The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 5 Chapter 4 Part 2

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Chapter 4: Poverty Discourages Me (2)

The only way to let Bai Lian leave her was to go back to the moment when she met Bai Lian in front of the fruit stall.

On that day, if she could walk past Bai Lian without saying a word, she would be able to completely cut off her relationship with Bai Lian.

Unfortunately, she couldn't.

Then she could only continue the previous countermeasures and find a way to stop the growth of the "Death" words on Bai Lian.

Thousands of Flowers may not work.

An Lan decided to ask more knowledgeable people.

After a flash, she came to the library again and found the younger Martial Brother who looked much older than her.

"Which sect has many old men?" An Lan asked.


"It doesn't matter whether they are strong or not. The longer they lived, the better. I want to ask them some questions."

Although puzzled, the Elder of the library said, "There are many immortals in the Taixuan Taoist Sect and the Taiqing Taoist Sect. There are also some ancient sects on the boundless sea. Also, at the eastern end of the sea, in the Return Ruins, there is a mysterious turtle, who has existed since the beginning of this world."

An Lan sighed, "I'm not as well acquainted as you with the East Divine Land!"


The Elder of the library was startled.

He couldn't believe why An Lan would say such a thing.

Elder Martial Sister, you're not possessed by some old monster, are you?

The Elder was worried, "Elder Martial Sister, it's not peaceful recently. There is an ancient demon wandering outside, I can't tell when the ancient demon will attack the Taixuan Taoist Sect and the Taiqing Taoist Sect. I think you'd better wait for a period of time before going out."


An Lan, who turned to walk, stopped halfway.

Unconsciously, she clenched her fist.

Use Iron Fist on him!

Finally, An Lan unclenched her fist, "What ancient demon? It's just a rumor!"

Her figure soon disappeared into the library.


Bai Lian went back to her room.

The cold winter is over.

But spring is still on the way.

Remembering that she had been beaten dozens of times, she ran the formula of "Thousands of Flowers" according to her memory.

Maybe because An Lan's spirit Qi had gone through her body, she didn't make any mistakes in mobilizing her spirit Qi.

Very smooth.

As if she had practiced it thousands of times.

Bai Lian's spiritual strength is not as strong as An Lan's, but it still makes the bedroom warm up.

She stretched out her hands with two pure white lilies.

"Although I can't compare with my younger Martial Sisters, I'm not mediocre."

Bai Lian dispelled the flowers in the room. Anyway, her Spiritual Root was also the best Spiritual Root.

She went to the table and spread out a large piece of white paper.

Slowly sketch out the imaginary family photo, where she, Master An Lan, and her two Martial Sisters were all in a classroom.

This would be a long process.

When this new painting is completed, the supernatural phenomenon that the paintings on the wall automatically changed their position would surely come to an end.

— On February 2.

Spring thunder was ringing, and it was raining heavily.

Bai Lian covered the picture on the wall with the cloth woven by the spirit silkworm.

After half a month's rest, she would leave the peak and go to Hening City.

During this period, her strength has not increased much.

But her tea ceremony has reached 9 points, which gives Bai Lian an ethereal quality.

Basic skills:

[Hard Skill: 295]

[Soft skill: 307]

[Light Skill:313]

[Focus: 411]

After crossing 400, her Focus only increased by 1 point in the past half month.

According to Bai Lian's estimation, in the Nascent Soul Stage, she was already invincible.

If she met an enemy at the Soul Changing Stage…

Maybe she could rely on her powerful divine sense and the pile of things that An Lan gave her a while ago to deal with the enemy for a while.

Bai Lian originally wanted to only take the second younger Martial Sister with her, but she couldn't resist the eyes of the third younger Martial Sister and the jade rabbit, and finally decided to take them all.

But she didn't want to swagger around, especially not to be targeted by people of the Linggxu sect.

It's better that everyone doesn't know that she is Bai Lian, so that there will be no rumors.

Therefore, before setting out, Bai Lian made a special disguise, rolling up the jade rabbit's ears and disguising it as a "strange white cat".

Come on, learn to meow!

"Meow, meow!"


Bai Lian looked at her masterpiece with satisfaction.

She carried an oil paper umbrella and a plain-looking sword on her back. The two younger Martial Sisters also dyed their hair black.

"Let's go!"

Hearing the words of Bai Lian, Xiao Jinse, Su Youwei and the jade rabbit happily followed her and left the Duxian sect.

Due to the long journey, Bai Lian also chose to take the flying boat of the Guangtong sect in order to save time.

The scenery along the way is very eye-catching, and this journey is not boring at all.

Speaking of the location of Hening City, we have to mention the second younger Martial Sister's hometown, Castle Peak City of Wutan state.

Bai Lian inquired that Hening city was also at the northwest corner of the East Divine Land, about 6000 miles away from Castle Peak City.

For ordinary people, this is a distance that can't be reached in a lifetime, but for cultivators, this road is not far at all.

Bai Lian didn't tell the second younger Martial Sister about it. She was afraid that it would bring back bad memories.

Hening city is a small border city of Heluo Country. Because of its special geographical location, it has become a gathering place for cultivators who belong to no sect.

Unlike the ordinary Wutan state, Heluo country is a country founded by cultivators, and its strength is better than the Duxian sect.

"Elder Martial Sister, I heard that the auction in Hening city is very famous. Why don't we go and have a look?"

On the flying boat's deck, Xiao Jinse said excitedly to Bai Lian.


The auction is also a classic scene in web novels. The protagonist can always get a lot of things there.


Bai Lian touched the storage pendant held on her chest. Poverty made her reluctant to shop.

"Younger Martial Sister, don't forget the purpose of our trip!"

Bai Lian touched Xiao Jinse's head.


She doesn’t have any.

It's not that she doesn't work hard, it's that she has to raise the Qingming peak by herself, and it's already extraordinary to be able to avoid debt and save some private money.