The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 5 Chapter 5 Part 1

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Chapter 5: I Have Traveled All Over the World to Find the Master of the Sword (1)

It's tiring to walk.

After getting off the boat, the jade rabbit felt that walking was torture for the first time.

So tired.

She held her head up slightly.

In the bright spring light, the first thing that came into view was the red cord hanging from Bai Lian's neck.

She wanted to become that pendant!

Well, if she could change… Unfortunately, she couldn't.

"Here it is!"

At this moment, Su Youwei suddenly exclaimed.

At the end of the vast plain, in front of the blue mountains, a long and narrow blue and black wall slowly emerged.

Hening city!

Previously Bai Lian had been to two cities, Castle Peak City and Gray Wind Town.

Compared to Hening City, those two cities are too plain.

In the game, only after many years, when the second and third younger Martial Sisters have become famous all over the world, they would become the "Holy land" of cultivators.

The air was fresh after the rain.

Looking at the flying cars, boats, and various Flying Magic tools moving in an orderly manner along the road, Bai Lian thought that this trip should be very smooth.

Order is really great.

Thanks to the strong character of the royal family in Heluo Country, it is possible to hold down the unruly cultivators.

A few moments ago, three people and one "cat" properly entered the city after being checked by the guards at the city gate.

What was seen could only be described as "lively".

There were many cultivators on both sides of this long and tidy street.

"Exorcism charm, three medium spirit stones! If you buy four, then only ten medium spirit stones!"

"The whip of the superior tiger demon! It can be exchanged with Five Spirit Elixirs!"

"Give me one hundred inferior spirit stones and I will teach you to cultivate. Female disciples are preferred. Ugly ones are not allowed!"

This is the foundation of Hening City——


You can buy anything here.

For example, the tree shells in Gray Wind Town Bai Lian once saw.

This Sand Region's specialty has been transported to the northwest corner of East Divine Land by travelers and it even has its own small shop in Hening city.

"It's really nostalgic."

After taking a glance at the various secret medicines and training props placed on the shelves of the store, Bai Lian secretly sighed.

This kind of store is the most frequented store by most players of The Battle of the Gods.

In order to obtain hidden items, Save/Load is essential.

But now Bai Lian doesn't pay attention to these anymore.

Secret medicine?

She still has several bottles in her hand, which are all high-grade products awarded by the system.

"Taoist friend, please stay!"

Just then, a voice full of surprises came from the rear.

When Bai Lian turned around, she saw a young man with bronze skin and wearing light gray shorts running from a distance.

"What can I do for you?"

Bai Lian said without an expression.

After standing still, the young man first arched his hand, then stretched out his hand and pointed at the jade rabbit beside Bai Lian. He laughed and said, "Friend, I'm Gu Quan, a merchant in Hening city. Your cat has a strange face and looks like a demon. I don't know if you can sell it to me."


Buy a cat?

But Bai Lian soon recognized something wrong.

She looked down at the jade rabbit.

Sure enough, the jade rabbit, who was smiling just before, was on the verge of rampaging.

Looks like a demon!

Who are you talking about?!

Put your head out and I will explain to you with my fist!

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Gu Quan didn't seem to notice the abnormality of the jade rabbit. He took out a round ball and gently stroked it. Another cat suddenly appeared in his arms.

This is a dick-faced cat!

"Taoist friend, I'm not lying to you." Gu Quan said, "I spent ten inferior spirit stones to buy this cat. Taoist friend, your cat is a spiritual demon beast, right? I am willing to spend ten intermediate spirit stones to buy it."

Am I only worth ten spirit stones?


The jade rabbit was furious.

"Forget it, jade rabbit!"

Bai Lian immediately sent a message to the jade rabbit. She caught her right foot and stopped the jade rabbit who was about to jump out.

In fact, she was also very angry.

What the hell are you talking about?

The makeup she put on the jade rabbit was ugly, but it couldn't look like a demon, right?

"Can this cat speak other languages?" Gu Quan was surprised. "In that case, I'll add five more spirit stones."

Bai Lian pulled her face and said, "Taoist friend Gu, my cat and I have deep feelings. I will never sell her. You'd better find someone else."

‘That's a pity.’

Xiao Jinse, Su Youwei thought of it at the same time.

Gu Quan shook his head helplessly. It's hard to do business these days!

However, he is a man who knows how to make money, "Taoist friend, if you want to inquire about the news of the cultivation world, you can also come to me. I'm well-informed about this city!"


"Well, since this is our first meeting, I will give you a discount , buy one piece of news and I will tell you another for free"

All right.

Bai Lian took out two inferior spirit stones.

Gu Quan said, "When it comes to the easy-to-use pill furnaces, we have to mention the auction in Hening city…"

‘I have no money.’

Bai Lian just pretended that she didn't hear.

"There is a very low probability that there will be some good quality pill furnaces on the roadside stalls."

‘It's not easy to find.’

"In addition, there will soon be an alchemy event in Hening city." Gu Quan smiled.

Bai Lian asked, "What's the alchemy festival about?"

Gu Quan said, "Restoring the ancient elixir's prescription! The Elder of Chuncao Pavilion dug up an ancient elixir in the historic site. It is said that the elixir has the effect of prolonging life. Many people came from afar after hearing about it. The Elder said that if anyone can restore its original prescription, he will personally present the Green Grain Cauldron of Chuncao Pavilion."

Xiao Jinse's eyes brightened when she heard the words. But Bai Lian didn't speak.

Green Grain Cauldron!

She knows this.

Isn't this the second younger Martial Sister's first alchemy tool in the game?

Bai Lian vaguely remembered that the cauldron was snatched from a disciple of Yunshan Mountain by the second younger Martial Sister, and it was finally destroyed by the pill explosion caused by the secret medicine refined by Martial Sister Bai Lian in the game.

Unexpectedly, it made its debut here. It seems that this cauldron is really destined for the second younger Martial Sister.

So here comes the question…

"How can I restore the ancient elixir's prescription?"

Thinking of her poor skill points on Alchemy, Bai Lian suddenly lost confidence.

Let's wait and see.

If she really couldn't get it, she had planned to steal it.

‘Second younger Martial Sister, I will steal the cauldron to support you!’

Gu Quan smiled and said, "Do you have anything else to ask?"

Bai Lian pondered for a moment and asked, "Have there been any changes in the Linggxu sect recently?"

The purple lotus blossoming in the forest left a deep impression on her.

Si Yunchang stabbed into her heart like a sword.

It's not so easy to pull it out after it is in.

Gu Quan frowned slightly, "The Linggxu sect is not in Heluo country, so I find it somewhat difficult to get information. However, I have heard that the Linggxu sect has recently recruited an Elder."

"Elder?" Bai Lian was shocked.

Gu Quan sighed, "Yes, that woman looks like she is in her twenties, but her talent is very high, and many people regard her as the most talented person besides Zhi He. By the way, her name is——"

‘Si Yunshang!’

Bai Lian felt chest pain.