The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 5 Chapter 5 Part 2

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Chapter 5: I Have Traveled All Over the World to Find the Master of the Sword (2)

It's only been a few months now. Si Yunshang has become an Elder of the Linggxu sect.

When she completely recovers her strength, no one in the Duxian sect will be a match for her except An Lan.


It's hard to be a good person.

Bai Lian despondently sent Gu Quan away.

At the time of parting, Gu Quan was still boasting himself.

"He's right. He's really well-informed about this city."

Suddenly, a clear voice leaped into Bai Lian's ear.

She turned away and saw a young girl sitting behind a roadside stall.

The girl looked very unusual.

She was dressed in a simple Taoist robe, and sitting in a lotus position on a piece of cloth, with a calmness far beyond her age. When she didn't talk, she resembled a stone sculpture.

The only thing on the stall in front of the girl was a broken sword wrapped in cloth.

The sword seemed to be dug out from the ground. It was badly rusted and the dragon pattern on the hilt was blurred.

But the most striking thing was her eyes.

Xiao Jinse pointed to the black cloth covering the girl's eyes.


Bai Lian knew what the second younger Martial Sister wanted to say.

The girl said before they spoke, "Hee hee, you guessed wrong!"

Bai Lian asked, "What does that mean?"

The girl said, "My eyes are normal, even better than most people."

"Ah?" Xiao Jinse said in surprise, "Then why do you cover your eyes?"

Su Youwei didn't talk, even so, she was curious.

The girl patted her hands, "My eyes are blind, but my heart isn't. I don't want my eyes to affect my judgment."

Bai Lian, "???"

You are a Riddler too?

Fortunately, this Riddler explained on her own.

She stretched out her hand and said, "Do you see this sword?"


"I'm looking for its owner!" said the young girl.

Before Bai Lian spoke, the stall operators nearby laughed.

"Ha ha, Miss Yu Ying is joking again. You have said this to hundreds of people these days. Even if you gave away the broken sword in your hand, no one would want it. Don't waste your efforts."

Yu Ying, the girl who was ridiculed, was not upset at all.

She put her hand on the rusty hilt of the sword, as if she was speaking to Bai Lian, but also speaking to herself.

"I set out from Tianyi city for a year and traveled all over the world to find a master for it. But it's a pity that even though I have traveled all over Heluo country, I still haven't found one."

Xiao Jinse said curiously, "What kind of master do you want to find for it?"

The stall owner on the side laughed, "Miss Yu Ying said she wanted to find a swordmaster whose heart is as clean as glass and whose demeanor is as bright as an eternal bright lamp."

Yu Ying smiled.

In this way, she also saved the effort to explain.

"Well, do you want to have a try? Maybe you can."

Xiao Jinse took a look at Su Youwei.

Su Youwei quickly turned away.

I won't try.

She has the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl, and this broken sword has no attraction to her.

It's really cold.

Xiao Jinse thought of it.

Although she is also not interested in this sword, she admires Yu Ying's persistence.


This also gives her a little hope.

"How do I try?" Xiao Jinse asked.

Yu Ying said slowly, "Just put your hand on the sword."

Bai Lian didn't speak for the time being, because a new task appeared in front of her.

[Task 1: Take the second younger Martial Sister away (Reward: Lang Huan Lei Yin)]

[Task 2: Promise to try the sword (Reward: Soft Skill + 2)]


Bai Lian was not happy because she triggered the task.

Considering the mission description, the special cultivation method called "Lang Huan Lei Yin" is a super strong attack skill, which is as valuable as a top-grade spirit tool.

Why is there such a big risk in pulling the second younger Martial Sister away?


Bai Lian pressed the second younger Martial Sister's shoulder.

Her eyes fell on Yu Ying's pretty face, and the black cloth looked like a whirlpool devouring the soul.


For a moment, Bai Lian felt that she would lose something important if she left.

Her intuition had always been accurate, accurate enough to make herself feel surprised.

Well, let me believe it again.

Anyway, even if she touched it, she wouldn't lose a piece of meat.

A bright smile appeared on her face, "Let me try it first."


Xiao Jinse immediately made way for Bai Lian.


Yu Ying doesn't care who goes first. As long as the sword finds a home, it matters not.

As she said, she has run away from home and traveled all over Heluo country in the past year, but she still hasn't found a master for the sword. She doesn't have much hope.

Bai Lian squatted down in front of the booth.

She rolled up her sleeve and slowly stretched out her hand.

She was as careful as if she was testing potentially boiling water.

Just a little.

At that moment, Yu Ying involuntarily leaned forward.

Her eyes were blindfolded, but her heart could still see.

She saw that in the endless night, water droplets with bright white light suddenly fell from the sky.

Could it be…

She held her breath, her heart beating faster and faster until her heart nearly burst.

She tried her best to get close to the light.

This is the flower of hope!

Yu Ying trembled with excitement.

"Sword master, sword…"

But her words stopped in the middle.

The light disappeared.

After all, it was only firewood. How can firewood burn out the endless night?

Yu Ying's body gradually calmed down.

"Can't I?"

Bai Lian asked. She could not read anything from Yu Ying's face.

Yu Ying said nothing.

"I'll try."

Xiao Jinse stepped forward. She reached out and pressed it, but there was no response.

Xiao Jinse slightly puffed her cheeks, "Can't I?"

"No, you can't."

Yu Ying finally spoke. Unlike before, Bai Lian could hear the fluctuations in her voice.

She seemed to have come back to life.


Before meeting Bai Lian, Yu Ying thought she would never find the sword owner after thousands of failures.

Her heart was cold.

It was the flame ignited by Bai Lian that made her see hope again. There must be a person that could be the sword's master somewhere in Heluo country! The reason why she couldn't find him was that she wasn't serious enough!

Yu Ying smiled, "In fact, if Gu Quan hadn't suddenly appeared, I would have offered to sell you intelligence. In terms of my understanding of Heluo country, I'm no worse than him. It's a pity now I won't be earning traveling expenses."

She spread her hands helplessly.

"In short, I have to thank you. You have rekindled my hope. If you have anything you want to know, you can come and ask me at any time. I will be staying here for a while."

Bai Lian nodded and said, "I'll trouble you then."

It seemed like a not bad outcome. Now she could save some spirit stones that she planned on using to buy news.

Bai Lian was in a good mood.

After saying goodbye to Yu Ying, she led the younger Martial Sisters to the inn.