The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 6 Chapter 10 Part 1

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Chapter 10: I Will Become You! (1)

The internal demon stood still.

Its dark, inky eyes should have been as heavy as stones, but their darkness suddenly shined and set off waves.


The waves shook Su Youwei's sea of divine sense.

A mechanical voice came from all directions.

"Did you know that for a qualified internal demon, the most valuable thing is hope!?"

Does it feel like black humor?

The internal demon laughed.

But it laughed unnaturally, and its teeth looked like saw blades.

Rather than laughter, it's more like a killing threat.

Because it is an internal demon.

Most internal demons are ugly.

Fear, hatred, violence, cowardice…

These emotions are mixed together like a big black and bottomless pit, or a black forest that can never be escaped.

There is no light here.

Only dark and cold.


Warmth belongs only to the outside world.

It is perfectly normal for an internal demon born in such a world to be "Ugly".


"It's not my fault, it is the world that is wrong!"

The only thing they have is hope.

Of course, you can also say that this is desire.

The internal demon also wants to have a beautiful face.

The internal demon also wants to have invincible power.

The internal demon also wants to have the right to breathe freely in the warm sunshine.

The internal demon also…

To this end, they continue to destroy the spirit and will of their masters, hoping that one day they can completely drag their masters into the dark, and let themselves replace their masters.

"Look, this is the abyss you created. This is the place where I have always lived. You will eventually become me!"

This is a victory declaration belonging to the internal demon.

Su Youwei's internal demon once held such expectations.

Its eyes radiate with the desire to kill.

Every time the sword in Su Youwei's hand took a person's life, it would make it grow a little.

Just when it thought that it could exchange identity with Su Youwei soon, an accident occurred.

That day, it snowed in the desert.

It was the first time that the internal demon learned that it could snow in the desert.

But the snow contained a killing intention.

The snowflakes floated and created a land of ice and frost.

Su Youwei, who was searching for the relics of the immortal, encountered an ambush.

The opponents were more than a dozen cultivators at the Soul Changing Stage, plus two powerful cultivators at the Transcendency Stage.

Even though her killing spirit could dye the moon red, Su Youwei still fell down due to exhaustion under the siege.

The coolness of the night spread to the internal demon through Su Youwei's body.


The darkness became more terrible.

The internal demon was afraid.

But it knew that not every internal demon could replace its master, and it was normal for an internal demon to die at any time.

The internal demon was calm waiting for death.

However, it didn't die. It didn't know what happened, but it was reborn with Su Youwei.

There is hope when you are alive!

The internal demon braced up and began anew the struggle for control.

But the good times didn't last long.

Before it recovered, a woman named Bai Lian came.

This woman was a more terrible instigator than any internal demon. She easily broke the protective cover that Su Youwei wrapped herself in, and then squeezed into Su Youwei's heart as an incomparable god.

The internal demon was gape-mouthed.

It had a hunch that one day its ambition, its dream and its hope would be ruthlessly broken by Bai Lian!

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It was not reconciled.

As a reborn internal demon, it can be regarded as the son of the destiny of all internal demons, right?

How can it die so easily?

The internal demon decided to have a good competition with Bai Lian.

Then an accident occurred.

Su Youwei, who was inspired by Bai Lian, really imagined a new internal demon with that unreliable method.

When it saw the "Internal Demon Bai Lian" for the first time, its expression was very calm, but in fact, its heart was full of shock.

Impossible, impossible…

This is not an "Internal demon" at all!

If a person can really create a new internal demon with their imagination, then no one in the world would be trapped by their internal demons.

In addition, this sham internal demon didn't look like an internal demon at all.

Her skin was white and beautiful, her chest was big and her hips were rocking, her waist was thin and her legs were long, and she didn't like wearing shoes and socks.

Whose internal demon looks like this?

In fact, these descriptive words would not apply to a normal internal demon, because these things are so beautiful that no internal demon can afford this beauty.

False, all false!

The genuine internal demon fought against the sham internal demon.

It tried martial arts.

It successfully defeated that sham internal demon over and over again, but as time went by, the sham internal demon supported by Su Youwei, caused it to gradually fall into a disadvantage.

It used to occupy Su Youwei's whole sea of divine sense, but now it can only occupy a corner about ten feet square.

It also tried to persuade Su Youwei.

It tells Su Youwei that there is something wrong with that sham internal demon. Although she is very gentle to you now, she is actually trying to trick you!

But Su Youwei didn't listen.

"Don't think that you can trick me!"

No one will believe the words of an internal demon who wants to take over their body.

And maybe it really guessed wrong?

After all, it is just an internal demon. Su Youwei knows everything it knows.

After repeated defeats, the internal demon gave up the fight.

In any case, Su Youwei will not be able to kill it for a while, so it's better to sit in the corner and wait for hope to come again.

Who would have thought that its retreat would result in this? Su Youwei wanted to eliminate it completely!

It's not tolerable!

You should know that it is an internal demon!

Although it is no longer a normal internal demon, it has a few human emotions.

But it is this feeling that makes it more reluctant to die in such a way.

The internal demon has been fighting with her master all its life. It's no shame to die in its master's hands.

The only thing it can't bear is that it will die in the hands of a bitch who came out of nowhere!

"We used to fight for survival together. When you were in despair, I supported your will."

After a long silence, the voice of the internal demon rang in Su Youwei's ears again.

"But it's all over."

"We are enemies, and our fate deems that only one of us can continue to live."

"I'm your internal demon, I'm not your nanny!"

The internal demon looked calm.

It stopped laughing.

The ferocious face seemed somewhat gentle.

Ah, a gentle homicidal sister!