The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 6 Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Three-way split

The people in the small room naturally divided into three factions.

One faction was Yu Ying, who had just returned to the outside world after passing the first level of trials and was at a loss.

One faction was Xiao Jinse and Su Youwei, who suddenly united because of Yu Ying's appearance.

One faction was Bai Lian, whose round toes wriggled restlessly.

What the hell is this situation?!

Bai Lian was gape-mouthed.

Why did the fourth Martial Sister suddenly change from a sword to a person without warning?

Moreover, she changed in the presence of the second and third Martial Sisters!

٩ (º﹃º ٩)

Bai Lian's expression was like this.

However, no one saw her abnormal behavior.

Her mind was full of confusion.

This is a new road she never expected!

Before all this happened, Bai Lian had imagined the scene of introducing the fourth Martial Sister to the second and third Martial Sisters many times.

Be straightforward.

Or let the master introduce her to them.

In addition, Bai Lian also had many childish ideas.

The reason for making so many cautious turns is all for the harmony of the Qiongming peak.

Harmony is the key she can't get around in order to survive and for a brighter future of the Qiongming peak.

Each younger Martial Sister alone is a dragon!

But if they get together…

Once, the defiled Holy Spirit Goddess killed her evil Elder Martial Sister, and then killed her other Younger Martial Sisters one by one…

Once, the sick third Martial Sister poisoned the Second Younger Martial Sister and the other two in order to monopolize Martial Sister Bai Lian.

Another time, the naive and optimistic fifth Martial Sister was beaten to death by the other mentally twisted Elder Martial Sisters because her left foot stepped into a room first.

Similar tragedies happened frequently in the game.

Of course, thanks to the efforts of Bai Lian, the younger Martial Sisters now look very normal, but Bai Lian didn't dare to slack off.

Creating a harmonious Qiongming Peak is a long-term project that requires constant investment.

Even if there were no dirty things in the game, she was worried about some of the events she heard about in her previous life.

Bai Lian's goal is not only to create a happy environment for each Martial Sister with her own hands, but also an environment where they can get along and love each other.

When she regained her consciousness, the three Martial Sisters were about to fight!

–Turn the time back a little.

Looking at Yu Ying, the Second Younger Martial Sister and the Third Younger Martial Sister were very agitated.

The "Tao Halo Appreciation Conference" was interrupted just as it started. Who can bear it?

Besides, Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian's feet… meaning the Tao Halo, can it be watched by anyone at random?


This woman is definitely not a good woman!

Xiao Jinse and Su Youwei, aware of this, immediately apprehended Yu Ying.


When Yu Ying came back to her senses, her hands had been firmly held.

How did this happen?

Su Youwei only thought Yu Ying's voice was familiar, but she still couldn't recognize Yu Ying who had changed back to her original appearance.

"Tell me quickly, how did you infiltrate into the Qiongming Peak?"

Xiao Jinse frowned, "Third Younger Martial Sister, don't talk nonsense with this blue haired woman. Let's send her to the Law Enforcement Hall now!"

Su Youwei nodded forcefully, "Yes."

She doesn't want to create a bloody scene in front of Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian.

The two of them were very decisive in acting. After reaching an agreement, they pulled Yu Ying out of the door.


Yu Ying immediately struggled.

Law Enforcement Hall?

It sounds horrible!

"This is a misunderstanding!"

We don't think so.

If you have anything to say, go to the Law Enforcement Hall and explain it to the Elder slowly.

Little thing, you have great strength!

The second and third Martial Sisters raised their fists and prepared to give Yu Ying two heavy blows.

Bai Lian could no longer sit still.

If they really fight now, it will be difficult for them to have a good relationship in the future.

Although there was little friction between the third Martial Sister and the second Martial Sister when they first met, they soon became good friends who could sleep in the same bed.

It's all a misunderstanding!

Bai Lian ran barefoot to them.


"Elder Martial Sister?"

The second and third Martial Sisters stopped.

Bai Lian said seriously, "Yu Ying is not a suspicious person."

Yu Ying?

This name was immediately recognized by Su Youwei.

She and Yu Ying met several times in Hening City. In order to eliminate the conflict between her and Yu Ying, Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian bought each of them a paper windmill.

After that, she learned about Yu Ying's life from Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian.

In summary—


The second Elder Martial Sister said that if Yu Ying was in front of her, she must touch her head.

So here comes the question….

Yu Ying doesn't look like this in Su Youwei's memory.

How did her hair color change from black to blue?

Su Youwei looked suspicious.

Yu Ying sat on the ground, looking at Bai Lian and the others.

At this time, a new task option popped out.

[Task 1: Point at Yu Ying and say, "This is our new Martial Sister. Let's applaud!" (Reward: Poison Fire Tree Seed)

[Task 2: Truthfully explain Yu Ying's real identity to the two younger Martial Sisters (Reward: Soft Skill+3)]

Bai Lian doesn't know whether the risk of Task 1 comes from Master An Lan or Younger Martial Sisters, but it doesn't matter.

She is very cautious in dealing with the relationships between her Martial Sisters, and she would definitely choose the one with the low risk.

Choose Task 2.

However, Bai Lian still asked Yu Ying for her opinion, as her respect for the younger Martial Sisters was sincere.

She never forces her Younger Martial Sisters to do what they don't like. Otherwise, she is no different from that "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian" in the game.

After Yu Ying's approval, Bai Lian said, "This is the story…"

She recounted her experiences after coming to Tianyi City.

In this process, they slowly understood Yu Ying's personal history.

The second Martial Sister couldn't help but clench her fist. She couldn't wait to rush to Tianyi City to punch Marquis Wu'an.

The third Martial Sister also opened her eyes wide, "Marquis Wu'an deserves to die!"

The jade rabbit also appeared on the window frame, and she expressed her support for Yu Ying with a chirp.

Their murderous intentions didn't frighten Yu Ying, but rather made her forget the unhappiness just now.

How nice!

The future Elder Martial Sisters are very kind to her!

For her, Heluo is an abominable ice cave, and this small room is a warm nest.

Yu Ying was afraid at first, but now she felt comfortable.

She looks forward to the future at Qiongming Peak more and more!

At this time, Xiao Jinse suddenly said, "So Miss Yu Ying can become a sword now?"

Su Youwei also looked at Yu Ying with expectant eyes.

Yu Ying, "Yes."

She doesn't know what the principle is, but she can become a sword.

In order to prove that she didn't lie, she turned into an exquisite sword in front of everyone.

This is the sword that Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian put on the bed not long ago.

"How awesome!"

Xiao Jinse held Yu Ying Sword in her hand and felt the temperature from the hilt. Her eyes sparkled.

"Let me touch it!"

Su Youwei took Yu Ying Sword from Xiao Jinse and she couldn't put it down.

Although the sword that Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian gave to her is good, it is still more suitable for her to use this Yu Ying Sword just in terms of its length!

This scene made Bai Lian smile.

All of her Martial Sisters are good people with compassion and a sense of justice.

She decided to let younger Martial Sisters recognize Yu Ying first, so it would be easier to let Shifu agree to it too.

So Bai Lian coughed and said, "The Qiongming peak's future depends on you. I'm relieved to see that you have such a good relationship. The Second Younger Martial Sister and the Third Younger Martial Sister, you should take care of the new Younger Martial Sister as you do now. Let's…"


Xiao Jinse and Su Youwei, who were happily touching the sword, were stunned at the same time.

They didn't listen to the following words.

What lingered in their mind was only the words "The new Martial Sister".

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There seems to be no one except Yu Ying.

Damn! Why did the master accept a new disciple all of a sudden?

Can't three disciples and a rabbit satisfy her?

Xiao Jinse quickly took her hand away from the sword, and the smile on Su Youwei's face froze.

Human joys and sorrows switch quickly. Now she only thinks the sword is uncomfortably hot!

Throw it away~


Yu Ying Sword flew to the jade rabbit, and the jade rabbit quickly caught the sword with her ear.

This sword…

The jade rabbit suddenly found that she had found her comrade in arms!