The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 6 Chapter 13 Part 1

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Chapter 13: Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian Is the Strongest Forever! (1)

Lady White Bone's body expanded rapidly.

The sound of popping bones rang continuously.

It was like placing bamboo into a fire.

What appeared in front of Bai Lian in the blink of an eye was a huge skeleton that was more than twenty feet high!

It was not that Lady White Bones thought that size could give her an advantage in battle.

Everyone is just an "idea".

Even if you become bigger, it doesn't mean that your strength is greater.

Just that this was the real appearance of Lady White Bones.

Unlike ordinary skeletons, she was very sturdy!

A closer look reveals that her hands and feet were made up of countless skulls.

From the empty eye sockets facing Bai Lian blared the elegy of purgatory.


That's right.

If evil ideas are not terrible, are they really evil ideas?!

Lady White Bones was an evil idea born after the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl killed countless creatures.

This evil idea was far stronger than ordinary cultivators.

After all, the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl was an immortal artifact. In the Immortal World, it killed countless immortals, which made many immortals' ideas mix with this evil idea.

Even ordinary immortals could not resist her seduction and would be drained by her through divine sense intercourse.

At first, Lady White Bones wanted to seduce Su Youwei and turn her into a slave.

Therefore, she deliberately disguised herself as Bai Lian and wore very little.

But unexpectedly, her plan didn't work!

Later, Lady White Bones figured it out.

She concluded this was probably the internal demon's fault!

As her internal demon was looking, Su Youwei had no guts to do it.

Lady White Bones was angry.

She beat the internal demon violently.

For this reason, she had to change to a safer but also slower method.


Before she succeeded, Bai Lian came.

"How could I die in your hands!", Lady White Bones bent down and roared.

Her killing intent rushed out like thick black slurry.

Die, die, die…

I'm going to kill you!

The soul storm swept Su Youwei's whole sea of divine sense.

The day suddenly turned into night.

The solid ground under their feet, covered with countless skulls, wiggled like a white worm.

Su Youwei looked pale.

She found that her sea of divine sense was gradually getting out of her control.

Could Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian really defeat…


She shook her head.

In her previous life, this evil idea failed to control her. How could Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, who was more powerful than her in her previous life, be in danger?

She believed in Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian!

She took a look at the internal demon, who seemed to share her opinion.

This was her internal demon after all.

In a way, they were a set.

"Younger Martial Sister, please step back."

Bai Lian drew a circle on the earth.

This was a magic array that she invented herself. This array was not very powerful, but it should be enough to protect the Third Younger Martial Sister for a while.

She could just take the time to solve that ugly big bone.

After the deafening roar stopped, Lady White Bones waved her bone limbs vigorously.

In a moment, countless sharp bones pierced the ground all around Bai Lian, and countless black fog-like ghosts blocked Bai Lian's retreat.

But Bai Lian never planned to fall back

Go, go, go!

With the blessing of [See Through the Void], she saw through the illusion and punched the skeleton jungle.


The bones crumbled.

The falling bones suddenly melted into the dark air.

One punch, two punches, three punches…

More and more skeletons collapsed under her fist, and the terrible white bone forest turned into a black field.

Bai Lian looked ahead, penetrated layers of fear hexes, and looked directly at Lady White Bones hiding in the distance.

There were no bones here, only black evil ideas. Even if there were bones, they were only dead bones laying in the grave!

"Thunder Abyss!"

With Bai Lian's soft shout, flowing clouds suddenly floated in the dark sky.



After the shock, countless blue and white lights fell from the sky.

This is just a thunder imagined by Bai Lian, but Lady White Bones didn't have time to respond.

Therefore, the thunder cleared the ground, and a road leading to the destination was forged in the black forest.

"This woman!" Lady White Bones was shocked.

She underestimated Bai Lian's bravery.

Smoke and dust billowed, and Bai Lian had rushed at her along the narrow road.

Left jab, right hook, relentless attacks…

Move after move.

Lady White Bones hastily guarded.

It took her arms breaking twice and reassembling before she gradually adapted to Bai Lian's speed.

Bai Lian didn't use any Special Effects this time.

The seemingly plain battle is actually a fierce frictional clash between ideas, which makes the sea of Su Youwei's divine sense burn up, covered in flames.

At a certain moment, Bai Lian didn't retreat, but pushed forward after a punch broke Lady White Bones' hands.

She stepped heavily on Lady White Bone's pelvis and directly rushed up her body.

This was the most dangerous place!

Because there were many evil ideas here.

This was also the safest place!

Since Lady White Bones could not hit Bai Lian, she could only grow bone spurs to stab Bai Lian.

"Get out of here, bitch!"

Bai Lian seemed to not hear it. There was no need to be angry at the bad language of an evil idea.

She cut the bone spikes and then used thunder and lightning to give Lady White Bones whole-body electrotherapy.



Lady White Bone screamed.

"Get out!"

"Ah ah -"

Her cry was blood-curdling.

The fear she released began to bite back at herself.

She could feel Bai Lian's strength was also declining, but dying together was not what she wanted.

"Dying together?" Bai Lian electrified Lady White Bones' spine, and black smoke billowed. "You think too much. I've been staying in the room of the third Martial Sister. It won't be long before other Martial Sisters find something is wrong. When they contact the Elders of the Duxian sect, your death will come."

Lady White Bones stopped screaming.

Bai Lian was right.

She had no time to waste.

She was no longer the evil idea that could easily kill Immortals.

It's all the fault of the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl, and the fault of the bitch who forcibly took the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl away from the Immortal World. Otherwise, how could she be so weak?

"You forced me!", Lady White Bone's voice suddenly became hoarse.

She was an evil idea; she was also a stubborn idea.

She didn't want to die.

Since she couldn't get Su Youwei's body, she decided to change her target!

Bai Lian, you didn't expect entering this sea of divine sense, you also became my prey, right?

She had only one chance, but she was sure she would seize it.

In an explosive tremor, Lady White Bones' huge body collapsed like quicksand.

She disappeared.


Bai Lian stood on countless skeletons, her eyes looking around.