Yue's eyes widened.

She immediately became angry, "Didn't you say you came here to find someone? Why did you find me?"

"Your father entrusted me with saving you."

"You're lying to me again!"

Bai Lian said, "Everything I said is true!"

Ling Yue still sneered, "You said you were my father just now."

That's a white lie!


Bai Lian was also angry.

Since you don't listen to my kind advice!

Then there is only one way left!

She said, "I am not a person who likes to use force. If I have enough time, I can explain it slowly so you understand my sincerity."

Ling Yue stepped back and said, "Do you plan to kidnap me?"

Bai Lian nodded, "Yes, but I won't do anything to you. I will bring you back tomorrow after the ancestor worship ceremony is over. And…"

She smiled.

"Maybe we won't have to wait until then."

Once those who hid in the dark learned she was going to take Ling Yue away, they wouldn't just watch.

Ling Yue panicked.

As an ordinary person, she can't resist Bai Lian.

If this continues, she can only watch the opportunity slip away from her eyes.

Why did things turn out like this?

Ling Yue grew so anxious she felt her head was about to explode.

Bai Lian walked towards her.

She waved her hand desperately, "No, no, don't come here, I…"

She remembered what had happened during the day.

She did know Bai Lian.

The spies in the city told her exactly what Bai Lian had done in the city.

She could recognize Bai Lian not only because she remembered everyone in the royal city.

Ling Yue hurriedly said, "Can you look after those in Nanwang City…"

"Just because I can't watch them die, I want to stop you!"

Bai Lian stopped beside Ling Yue.

She reached out her hand, but drew it back when she was about to touch Ling Yue.

Standing in front of her was not a queen, but a poor girl who had been wandering in her spiritual trauma for 12 years.

Bai Lian sighed, "Of course, it's not your fault. This is the first time we met. You don't trust me, you misunderstand me, and I can understand. I'm good at empathy! As I said before, it's this world's fault. If it wasn't because of that unknown Immortal who died here, the Sand Region would not have become like this."


Ling Yue froze.

This was different from what she imagined.

Bai Lian continued, "If it turns out that I was overly worried, I will be responsible for moving all the people in Nanwang Country outside and helping them rebuild their homes, so that you can continue to be their queen. Although I am poor, I can still afford the traveling expenses."

Ling Yue wondered if she had heard something wrong.

"But!" Bai Lian stared at Ling Yue, "If it turns out that I was right, remember to apologize to me!"

After saying so, Bai Lian disappeared from the sea of sand.

Ling Yue stood there for a long time without saying anything.

The cultivators she had seen have always been aloof, looking down on mortals like gods.

But Bai Lian is different.

She is nothing like a cultivator.

When she first appeared in the royal city, she clearly could kidnap her, but she didn't.

Ling Yue found herself awakened when she contemplated.

She left her dream and returned to her bedroom. She found herself lifted up by a force.

"Where are you taking me?"

Ling Yue didn't hear Bai Lian's reply, but she became utterly shocked.

The whole royal city and even the whole of Nanwang City were shocked.

In the dark.

A dark blue light emerged from where the altar was.

Stabbed into the sky like a long lance.

"He's worried!"