The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 6 Chapter 20 Part 1

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Chapter 20: The Essence of "Bai Lian's Creed" (1)

Currently, the most bustling area in Nanwang City was Handicraft Street outside the royal city.

Although the excitement belonged to the people of Nanwang City, Bai Lian also participated.

She was out shopping.

She felt happiness from the happiness of others.

The two joys overlapped, bringing even more happiness to Bai Lian.

This is the true essence of "Bai Lian's Creed": not just for her own benefit, but for the benefit of all.

Bai Lian felt almost intoxicated.

Unlike Hening City, which is dominated by cultivators, people in Nanwang City are more enthusiastic and "honest".

"Lass, you are so beautiful!"

"Beautiful girl, do you want a melon skin hat? You look so lovely. If you don't wear ugly clothes, you may be in danger."

"Girl, only the finest Crystal Stone can match your beauty!"

"Big sister, come and play with me!"

But for Zhao Haiya the experience was not so good.

He had a bitter look on his face.

When passing by a deserted alley, he was almost dragged away by five or six hands sticking out from the side.


"Enemy attack!"

Zhao Haiya's face suddenly changed, his long lance suddenly appeared, and he was ready to knock down all the "Demon Women" who suddenly came out.

Fortunately, Bai Lian stopped him in time.

"Misunderstanding, this is all misunderstanding."

After calming down, Zhao Haiya realized that he almost made a big mistake.

He had never been pulled away by unknown women before, so he didn't understand their intention. He had to agree with Bai Lian's conclusion.

"The people in Nanwang are really more enthusiastic than those in other places!"

Bai Lian said, "It's not easy for people to live here. They have to work harder to live well."

Zhao Haiya nodded and asked, "Does Fairy Bai Lian want to continue shopping?"

"Yes," Bai Lian squinted and smiled, "If Elder Martial Brother Zhao feels a little tired, you can find a place to rest first. I'll meet back with you after returning from the royal city."

Zhao Haiya smiled bitterly, "It's all right."

He is not Bai Lian after all.

Zhao Haiya's raised steps came back again, "Fairy Bai Lian, are you refining your heart in the world of mortals?"

He remembered such a cultivation method.

First, stay away from the mortal world, then enter the mortal world, and finally detach from the mortal world.

However, to the surprise of Zhao Haiya, Bai Lian quickly shook her head.

Don't talk nonsense. You will be punished if you make up stories!

"No, no." Bai Lian said solemnly, "In addition to cultivation, some people like to travel, some people like to play the piano and paint, but I just like shopping!"

What a flat tone.

Zhao Haiya nodded calmly.

Bai Lian is so modest!

Walking to the inn, Zhao Haiya recalled what Bai Lian did while shopping.

Beat a gangster who robbed a watermelon with a knife.

Helped an old woman who couldn't lift her hands to wash her hair.

Lifted a little girl who could not squeeze into the crowd, so she could watch the ceremony of the soldiers entering the city.

Wait, wait, wait.

If this can be regarded as shopping…

Zhao Haiya heard that Bai Lian also did a lot of good things in Hening City, but listening to others is different from seeing with his own eyes.

He could see that Bai Lian was not experiencing life.

She is… yes, she laughs and makes people think she really enjoys it!

"Humph. Truly ignorant."

This was Su Youwei's comment on him.


Zhao Haiya shook his head.

He understood.

This is not the so-called "Refining your heart by experiencing the life of mortals".

Fairy Bai Lian will never hold such a utilitarian attitude.

This is no different to insulting her Natural Saint's title!

Come on, I'm so ashamed.

Zhao Haiya realized that he shouldn't have asked that. He should apologize to Fairy Bai Lian later.

Thinking about this, Zhao Haiya walked to the gate of the inn.

"Bark, bark, bark."

He heard the shrill barking of a dog, followed by the crying of a child.


Zhao Haiya looked in the direction of the sound.

By the road, there was a dog lying with a broken hind leg, blood covered the ground around it. A young child, seemingly its owner, was crying bitterly.

"The leg injury is too severe."

"It's hopeless."

Passers by shook their heads and sighed.

Zhao Haiya remembered Bai Lian's candied haws.

He approached quickly.

"Let me see."

The sniveling child looked up.

Zhao Haiya took out a Healing Herb Pill, and gave it to the injured puppy after he carefully removed a part of the pill's strong energy.

A miraculous event took place.

The moment when the puppy swallowed the pill, its broken hind leg began to vibrate and straighten.

"Stand up, stand up!"

The child called and forgot to cry.


The puppy wagged its tail, and the child turned quickly.

"Brother, thank you…"

Zhao Haiya was nowhere to be found.

In the inn, Zhao Haiya sat by the window and looked at the young child who was looking for him.

Let it go with the wind.

He glanced at the "正" characters on his wrist.

Can only "Eliminating Demon Sects" be called justice?

Zhao Haiya suddenly had a notebook in his hand. He carefully drew a horizontal line in the first column of the first page.

Then he laughed.

He grew up in the Tianji sect. Even though he is old enough to be Bai Lian's grandfather, he is far inferior to Bai Lian in terms of his temperament.

Bai Lian's Creed is good!

Everyone should listen to Bai Lian.

"I hope one day I won't need to write these characters to remind myself."

Zhao Haiya closed the book.

In the desert, the setting sun looked like blood.

A caravan loaded with goods came from afar.

Someone was cleaning the street carefully.

Someone sat on the roadside sadly.

Near the royal city, Bai Lian, who had spent a whole day earning skill points, said to Su Youwei:

"Younger Martial Sister, don't walk around here. I'll be right back."

Su Youwei nodded, but her internal demon said, "I will take care of her."


Bai Lian believes that her internal demon will take good care of her.

After all, no matter whether the internal demon was sincere or not, she had always been cultivating this sentence when the third Martial Sister was in danger.

Bai Lian reached out and touched the Third Younger Martial Sister's head.

When she was about to leave, her divine sense also touched the internal demon's head.


The internal demon floating in the air was stunned, and her clothes no longer danced with the wind.

"I'm leaving."

Bai Lian had gone.

It took the internal demon a long time to recover.

Her lips trembled.

She thought of the pictures Su Youwei once saw, which seemed to come from a different future.

Why is she always bullied?


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