The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 5 Chapter 32 Part 1

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Chapter 32: Is This the Will of Bai Lian? (1)

To give full play to a person's strength, a good attitude is essential.

Here, in addition to thanking her Innocent Heart from the system, Bai Lian would also like to send her most sincere thanks to Tong Yao.

'It was you who kept spreading rumors about me for three years, which made me thick-skinned at a young age!'

'Thank you, Younger Martial Sister Tong!'

'Now, no one has a higher tolerance to stress than I do!'

"Younger Martial Sister Tong, I have decided that when I am stronger than your father, the Lord of the Hades Palace, I will let you feel the tenderness of your Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian's palm!"

It means slapping your butt (sure).

In the fight with Nishang, Bai Lian once again realized the importance of mentality.

Nishang's overall strength is not inferior to hers, but her psychological tolerance is far inferior to her in actual combat.

For instance, suppose Nishang and her had the same ability, launched the same attack, and bore the same impact.

As the battle continued, she could continue to deal with Nishang without panting.

Nishang would be different. She would be breathless and confused and fall down in exhaustion.

A truly strong person should have powerful fists, good fighting skills, and a strong heart!

"Do you want to continue?"

Bai Lian said to Nishang who had almost given up.

Normally, she would win by this time.

Considering that although Nishang is a disciple of the Demon Sect, she is also honest, Bai Lian doesn't intend to continue to fight.

It's hard to kill Nishang!

She estimated that she couldn't kill her unless she was willing to fight her for a whole day. After all, their real strength is similar.

Bai Lian thought it would be better to get to the Guangtong Sect's Passenger Station earlier.

But to her surprise, her words became the fuse.


Nishang's fighting spirit was burning.

In the beginning, Bai Lian was a little stunned. What the hell is this?

But her attention was soon taken away by the flame.

This is not the hottest flame. At least Bai Lian once felt a higher temperature from Qing Luan, which could even ignite her heart.

But this must be the purest fighting spirit.

Some people are born to fight.

It's not about right or wrong, it's about your own will.


Bai Lian remembered the Yu Ying Sword that she carried on her back. Then she remembered the Fourth Younger Martial Sister and the moment when the broken sword pierced her heart.

The night will burn out.

In the final analysis, every person who will not be knocked down by himself / herself can be said to be a person who is like an Eternal Bright Lamp.

What about me?

At this moment, Bai Lian seems to have entered a very wonderful state.

Perhaps the reason why she has not been defeated is that she has not yet seen the salvation of the people she cares about.

This road is hard to walk.

As we all know, the protagonists of web novels have enemies all over the world.

If several protagonists get together… the scene will be more horrible than anyone can imagine!

She will die miserably.

But Bai Lian still has to go on.

Because she has decided not to escape, she found a sense of belonging in this world.

Would you throw your daughter away and live by yourself?

It's not clear how other people will choose, but Bai Lian won't.

Bai Lian looked up.

Looking at the "Flaming Nishang" that was almost integrated with the long lance, she smiled.

Although she didn't know why Nishang had to fight with her, she decided to meet Nishang's desire.

There are good and evil, but unyielding will deserves respect!

Bai Lian is always this tolerant.

Use Water Fist on her!

Bai Lian clenched her right fist slightly.

The spirit Qi in her body rushed like a river, and the originally hot pots broke into countless pieces under the sudden impact of Bai Lian's water-type spirit Qi.

The wind had died down.

The snow had stopped.

This was three thousand feet above the ground.

The former Saint of Yaochi Holy Mountain was shocked to find herself submerged by a torrent of snow and ice.

When the sun shone, colorful rainbows emerged on the water.

Her sister, who was still struggling to cheer up for Nishang, was also shocked.

They seemed to have become two "snowmen" embellishing this beautiful picture.

No one spoke.

It became a vacuum, and sound couldn't be transmitted.

What appeared in front of them was a beautiful dance that was silent to the extreme.

Look at the flames and torrents that divide the world in two. Look at the flames that were constantly being extinguished but still surging forward.

The former Saint felt it.

The mind can affect the people nearby.

She had never had such a burning will.

Stimulated by the heat wave, her calm heart finally moved from cold winter to early spring, setting off the first circle of ripples.

Is this the will of a Saint?

Compared with Bai Lian, she was too feeble.

The former Saint murmured, "Maybe it's a good thing for the Holy Mountain to use us in exchange for Bai Lian with the Duxian sect."

The little girl was stunned.

She turned around and looked at her sister with an incredulous expression, "Sister, what are you talking about?!"

Good thing?

Is she really my sister?

The former Saint put her hand on the little girl's shoulder, smiled and said to her, "I just think from the standpoint of the Yaochi Holy Mountain. Well, don't talk. Open your mind, and feel with your heart."


The little girl's shoulders shook violently.

Based on her trust in her sister, she complied.

Although she was only eleven years old, she had already been cultivating for six years.

She held her breath, relaxed, and began to capture the will that was swimming near the two explosive forces.

Touch it!

"How hot!"

The little girl's face suddenly changed and she quickly drew back.

She turned to the other side, where the will was more broad and much gentler.

Wandering in the warm atmosphere, the little girl felt that she was going to fly into the clouds. It gave her a familiar feeling.

Isn't this how she used to feel when her mother held her and coaxed her to sleep?

The little girl narrowed her eyes, like a cat whose head was being stroked.

"You can feel it, right?"

The voice of the former Saint suddenly sounded.


The little girl nodded.

She didn't expect that the red-haired big sister would be so warm…


The little girl's face suddenly froze.

This is not right.

She realized that she had made a mistake. That warm feeling was from Bai Lian's gentle will!

Bai Lian, mother-like feeling…

Bai Lian wants to be her mother!

(๑ ʘ̅дʘ̅ ๑)!!!

The former Saint didn't seem to notice her sister's abnormal expression. She reached out and touched her sister's head, "Don't misunderstand a person just because of a few unfounded rumors. You are a Saint now. Although you are a little young, you should also show your Saint's demeanor."


The little girl didn't speak.

Her sister was always so modest.


Her sister was a good Saint, but she voluntarily resigned from her position.

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This sudden move caught many Elders in the sect off guard, and they finally found her.

They said that the sect leader had decided to let her succeed her sister as a Saint.

Of course, she would not agree. The position of the Saint belongs to her sister!

However, her sister didn't want to continue to be the Saint of Yaochi Holy Mountain.

No way, the little girl who thought she inherited her sister's will finally came forward.

"I will hold this position until my sister comes back!"

What she said in those days was still echoing in her heart.

The little girl could not help but lower her head. Compared with her sister, she was really useless.