The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 6 Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: She Chases Hope, She Goes to Death

The Queen must have a problem!

Recalling the task triggered not long ago and the Queen's behavior just now, Bai Lian was more convinced of her guess.

She felt that what she saw was not a real queen, but a girl trying to pretend to be a queen.

That childish feeling… It was the same as the involuntary hum of a girl when she was touched comfortably.

Bai Lian sat on the palace roof and let the moonlight wash her body.

This time, she didn't rush around.

She decided to observe the Queen to discover the cause of her weaknesses.

"It's a headache."

Sometimes Bai Lian really wanted to be a villain who could do anything.

So she doesn't have to worry about morality.

Catch the queen and then press her to the ground.

"Tell me everything, or I will make your life worse than death!"

Or more roughly, put her hand directly into the queen's body and strangle her soul.

Don't talk, do you?

Soul Searching!

Bai Lian lay down on the glazed tiles.

The Queen was more patient than she thought.

She sat, and so did the Queen.

She lay down, and the Queen went to bed soon after.


Bai Lian felt that she was just wasting time.

She should do more.

She spread her Divine Sense and enveloped the whole of Nanwang City.

In the boundless darkness, only two soul fires caught her attention.

One was Zhao Haiya.

The other was the Third Younger Martial Sister.

The soul fire of others was very weak, including the Queen. The strongest person was only at the early stage of the Foundation Establishment Stage.

Out of options, Bai Lian could only leave Phantom Butterflies in the royal city for monitoring.

She crossed the city wall.

Just as she was about to go meet the Third Younger Martial Sister, a person who came out of the end of the street made her pause.

"Friend.”, Bai Lian called calmly.

It was Wen Su that arrived from far away.

The fat cultivator was not within the scope of Bai Lian's Divine Sense ten seconds ago.

Can a cultivator at the Golden Core Stage avoid her search?


Wen Su felt the hostility of Bai Lian and stopped a few feet away from her.


The cold evening wind blew on the street, sweeping away the sand on the shoes of Wen Su.

"Fairy Bai Lian must be confused about my identity."


Bai Lian nodded.

"Who the hell are you?"

Wen Su smiled bitterly, "I am Ling Yue's father."

"Ling Yue?"

"She is now the Queen of Nanwang Country."

"You are still alive…"

Bai Lian stopped half way.

That sounded like she was cursing him to die. That’s not good.

If Wen Su didn't lie. Well.

Bai Lian immediately conceived a historical TV drama with the theme of battle for the crown.

However, this TV drama was rejected by Wen Su after just the first episode.

"I am dead."

Bai Lian frowned slightly.

No matter how she looked, she could not see the person in front of her as dead.

This guy is not lying to her, is he?

Bai Lian readied to draw her sword.

Wen Su explained, "This is related to the secrets of Nanwang royal family. Thousands of years ago, Nanwang was also a country ruled by cultivators. This Nanwang City was built around a Spirit Tool. The reason why I can stand here and talk to you now is due to that Spirit Tool."

Bai Lian asked, "What are you looking for me for?"

Wen Su sighed, "Time is running out."


"Tomorrow morning there will be a royal ancestor worship ceremony, and then Ling Yue will die."

"Is it because of that person of the Demon Sect?" Bai Lian's eyes gazed at him.

Wen Su shook her head, "No, it has nothing to do with the Demon Sect."


"In order to revive our ancestor, Ling Yue is willing to be his container…"

Wen Su looked up at the highest building in the royal city.

His vision gradually lost focus.


Ling Yue had a dream.

In the dream, her body shrank.

She returned to age seven.

She lived in an oasis on the border of Nanwang Country. She was not rich, but she was happy every day.

It's a pity that all the good things were torn apart by the black desert storm.

The oasis was destroyed.

People couldn't live without water.

As a last resort, all survivors decided to migrate.

They chased after a hope of life, but what they finally caught was death.

More and more people fell to the desert.

The short distance of one mile had become a natural barrier that could never be crossed.

At that age she already learned what death was.

Death is walking and suddenly rolling down the sand dune, no one paying anymore attention to you.

That day, she stepped into a pit.

She felt that she lost all her strength in an instant.

She began to cry, but she could hardly tear.

The world seemed to be leaving her.

Then her mouth was suddenly opened and water poured in.

"You shouldn't have come to this world."

Someone was talking.

"But you have already come, so you should have a good look."

"You are different from us. When you get there, you will be respected by everyone."

"Ling Yue, live! I will watch you walk out of this desert."

She had been in a state of lethargy.

When she returned to normal, she found herself lying on a big, spacious bed with pink gauze hanging on it, and a young woman in white was waiting beside her.

She was horrified to discover that she had become the king's illegitimate daughter.

She is the only descendant of the Nanwang Country, and she will inherit the throne sooner or later.

"Where are my parents?"

"They are dead."

"How did they die?"

"They were attacked by desert wolves."


It wasn't long before she learned the truth.

In order to assuage her hunger and thirst and allow her to walk out of the desert smoothly, they cut their hands, and then…



Such was the sound of water that would forever haunt her dreams like a nightmare.

The world has probably gone crazy.

She slowly adapted to her new life. She will eventually become the ruler of Nanwang, and she will eventually have the ability to change this country.

But she was wrong.

Even if she became the queen, she could not change the country.

She was too weak.

She could only watch as the newly-planted trees quickly withered away.

The tragedy will continue to be handed down from generation to generation.

Leaving the Sand Region was also an impossible dream.

The Sand Region was far too vast for them to leave even in ten lifetimes.

It was also an incredibly dangerous place with black storms, wild animals, monsters and ghosts all posing a constant threat to their lives.

No cultivator was willing to help them.

"It's impossible. I give up."

"The immortal's curse is no joke!"

She had no way to go.

Until one day, a scout told them that an oasis suddenly appeared in the desert.

She saw hope.

Later she learned that all this was because of her ancestor.

The ancestor woke up from his long slumber, but his strength was greatly reduced after becoming a ghost.

The only way to completely recover her ancestor's strength was to sacrifice her and make her the container for her ancestor.

Because her constitution is exactly the same as that of her ancestor.

In fact, she can choose another way. As long as she breaks through to the Transcendency Stage, she can rely on her own strength to turn Nanwang into an oasis.

But the road is too long.

The Transcendency Stage.

She heard that many cultivators failed to reach this level in their lives. Even if she could, it would take hundreds of years.

How many people would die of famine and black sandstorms during those many years?

She can't wait.

She pursues hope, she is willing to die.

She died in that desert when she was seven years old, the last twelve years of her life were already a gift.


Ling Yue curled up on the sand.

The moon tonight was the brightest she had ever seen.


Bai Lian seemed to have seen the story with her own eyes.

She didn't know whether it was true or not. She tried to believe Wen Su, who looked with sadness at her.

She asked, "Why don't you go and talk with Ling Yue yourself?"

Wen Su shook her head, "I can't approach the royal city because I can only move within the scope covered by the Spirit Tool."

Bai Lian was surprised.

The distance from Gongfang to here is not short. How powerful is the Spirit Tool?

"And." Wen Su said, "Even if I told Ling Yue the truth, she would probably stick to her opinion."

Bai Lian nodded, "So why did you ask me for help?"

"Because you are different from other cultivators, I have been watching you and I have seen everything you did on the road and in the royal city."

"If I was pretending…"

Wen Su wryly smiled, "Then this is my gamble, isn’t it? There's no time left."


"As long as you stop Ling Yue, I will guide you to get the top-grade Spirit Tool under Nanwang City. Please, this is the most selfish request of a father who owes his daughter!"

Wen Su bowed deeply and almost fell to the ground.

Bai Lian somewhat understood why the reward for killing Ling Yue was so high.

If she killed Ling Yue she would face attacks from the ancestor of Nanwang City, Wen Su, and possibly the person of the Demon Sect.

Being able to control the top-grade Spirit Tool and create oases in the Sand Region, the ancestor must be very strong even after sleeping for 3000 years.

It's exciting to think about.

Probably, the risk of Task 2 was lower, because Wen Su would not participate in the attacks against her.

If Bai Lian didn’t know the future of Nanwang, she would hesitate.

Sacrificing one person can save the whole country, and the victim has volunteered. How can she stop such a thing if she doesn't know that it will lead to a bad result?

However, Bai Lian knew that Nanwang Country would be destroyed and buried under the Yellow Sand in the future.


There is no salvation.

Ling Yue chased after hope, but Nanwang only found death.

What a pity.

Bai Lian said, "I'll try my best."

She wasn't certain if she could defeat those people.

If the person of the Demon Sect really appeared, she may have to summon her master in order to acquire the fragment of the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl for the Third Younger Martial Sister.

"Thank you, thank you…", Wen Su broke down in tears.

When Bai Lian handed the candied haws to the girl, he thought he could bet on her.

When Zhao Haiya helped the puppy, influenced by Bai Lian, his expectations grew.

A Natural Saint. The title truly fits her.

But what was that black thing he saw?

Bai Lian took her sword from her chest.

This time she was going to take a more direct approach.

Go straight to the point.