The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 6 Chapter 19 Part 1

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Chapter 19: Looking For Tao in the World of Mortals (1)

"Green! Suddenly green everywhere!"

Next to the arching bridge, the front of a gray stone tablet was engraved with the words "Gongfang (Public Land)". A white haired old man was shouting excitedly at Bai Lian.

Su Youwei and Zhao Haiya frowned.

Why did it turn green?

That was incredible!

However, the passersbys passing by were not surprised at this.

These outsiders were so uninformed!

Bai Lian gently calmed the old man's mood, "Old man, how long has this situation lasted?"

"Three years, almost three years."

The old man held a dry tobacco bag in his hand, and he coughed.

"It happened in the spring following our Queen's accession to the throne."

That year, ten days before the ancestor worship ceremony.

A camel carried a scout to the palace. The news he brought shocked the whole Nanwang Country——

The desert turned into an oasis overnight!

At first, the scout thought it was a mirage, but when he got close, he found it was true.

There were lakes, willows, reeds…

Her Majesty tried to block the news, but the leader of the Float Sand Country learned of it.

Both nations sought to claim the oasis for themselves, leading to further tensions between the already conflicting countries.

As Bai Lian saw on her way here.

Use your own life for the survival and development of the country.

Bai Lian didn't speak.

For the civilians of the two countries, those soldiers are also heroes.

"A miracle occurred." The old man smiled, "Since then, a new oasis will appear every two months."


The old man sighed with emotion, "Oasis, an oasis! Every oasis can support thousands of people. When I was young, if there were too many children in a family, the parents would have to choke them to death. Do you know how painful it is?"

Bai Lian nodded.

If it wasn't for survival, who would like to kill their own children?

The white smoke from the dry tobacco bag blocked the old man's vision.

"With these oases, similar things will never happen again. Everyone is happy. It must be that Her Majesty has been blessed by heaven. I wonder if I can see the whole Nanwang Country become an oasis in my lifetime."

The Third Younger Martial Sister wanted to say something, but Bai Lian stopped her.

She knew it was weird.

It was reasonable to say that a desert stained by an immortal's blood couldn't be turned into an oasis.

Based on the content shown in the game, the Nanwang Country would soon be buried under the Yellow Sand.

That may have something to do with this.

However, it was not useful to share this information with the old man, as it would only cause unnecessary distress. It would be better to leave some hope; People need a little hope to live.

Bai Lian smiled, "Old man, you are in such good health, I’m sure you will have a chance to see that."

The old man froze for a moment.

He removed the dry tobacco bag and squinted.

His eyesight had deteriorated, only this way could he see Bai Lian's face clearly.

She is a beautiful woman.

Her long hair is like a waterfall, and her eyes like autumn water.

The white dress is very suitable for her outgoing temperament.

For a long time, the old man's wrinkled face showed a faint smile, "Girl, you are different from all the other fairies I have seen before."

"Don't flatter me." Bai Lian shook her head and denied quickly.

The old man insisted on his own view, "You really are different; Alas, I'm a fool so what do I know."


"Ha ha." The old man smiled and shook his head.

After saying goodbye, he left along the arch bridge.

"Elder Martial Sister."

The Third Younger Martial Sister said softly.

Bai Lian touched her head and didn't say anything.

She saw someone approaching.

The man was white and fat and smiled like Maitreya. His cultivation base was at the middle stage of the Golden Core Stage.

His breath was very peaceful and his temperament was as gentle as a Labrador.

"Alas." The man suddenly sighed, "That old man is also a poor man."

Zhao Haiya put his hand on his waist and stared at the stranger in front of him.

That demon villain is hiding in Nanwang City now. This fat man may be the villain's subordinate.

Zhao Haiya asked, "What do you mean?"

The man noticed Zhao Haiya's expression, but didn’t grow angry; "That old man's younger brother was strangled after birth. Then one year, there was a water shortage in Nanwang City. His parents secretly gave him all the water they had in order to save him. The old man survived, but his parents passed away one after the other."

Su Youwei opened her mouth slightly.

No wonder the old man's eyes sparkled with complex light when he spoke.

Zhao Haiya frowned and asked, "How do you know these things?"

The man said, "I'm Wen Su, an intelligence dealer who travels all over the world. I was in Huyang Town a while ago, and I saw Brother Zhao from afar."

"I see."

Zhao Haiya nodded and smiled, but his vigilance was not relaxed at all.

Wen Su said, "As an intelligence dealer, of course, I need to make friends and make money. Haha, let's talk about the oasis."

Bai Lian pricked up her ears.

Wen Su said, "This matter attracted the attention of many cultivators at the time. Some large sects nearby also sent people to investigate. If anything abnormal happens, there must be a Secret Treasure."

Zhao Haiya asked, "And what happened?"

Wen Su shrugged and said, "It's a pity, but after several years of investigation, no one has learned anything. In time, fewer and fewer people were coming to Nanwang and my business also became lesser and lesser."

"Do you really have no clue?"

Zhao Haiya took out a top-grade Spirit Stone.

"I buy and sell with integrity." Wen Su took over the Spirit Stone with a laugh, "There is only information. All the oases that suddenly emerged are in Nanwang Country."

Zhao Haiya said, "Is there any special place in this country?"

"It's hard to say. Nanwang is an ancient country with a history of more than 3000 years, but after the appearance of that immortal, it is no different from other countries nearby. If it really has a special place, we don’t know about it."


Zhao Haiya felt something was wrong.

That's it? That's it?

For this little information, do you not feel guilty for accepting a top-grade Spirit Stone?

Wen Su smiled, "Is there anything Brother Zhao wants to ask?"

Should I ask about the person of the Demon Sect?

After much ado, he stated his purpose.

Wen Su said with a smile, "Brother Zhao, if the person of the Demon Sect is in Nanwang City, then the place he is most likely to hide in is the royal city."

The royal city.

Bai Lian's eyes turned.

The royal city was surrounded by a brown wall, just north of Nanwang City.

"Why?" Zhao Haiya said.

"The person of the Demon Sect is in search of the inheritance. The inheritance is most likely hidden in the royal city."

That's right.

Wen Su smiled slightly, "But this royal city is not so easy to enter."


"The royal city of Nanwang Country doesn't allow men to enter."

Bai Lian's eyelids slightly jumped. What the hell is this regulation?