The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 6 Chapter 10 Part 2

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Chapter 10: I Will Become You! (2)

That's a problem.

Su Youwei knew that what she saw at this time was the calm before the storm.

She could feel the reluctance from her internal demon.

Red thunderstorms had appeared in her mind.

Next, there would be a fierce battle that would never stop.

She may get hurt.

But she believes that with the support of Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, she will be the winner in this battle!

"Do it!"

Su Youwei said to her internal demon in a cold voice.

The internal demon didn't do anything and suddenly shook its head.

"You still can't face up to yourself."

Su Youwei gnashed her teeth and said, "You…"

The internal demon rudely interrupted her, just as Su Youwei kept interrupting her.

This is the revenge from the internal demon!

"No matter how cunning you are, what you are doing now is running away. You cannot accept your past self because you are afraid to let Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian know about your past."

Su Youwei's body shook violently, and her long white hair floated in the air even though there was no wind.

She pointed to the nose of her internal demon and said, "Nonsense…"

"See." The internal demon sneered, "There is still a hole in your heart. The monster you imagined cannot fill that hole!"

"What do you know…"

The internal demon said, "You should know very clearly that I am not lying!"

"You are…"

The internal demon said angrily, "You can't forget it or accept it. You want to defeat your internal demon by relying on a paranoid dependence. There is no such good thing in the world!"

The shout was like the ringing of a bell.

Su Youwei kept her mouth open for a long time.

The internal demon opened its arms.

It felt comfortable.

It turns out that interrupting others is such a fulfilling thing.

No wonder Su Youwei smiled so happily last time.

Does the internal demon have to live humbly?


At this moment, it decided to set itself on fire.

The internal demon said, "If you want to defeat me completely, you must rely on your own strength!"

Su Youwei lowered her head.

The internal demon continued, "Otherwise, even if I die, the hole in your heart can't be filled. One internal demon falls, and then there will be countless internal demons standing up!"

It stood quietly.

It was waiting for Su Youwei's response.

But to its disappointment, it found that the "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian" beside Su Youwei was staring at it with killing intention.

Therefore, retreat seemed like the best option.

It was the same before, it kept retreating, but it had woken up.

"I see what you mean."

The voice of the internal demon was still the same, but Su Youwei could hear the sense of distance.

From this moment on, it seemed that her internal demon was no longer her internal demon.

It was a wonderful feeling, but she didn't know how to explain it to others.

Her sea of divine sense was shaking violently.

As if the end had come.

The originally sunny world suddenly crumbled, and the night poured in like mercury from the gap in the sky.

In an instant, the sea of divine sense returned to boundless night.

"Ah ah ah -"

Su Youwei saw the internal demon shrieking fiercely being covered by flames.

The flames were blood red!

Then the flames erupted with a bang, illuminating half the sky.

She saw a sword light and shadow, she saw the separation between life and death, she saw broken bones!

After a few seconds.

A strong killing intent rushed out from the flames.

The huge black shadow inside the fire representing the internal demon began to distort, shrink and reconstruct.

A few seconds later, a sharp aura burst out from the center of the fire, and a gap was cut in the surrounding flame.

After seeing the figure coming out of the gap, Su Youwei was stunned.

That's her!


That's her from another life.

She had seen this figure in innumerable visions before.

She had long snow-white hair that was not stained with any dust, and her eyes were as dazzling as rubies.

She was petite, and wrapped her poor body in a blood-red robe. She walked out of the blood-colored flames with bare feet, and wore round bone chains on her feet.

She held a sword in her hand, a sword with blood dripping from its tip.

The wind blew in the long night.

Her white hair was dancing in the wind.

The other Su Youwei looked down on herself, now standing on the bright side, with proud eyes.

Her mouth was full of evil laughter, and her exposed white teeth were no longer terrible.

She was like a god born for killing and a king above life and death!

Her feet were stepping on the fire of life!

Su Youwei wanted to say that she was cute.

But her body was full of indifference.

Su Youwei's eyes hurt.

"This is your rejected self!"

A majestic voice came from the flames.

Su Youwei's body froze.

She felt her heart beating like thunder in midsummer.


Su Youwei unconsciously retreated, but she was stopped.

A warm hand rested on her shoulder.

She turned her head, it was the Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian whom she imagined.

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian said, "Don't be afraid. With me here, nothing can hurt you!"

Su Youwei nodded unconsciously.


She automatically retreated to the edge of the sea of her divine sense and left the center of the battlefield to the "Internal Demon Su Youwei" and the "Imagined Bai Lian".

The internal demon's eyes were as arrogant as ever.

That's the pride of the Rebellious Shura.

Her sword can even cut open the sky.

And there is no turning back!

The internal demon slowly closed her eyes.

I will become you eventually!

And you…

Maybe there are many roads to choose from.

Let's decide!

If I win, I will destroy the world with all your hatred.

If you win, pray that there will be no new internal demon.

The internal demon suddenly opened her eyes, and she brandished her sword.

The sword brought blood to the world, forming a Blood River.

She rushed at the "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian" by the Blood River.

She looked at Su Youwei on the road.

I didn't use the sword to protect you, but to live to see the outside world.

Su Youwei's heart quivered.

She held out her hand. "Wait!"

This battle should not be like this!

But the battle had begun.