The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 6 Chapter 16 Part 2

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Chapter 16: The Effect of Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian (2)

The internal demon suddenly appeared again. She was only two inches away from Bai Lian, which was within reach.

The Third Younger Martial Sister hurriedly covered her internal demon's mouth. Go away, go away!

The internal demon was dragged away from Bai Lian reluctantly.


Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian didn't say which Martial Sister she was asking. Why can't I answer?!

The Third Younger Martial Sister said, "Elder Martial Sister, I think…"

She shook her head.

She was not naive.

After hearing the word "Oasis", she knew that the two sides were fighting for water.

In the desert, this is an irreconcilable dispute.

Even if they stop those people now, these people will fight again in a few days.

The desert in the Sand Region was not an ordinary desert. It had been made by the blood of the immortal. No one could make the Sand Region become a land of milk and honey again.

Bai Lian knew what the Third Younger Martial Sister meant.

In the face of such a situation, they couldn't do anything.

But I want to choose Task 3.

She thought it was more appropriate to choose Task 3 since the reward was Magic Array +1.

Sometimes, it's not good to think too much.

Bai Lian raised her hand.

A dozen Flying Swords flew to the sky and then were nailed to the center of the battlefield like thunder from the sky.


The soldiers of Nanwang and Float Sand looked at Bai Lian in amazement.

A cultivator!

Before the fear could spread, the soldiers on both sides found the sand flowing under their feet.

When they came back to their senses, they had been taken to the small towns of their own countries by quicksand.


"Save the wounded!"


Bai Lian removed the Tianshu Sword Array.

"Let's go."

She had chosen a target. It was a town located in the northwest corner of the Nanwang Country. It seemed that there were many cultivators in it.

Maybe they could get useful information from there.

Su Youwei nodded and followed.

Bai Lian flew over there and soon arrived in the town that was nearly a hundred miles away.

[Huyang Town]

They were the black words scrawled on the dilapidated town gate.

Just entering the town, Bai Lian felt as if she just returned to the Gray Wind Town.

"The shell of the cotton tree! It's a special Cold Version! It can make you feel the temperature of an ice mountain!" "Ice Frost Sword, now its price is only 20 inferior Spirit Stones. If you want to buy it, hurry!"

Most of the cultivators here were rookies who were only at the Qi Refining Stage. The cotton tree shells can relieve boredom, while the Ice Frost Sword can remove heat. They are both good things. Therefore, the two shops were crowded with people.

However, Bai Lian was more impressed by the white hairs on the street.

The people of the Sand region had white hair, which was common among cultivators.

Bai Lian was in a great mood.

She looked back at the Third Younger Martial Sister, but she was worried that the Third Younger Martial Sister remembered her painful past.

The Third Younger Martial Sister looked very normal. She also looked at the handmade toys sold on the roadside stalls from time to time.

So Bai Lian walked into the restaurant after buying a rattle for the third Martial Sister.

No sooner had she sat down than someone ran excitedly through the door.

"Good news, good news!"

Someone immediately asked, "Lao Dong, what's the good news?"

The middle-aged man, who was called Lao Dong, sat down at a table. He drank half a pot of tea, then slapped the table and shouted, "Didn't the two Taoist sects say that they will unite with all sects in the world to fight against the ancient demon?"

"So what?"

"Ha ha." Lao Dong laughed and said, "Just received the news, that demon has died!"


Bai Lian was stunned.

Isn't the so-called ancient demon Shifu?

Is Shifu dead?

There is no such possibility!

She was still guessing when the man had revealed the truth.

"Have you ever heard of the Youming Ghost Clan? That ancient demon was the leader of the Youming Ghost Clan who was destroyed seven thousand years ago!"

Lao Dong shook his head and sighed.

"Gasp --"

People around took a breath.

They felt that the air cooled rapidly. They obviously were in the extremely hot desert, but it felt like they found themselves in an ice cave.


The Youming Ghost Sect! It was once the leader of all Demon Sects.

In those years, several sects provoked the Youming Ghost Sect carelessly, so that the people of their whole sects were all turned into ghost puppets by the Youming Ghost Sect.

In response, many sects jointly attacked the Youming Ghost Sect, and it took three days and three nights to destroy it.

Unexpectedly, the Youming Ghost Sect has revived after so much time!

Lao Dong shook his head and said, "Seven thousand years ago, the people of the Youming Ghost Sect had a premonition that they could not win the battle, so they staged their own destruction, in truth escaping by sealing themselves in ghost puppets."

"Cunning villains!" Someone cursed angrily.

Lao Dong continued, "The people of the Youming Ghost Sect woke up a few days ago, and the leader of the Ghost Sect wanted revenge. She absorbed countless ghost puppets, which made her strength increase dramatically. However, she underestimated the strength of the four sects. Instead of achieving their revenge, they just exposed themselves. This time, not one of the villains of the Youming Ghost Sect escaped."



"It's really good news!"

"Did any people from the good sects die because of this?"

Lao Dong shook his head. "No one died this time."


For a while, the restaurant became lively again.

The evil villains were extremely cunning, but they were still eliminated by the good sects.

"Come on, drink!"

Even Su Youwei's eyes were shining, and she gently pulled Bai Lian's sleeve.

"Elder Martial Sister, will Shifu and Master Yan Yue be safe?"

Bai Lian's face was expressionless.

After seeing the expectant eyes of the Third Younger Martial Sister, she nodded gently, "That's right."

But in her heart, there was a storm.

Damn it!

The Youming Ghost Sect is a villain from the middle stage of the game!

The Duxian sect suffered a lot and was even destroyed by the Youming Ghost Sect in several storylines.

But now, the people of the Youming Ghost Sect had just awakened, and they were killed before they could recover their strength.

Bai Lian was a little confused.

A part of the main storyline of the game has been solved.

"What happened?"


She shook her head secretly. It was pointless to wonder about such things.

Anyway, it's not her problem!

In general, this is a good thing. Since the Youming Ghost Sect had been destroyed, the Duxian sect will face fewer crises. Isn't that good?

In a good mood, Bai Lian decided to order more peanuts.

Then a man suddenly came to the door.

"What happened?"

The man looked surprised.

Bai Lian looked up.

Oh, an acquaintance!

Martial Brother Zhao of the Tianji sect. One year ago, she met him in Gray Wind Town when she was looking for her third Martial Sister.