The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 5 Chapter 4 Part 1

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Chapter 4: Poverty Discourages Me (1)


Bai Lian looked at An Lan's worried face and decided to strike while the iron was hot.

Prepare for your speech.


"Don't be afraid of any difficulties we encounter. Smile at them!"

"Don't hide anything you're worried about. Speak out and let everyone have a meeting to discuss it. Everyone gathering firewood makes for a great fire."

Bai Lian cited a lot of anecdotes, and then gave an example of an oil peddler.

"Kang Su asked, 'Do you also know how to shoot? Do you shoot well?'" (Translator: this is a Chinese proverbial story. I can’t find its English translation so if you don’t understand it you can just skip it.)

"The oil peddler said, 'That is nothing special. I can do it because I have practiced it a lot.'"

An Lan raised her head, and the emotion in her deep eyes changed in front of Bai Lian for the first time.

What a pool of spring water.

Bai Lian only felt that the lyrics "Let's Paddle" sounded good in her ears. (Let’s Paddle is a famous Chinese song)

She smiled.

Like the flowing river.

Feel it!

She was like a teacher standing on the platform, enlightening An Lan, a young girl in the confused period of her youth.

It is indeed very similar.

At least in the eyes of strangers, her figure is more like that of a teacher.

It would be more appropriate to replace the cave with the classroom in the setting sun, leaving only her and An Lan alone.


Bai Lian's eyes suddenly brightened.

Since she decided to draw a family portrait, she has been hesitating. It would be too dull to just gather people together.

Now she finally has an idea.

Previous life and this life.

Dream and reality.

When they are intertwined, they form a picture in Bai Lian's mind that would never appear in this world——

[The world's famous painting: class delay before school in early summer!]

Decided! That is the winner!

In fact, Bai Lian also considered becoming a teacher before becoming a company employee running around for a living in her previous life.

Her parents were teachers, and she would inevitably be affected.

But she finally gave up the idea.

"Yes. I'm a waste!"

Once Bai Lian discovered that she couldn't even plan her own life well, she recoiled at the thought of standing on the platform to teach a group of young people with bright prospects.

Unexpectedly, she experienced the bitterness of being someone else's "Teacher" in this life.

"It's too difficult."

Bai Lian sighed.

Before that, she would not have so many feelings.

Others change because of her, but she also changed.

The relationship between teachers and disciples is sometimes quite complicated.

Bai Lian made a brief summary of her speech, "In this world, only those that reach the level of an Immortal can be omniscient. We are all fish struggling in the sea of pain."

An Lan's eyes fluctuated more and more.

Yes, that's right!


From the moment Bai Lian turned around and apologized, she felt something was wrong.

Bai Lian was standing and she was sitting.

Bai Lian kept talking and all she said were very reasonable words.

Who is the master?

An Lan couldn't bear it.

Who is she? She is An Lan, the Heavenly Lord who is used to overseeing life and death!

Her eldest disciple wants to show off in front of her?

No way!

The master must be dignified!

An Lan suddenly stood up and stared at Bai Lian fiercely.


Bai Lian was stunned and then leaned back slightly.

It was terrible. She felt that she suddenly dropped into an ice cave from the greenhouse.

"Sit down!"

An Lan pointed to her bed.

Bai Lian subconsciously sat down.

An Lan said, "Come here!"



An Lan held her right hand high.

Here comes the ruler!

A yellow bamboo ruler flew from nothingness.

Pa, pa, pa…

Before Bai Lian could react, An Lan got started.

"How dare you scold me? This is the result! Be honest and don't move."

Damn it!

Bai Lian was angry.

I tried to comfort you with my good intentions, but you actually did this to me!

You rebellious teacher who doesn't know my heart! I will beat you back one day!

Hit your ass with my hands!

After a long time, An Lan, who returned to her bed, pointed at the mouth of the cave, "Go out. You are not allowed to enter my cave without my permission!"

Tsk. Do you think I like to come into your hole? It's cold and wet. If I stay here any longer, arthritis, osteoporosis, and lumbar strain will all develop.

Bai Lian hurried away.

An Lan yawned. She shrank into the quilt and tied herself into a cylinder. After turning around several times, she got up again.


It's not time to sleep.

Don't be afraid of any difficulties, smile at them!

Let Bai Lian continue to teach Xiao Jinse and Su Youwei, so that they won't get too involved with my karma.

As for Bai Lian…

Anyway, it's already too late.