The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 6 Chapter 17 Part 2

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Chapter 17: You Are the Ally of Justice! (2)

What Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian said was still echoing in her ears.

"I hope that when you meet something similar next time, you can remember what I said when you saw this character. You are not alone now!"

A year later, she still felt those words sounded like morning bells.

It felt like something was coming out of her!

Was it tear?

Su Youwei closed her eyes hard.

But she almost misunderstood the kindness of Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian and thought that she was just pretending to be kind to her.

Su Youwei gently pulled Bai Lian's sleeve and said, "Elder Martial Sister, I will not let you down!"


Bai Lian looked at Su Youwei.

Why are you moved?

She rubbed the Third Younger Martial Sister's head, rubbed down the raised ahoge hair, and then said, "Don't think so much. As long as you are safe, I’m happy."

That's not enough!

Su Youwei looked up.

She has a dream.

She dreamed that one day she could really become an Immortal Emperor, so that she could shield Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian from all storms.

Just like what Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian did for her in the past and does now.

Also, Elder Martial Sister, one day I will return the words you gave me with “all my praise”!

Bai Lian read Su Youwei's determination from her eyes.

In a trance, she felt that the Third Younger Martial Sister had grown up.

Although her body was still small, her growth was never based on the size of her body.

Even eagles have the day they first spread their wings.

But as their Elder Martial Sister, she will not easily let the lovely Martial Sisters go!


Under the Huyang tree.

Zhao Haiya, who had recovered from his excitement, told about his purpose of coming to the Sand Region.

"Two months ago, I met a woman who was seriously injured…"

The woman's family members were all made into corpse puppets by the disciples of the Demon Sect. She was spared because she returned later. Even so, she was blinded by the attack of the ghosts.

Zhao Haiya, with his strong sense of justice, promised to avenge her.

For this reason, he gave up on the sect's trial and traveled a long distance from the Tianji sect to the Nanwang Country.

"I have been hunting for the Demon Sect for two months, and now I have some ideas."

At this point, Zhao Haiya's tense face finally showed a smile.

Bai Lian asked, "Have you found their nest?"

Zhao Haiya nodded, "That's right."

He took out the map of Nanwang, on which there was a circle.


Bai Lian's eyes brightened.

The place that the circle referred to was exactly in the red circle drawn by the Third Martial Sister.

It seems that she and Zhao Haiya are probably looking for the same Demon Sect!

Think carefully and you will understand.

Demon Sects were not like cabbages on the roadside. It was too unlikely to have severals in one place at the same time.

Bai Lian glanced at the new task.

[Task 1: Help Zhao Haiya eradicate the Demon Sect (Reward: an inferior Spirit Tool - Chase Cloud Boat)]

[Task 2, "Good luck!" (Reward: Hard Skill+3)]

She pondered for a moment.

Based on the premise that her guess was right.

In Su Youwei's previous life, the Demon Sect was destroyed in civil strife, which shows that Zhao Haiya had failed.

Considering that the reward for eliminating the Demon Sect is an inferior Spirit Tool, Zhao Haiya probably died in the attempt.

Bai Lian remembered what Zhao Haiya said after she killed the guards of Du Fengyu, the enemy of the third Martial Sister——

"Pure people are rare in the world."

Maybe you don't realize that you are also a pure person!

It is not easy to recognize yourself.

If you die here, there will be less fun in the world and many people will lose their chance to be saved.

Thinking so, Bai Lian decided to choose Task 1, regardless of whether her guess was right or wrong.

An inferior Spirit Tool?

Not long ago, she defeated Nishang.

Moreover, she has a middle-grade Spirit Tool - the upgraded Dirt Free Sword made by her master!

She smiled and said, "Let's go together. I'm just going to see how strong this Demon Sect is."

Zhao Haiya was not surprised by Bai Lian's words.

It seems Bai Lian is the same as she was a year ago.

She is that kind and brave Bai Lian, and the growth of her strength had not made her lose her nature.


Because Bai Lian is a Natural Saint and an ally of justice!

In this respect, he has to call Bai Lian a master.

The light that shines on him and makes him firm in his belief is the light called "Bai Lian".

It's a rare blessing to be able to destroy the Demon Sect together with Bai Lian. His children will be proud if they hear about it in the future.

Zhao Haiya took out his weapon.

His heart was filled with pride, "Follow me, Fairy Bai Lian!"

Bai Lian and Su Youwei followed him.

She didn't intend to leave the Third Younger Martial Sister somewhere else. The safest place was beside her.

The three of them crossed more than half of the Nanwang Country and came to a historic site in the south of Nanwang.

"That's it." Zhao Haiya said.

Bai Lian stood on a stone pillar.

–At night.

Under the bright light of the full moon, the sand in the desert looked like snow.

She saw many green female ghosts floating around the historic site.

The female ghosts of the desert also wore desert-style clothes.

Their clothes were small, thin, and provocative.

Observing with [See Through Vacuity], Bai Lian quickly saw through their disguise.

There were no female ghosts in this historic site, but only wooden stakes!

Zhao Haiya said, "Fairy Bai Lian, we have to find a way to avoid the sight of these female ghosts."

Bai Lian shook her head, "Don't bother."


No need. Just go ahead!

Obeying her thought, the Dirt Free Sword flew out of her chest.

It moved as fast as thunder and lightning.


The Dirt Free Sword's bombardment instantly turned the square stone pillars into dust and the wooden stakes disguised as female ghosts into charcoal.

Suddenly, an angry roar came from below the historic site: