The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 5 Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Fairness, Fairness, and Fucking Fairness!

The night was long.

But Bai Lian, sitting on the top of the inn, didn't feel lonely.

The second Martial Sister was counting the materials used for making pills, and occasionally touched the Pill Furnace. Although she would occasionally laugh frivolously, she looked very serious and lovely.

The third Martial Sister fell asleep on the table with one arm resting under her face and the other hanging over the table. Bai Lian wondered if her arm would feel numb when she woke up.

The jade rabbit curled up on the bed, illuminated and radiant by the stars in the night sky.

Just looking at this quiet and warm painting, Bai Lian felt that she could eat ten bowls of rice!

This is the feeling of happiness.

She also dreamed of the grand scene of "Brandish the sword and destroy all enemies, dominating the whole world".

But she knew that fighting and killing were not what she wanted.

She just hoped that everyone could get together, healthy and happy.

The cultivation world should be peaceful!


Bai Lian knew that these were just silly wishes.

She couldn't help herself.

Is An Lan strong enough?

In the entire Immortal World, there weren't many people who could be called Heavenly Lords, but in the end, she was defeated by others and fell onto this small world.

Even if you don't do anything, you may become a stumbling block for others.

If you don't wield a sword, you can only be killed by others' swords.

In a word——

If I had no sword, I would not be able to protect all these things.

As for hugs?

That's something we have time to think about after the battles.

The next day.

Xiao Jinse quietly left the inn with the jade rabbit in her arms. She was going to find her partner.

Bai Lian was not idle either.

She put a thin blanket on the Third Younger Martial Sister and set up an array beside her. Then she chased the Second Younger Martial Sister.

The destination was a dilapidated yard near the south gate of Hening City.

There are few people living there, so the rent is very cheap.

Bai Lian stopped at the street corner. She released her Divine Sense and carefully observed every move of the Second Martial Sister and the strange girl.

Until noon.

Bai Lian's only feeling was that "They are serious".

The second Martial Sister and the strange girl were together.

They discussed the characteristics of each material on the incomplete ancient elixir's prescription.

Sometimes there would be quarrels, but it would not take long for them to reach a consensus - although most of the time the second Martial Sister was persuaded.

They also took out some other prescriptions for comparison and repeatedly checked several times before they determined the preliminary plan.

Near noon, Xiao Jinse took out the Pill Furnace and began to refine the first batch of pills.

The result was very bad.

A fire broke out in the Pill Furnace.

In the billowing smoke and dust, the two people reluctantly opened the lid of the Pill Furnace, and the materials had been burned to ashes.

"If I could control the fire better…"

"It was my fault." The strange girl took the responsibility and said, "Let me think about it again."

"All right then."

Xiao Jinse said goodbye to the strange girl.

Bai Lian returned to the inn one step ahead of her.

Soon Xiao Jinse came back.

Instead of being hit by the failure, she enthusiastically told Bai Lian about her gains.

"In just half a day, I feel I gained a deeper understanding of the reaction between the alchemical materials."

Bai Lian smiled and nodded.

Su Youwei couldn't help interrupting, "How studious, looks like there is a lot of room for you to improve.."

Xiao Jinse was stunned.

Is this really a compliment?

In the afternoon, Xiao Jinse went to find the strange girl to make pills again.

This time Bai Lian didn't hurry to follow her. She first found Gu Quan and asked him for information about the strange girl.

"I know her," said Gu Quan.

Bai Lian asked quietly, "What kind of person is she?"

Gu Quan scratched his cheek and said, "Well, she is quite famous here, and most alchemists have heard of her."


"Because she often talks about the theory of alchemy, but her strength hasn't even reached the Foundation Establishment Stage, and she hasn’t personally refined a medical pill in recent years."

Just talking and not doing?

Bai Lian raised her eyebrows and said, "Is she a liar?"

Gu Quan shook his head, "That's not it. She just can't afford to buy a Pill Furnace. She used all the Spirit Stones she saved to buy medicine materials that can be used to prolong life. I think she really needs to practice alchemy. If she really does it, it won't be too bad, ha ha."

Bai Lian feels relieved.

So the Second Younger Martial Sister was not tricked.

That's good.

This is the test she found for the Second Younger Martial Sister. It's not appropriate for her to help out the Second Younger Martial Sister. She should only watch from afar.

But Bai Lian likes to watch her.

The serious Second Younger Martial Sister.

The laughing Second Younger Martial Sister.

The second Martial Sister with a worried face.

The sweating Second Martial Sister.

All kinds of expressions of the Second Martial Sister.

For the first time, she felt the Second Younger Martial Sister was "alive".

At this time, the Second Younger Martial Sister is not a paper person in a game, nor is she a vassal of anyone.

She tried to do what she wanted to do.

That's good.

Even if this is a game, it is also a game that she doesn't want to leave.

"That's it."

Bai Lian felt more and more that she shouldn't dampen the second Younger Martial Sister’s enthusiasm.

She doesn't want to control everything about her Martial Sisters.

She wants to protect and support them from their backs.

So she took out her jade slip and sent a message to He Yurou. She no longer needs He Yuyou to help her repair the ancient elixir's prescription, nor does she plan to ask Master An Lan for help.

Let the Second Younger Martial Sister develop the ancient elixir's prescription by herself, even though she may find herself too tired to cry.

Growth always comes at a price.

Bai Lian said goodbye to Gu Quan.

It was evening, the sun was setting and the sky was red.

In a deserted alley, Bai Lian used magic to hide her face.

She raised her right hand.


The Dirt Free Sword was drawn out!

Bai Lian walked over the bustling city with a piece of eye-catching Water Spray Special Effect.

She locked the Qi, and in the blink of an eye, she came to a small attic with exquisite design.

This is the residence of Taoist Lingye in Hening City.

Bai Lian saw a new system task.

[Task 1: Stand up for the Second Younger Martial Sister (Reward: Tianshu Sword Array)]

[Task 2: Turn around and leave (Reward: Alchemy+1)]

Tianshu Sword Array is a sword array drawing that is more valuable than the best Magic Tools.

It seems that Taoist Lingye's strength is far beyond her imagination.

But Bai Lian didn't turn around and leave. She was ready before she came.

Choose Task 1!

At that time, Taoist Linggye was cultivating martial arts in his residence.

It was slow.

So people couldn't see his true strength.

With a loud bang, the window half a meter away from Taoist Lingye was cut into pieces by a sword, and then a black figure came in.


Taoist Lingye stopped his actions, and stared at Bai Lian with an expressionless face.

What a fierce sword.

It seems that this person in black is well prepared!

"You were not invited. What can I do for you?"

Bai Lian said calmly, "I came here for the Chuncao Pavilion."

Taoist Lingye was stunned for a moment and laughed, "You are afraid of me, aren't you? Do you want to force me out?"

Bai Lian shook her head.

Of course, she would not have such an idea, otherwise, she would not tell He Yurou that she didn't need her help now.

She said, "Taoist Lingye, if I'm not wrong, your relationship with the Chuncao Pavilion is very unusual."

Taoist Lingye stared at her, "Young man, you mustn’t talk nonsense. You ought to be responsible for every word you say."

Bai Lian continued, "Taoist Lingye, whether you can make pills or not, and whether your Nine Dragons Pill Lifting Skill is just a show, these things have nothing to do with me, and they don't affect me anyway."

Taoist Lingye's heart suddenly trembled. Did this person see through something?

He touched his beard to hide his uneasiness.

Bai Lian said, "I didn't come here to blackmail you, nor to uphold 'justice'. I just want to say a few words."

"What?" Taoist Lingye frowned.

Bai Lian slowly raised her sword and said, "Fairness, fairness, and fucking fairness! I don't care what you have done and what you will do, and I can accept that my Martial Sister's alchemy is poor, but I will never tolerate anyone suppressing my Martial Sister by cheating!"

Taoist Lingye's face changed. He said softly, "Young man, I think you are here to look for trouble. Do you think my fist is not strong?"

There was anger in the voice.

As expected, there will be a fight!

Bai Lian's eyes became sharp.

According to the task reward, Taoist Lingye is most likely a cultivator at the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage.

This is a strong enemy.

In that case…

Bai Lian directly launched a rush attack.

Take the lead step by step!

"Take my sword!"

The sword was brandished like frost and snow, and in a blink of an eye, it completely enveloped Taoist Lingye in its attack range.