The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 6 Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: May My Sword Carry the Magnificent Heavenly Thunder!

What a roaring voice!

Zhao Haiya's body trembled violently when the curse came from the depths of the earth.


Bone-chilling cold!

He was paralyzed by the strong sense of death and could not move for a short while.

Then his soul felt a sharp pain.

It was like countless ice needles were stabbed into his sea of divine sense, almost piercing through him.

Zhao Haiya immediately recited the Sanqing Mantra.

Under the baptism of the ethereal sound, he gradually regained his clarity.

The pain went away, leaving only comfort.

Zhao Haiya looked around.

There were no ice needles around. There was only a black fog rapidly oozing from the ground.

The billowing black fog cut off the moonlight and reflected the sand in a bleak white.

[Ghost Land]

This was a magic array close to a [Field]!

Generally speaking, only a cultivator at the Transcendency Stage could master the rules of Great Tao and create a [Field].

But after all, this was not an inviolable law. There were many ways to let people master [Field] earlier.

[Ghost Land] was a common method used amongst ghost cultivators.

Using ghosts as fuel, you can create a special magic array similar to a [Field] in a short time. The disadvantage is that this move requires ghosts.

Zhao Haiya looked grim.

He is a man who has been in many battles, and has a rich experience.

However, although he was well prepared, the sudden penetrating attack still paralyzed him.

The Ghost Land was really powerful.

Zhao Haiya felt fear.

If he hadn't encountered Bai Lian, he would have been in grave danger.

Zhao Haiya's eyes followed Bai Lian's back.

The world is not pure black after all.

In the center of the black fog, a paper lamp spreading a yellow light floated in the air.

Although the black fog was strange, it dared not approach the lamp.

Su Youwei stood under the lamp.

A meter from Su Youwei was a woman in white holding a ball of spirit Qi in her hand, with a pure white sword whirl in mid-air.


The earth shook.

Accompanying this drama, there was a second roar.

"Who the fuck…"

Crush. Shift. Rumble——

Countless yellow grains of sand shot out from rifts spreading across the ground.

"Come out!"

Zhao Haiya stared in shock.

Countless ten-meter-tall ghosts and Golden Corpse Puppets with long lances appeared from those rifts.

A great battle was about to begin.

Zhao Haiya clenched the lance in his hand.

He is not the opponent of the demon, but it is no problem to deal with the puppets summoned by the demon.

"Fairy Bai Lian, leave them to me, you……"

Zhao Haiya words faltered.

He heard a clatter.

When he turned to look, he saw a white halo spreading around the Dirt Free Sword of Bai Lian.

"Pure Ice and Snow!"

This is the new built-in spell of the Dirt Free Sword after being promoted to middle-grade Spirit Tool.

Wherever the halo reached, the historic site was frozen, the ghosts were frozen, the corpses were frozen, and the scorpions who were mating were frozen…

This was still not the end. The frost was still spreading further.

Finally, with the Dirt Free Sword as the center, the desert hundreds of miles around suddenly turned into a land of ice and snow.


Zhao Haiya wiped his eyes hard.

He never thought that Bai Lian could freeze even ghosts with this move.

The ghosts covered by a layer of ice didn’t look ferocious anymore, but rather cute.

Perhaps this is the power of a Natural Saint!

"It's cold."

At this time, Su Youwei hugged herself.

Her clothes were too thin to resist the cold.

Oh, no.

Bai Lian found that she didn't think of this.

As a young "mother", she still has many shortcomings in taking care of her "daughter".

Thinking of this, she immediately manifested spirit Qi and wrapped it around the Third Younger Martial Sister's body.

Bai Lian's Spiritual Root is very common. Therefore, the water spirit Qi she attracted can only protect the third Martial Sister from the cold, not heat her body.

But it didn't matter. She drove the spirit Qi to rotate at a high speed, and it brought heat through the high-speed friction, warming up Su Youwei's body.

Seeing that the third Martial Sister was back to normal, Bai Lian turned around with satisfaction.

A hole was opened in the historic site, and a man in strange clothes came out of the hole.

He was a cultivator at the early stage of the Soul Changing Stage.

Bai Lian saw through that person's cultivation base. No wonder the Zhao Haiya in the game died.

If you don't have enough strength, you will be defeated even if you are full of "正" characters on your body.

But Bai Lian was not afraid at all.

Her Focus has already reached the standard of the Soul Changing Stage, and her Hard Skill, Soft Skill, and Light Skills are enough to make her beat any cultivator at the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage.

In addition, she holds Shifu’s "love" in her hands. She is not afraid of this man at all.

"Bai Lian!"

That fierce ghost cultivator shouted stunned.

The disguise on Bai Lian's face had been removed under the influence of the spirit Qi, and the ★ at the corner of her eyes was revealed.

The ghost cultivator recalled the news he heard when he went out to plunder.

This was two months ago.

It is said that Bai Lian had a secret duel with the eldest princess after participating in the ceremony in Heluo.

No one knows the exact result of the battle, but from the eldest princess' expression when she talked about Bai Lian, she must have suffered from Bai Lian.

After the ceremony, the eldest princess had reached the middle stage of the Soul Changing Stage. So, Bai Lian, who could suppress her, must have reached the later stage of the Soul Changing Stage.

Am I going to fight such a strong enemy?!

The ghost cultivator was up against the wall.


He was a little flustered. He shouted angrily, "Who the fuck set up this magic array here to annoy Fairy Bai Lian? Stand out and I will teach you a lesson for Fairy Bai Lian!"

Bai Lian, Zhao Haiya, Su Youwei, "…"

"Fairy Bai Lian, I'm going to help you catch that villain!"

With that, the ghost cultivator turned and jumped into the hole he had just drilled.


Bai Lian certainly wouldn't watch that ghost cultivator escape.

She had already come. How can she give up before she gets the reward from the system?!

Bai Lian injected spirit Qi into the Dirt Free Sword, which immediately turned deep purple.

Half snow, half thunder!


In a moment, a sword light rose into the sky, and the residual black fog of the Ghost Land was instantly dispelled.

May my sword carry the magnificent Heavenly Thunder!

Zhao Haiya looked up. He saw dark clouds rolling in the sky. After a few moments of swirling, countless electric snakes fell from the sky, reflecting his face brightly.

The righteous light shone on the earth.


With the breaking of the ice sculptures, the puppets wrapped in them also cracked into countless invisible particles.

But that was not the end.

The power of thunder and the abundant ice spirit Qi in the air had a special reaction, which immediately triggered a second explosion.

The historic site was completely flattened, and the door of the Demon Sect hidden below was exposed.

Bai Lian entered with her sword.

Zhao Haiya was stunned for a long time. Is it over like this?

He hurriedly shouted, "Leave the others to me!"

"That's great."

Bai Lian's voice came from the entrance.

Zhao Haiya raised his spirits and rushed in from the main entrance of the Demon Sect with his lance.

The battle lasted only half a quarter of an hour.

The ghost cultivator actually shouldn't be defeated so quickly, but he really didn't want to die. He didn't want all the benefits to fall into the hands of his Elder Martial Brother. The more he thought of this in the battle, the more flaws he revealed when he fought with Bai Lian.

At one moment, he was careless and had not time to dodge Bai Lian's sword, so his whole person was frozen into an ice sculpture.

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He broke free after just a second.

But for Bai Lian.

"One second is enough for me to kill him seven times!"

The sword stabbed 17 holes in the ghost cultivator's body.

After the body was destroyed, the ghost cultivator's soul tried to escape, but all his calculations turned to dust with the cooperation of Bai Lian's [See Through Vacuity] and the Eternal Moon Lamp.


The sand thundered. The violent explosion swept over hundreds of miles.

All this didn't attract others' attention. In fact, even if someone noticed the abnormality, they would not come to check.

In the Sand Region, meddlers almost always die.

Bai Lian bent down to pick up the fragment of the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl that fell to the ground.

She didn't know how to describe her luck.

She found the right target just after she arrived to the Sand Region.

But only half of the fragment was in her hand, the other half was in the hands of that ghost cultivator's Elder Martial Brother, who was not currently around.

Fortunately, she did have a clue.

Zhao Haiya, after questioning a Demon Sect disciple, learned that the Elder Martial Brother had been wandering about in Nanwang City, the capital of Nanwang Country, for several years. It seemed that he was looking for something.

On the way to Nanwang City, Su Youwei suddenly asked, "Won't you draw a new '正' in your hand?"

Zhao Haiya said, "I didn't contribute much this time. It doesn't count."

Su Youwei nodded.

This guy's serious expression looked a little like the Fourth Younger Martial Sister's.