The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 5 Chapter 31 Part 2

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Chapter 31: Come On, the Red-haired Big Sister! (2)

Fame and wealth?

She is never a person who likes to pursue such things. She is not even interested in cultivation. She is just a "salted fish" drifting with the tide.

But she knew that her sister was showing her affection.

Let it go. Anyway, she just shouted, which could not affect the fight over there.


Nishang stopped.

She gasped, and her whole person looked like just being fished out of the water.

Her body was uncomfortable.

But her heart felt even more uncomfortable.

Her persistence is meaningless. She bet that Bai Lian would show her weakness, but she was disappointed.

Bai Lian is so steady!

She stood there and looked like a tall tower that was difficult to climb.

Sure enough, it's pointless to keep going. She can't win.

Nishang couldn't help remembering what she said to Bai Lian not long ago——

"I will fight until you draw your sword!"

This is a joke.

Si Yunshang was right. Bai Lian is really worth her caring.


Nishang knew that she didn't like Si Yunshang and that she didn't like anyone, but she just felt uncomfortable.

It seemed that something had been dislodged.


It was difficult to find someone who understood her.


Why did things become like this?

"I… I really am a useless person."

Give in.

If I continue to fight, my Tao heart may break.

In the chaos, Nishang kept denying herself, and her right hand slowly dropped.


The body of the lance hit the ground in this way, and countless fine cracks suddenly appeared on the ground.

Nishang heard the sound of the wind and snow, and she also heard the cry caught in the wind and snow.

"Come on, red-haired big sister!"

Red-haired big sister?

Is it me?

Nishang was stunned. She quickly released her Divine Sense. In the flying snow, she saw a little girl standing on the snow mountain.

The little girl seemed to be watching the battle.

Even though the little girl's head was covered with snowflakes, she still shouted with a red face.

"Come on! Come on!"

"Believe in yourself!"

"Red-haired big sister, you can do it. Don't be defeated by yourself!"

At this moment, Nishang's heart began to shake, and she suddenly felt that the whole world was slowing down.

There was a dead silence.

The little girl's figure was deeply imprinted on Nishang's heart.

Her eyebrows, her eyes, her nose, her mouth…

Nishang clenched her jaw.

When she didn't believe in herself, there was a little girl desperately cheering her up.

The little girl was so small, but so brave!

And what about her?

Nishang raised her hand and pressed her chest.

The heartbeat was still there, but it was far less powerful than before.

At this time, she heard Bai Lian's voice again, "Do you want to continue?"


Even her opponent didn't think that she had lost, but she had the idea to admit defeat.

This kind of her doesn't deserve Si Yunshang's attention at all.

She can lose, but she can't lose to herself!

She decided that for herself, for Si Yunshang, for the little girl who supported her, and for Bai Lian, the worthy opponent, she would find her proud self again!

Nishang grasped the long lance again.

She seemed to hold a world in which something was broken and reassembled.

At that moment, a light shot into the sky from the lance.

At that moment, Nishang's red hair was floating in the air.

At that moment, Nishang's heart beat like a drum.

At that moment, Nishang was really burning!

The crimson flame burst out from the depth of her body, and everything around her was lit, including the ghosts, Magic Tools, runes, snow, storms, and her will!

In that shrill cry, Bai Lian found that the black and white underworld had regained its color.

The world came alive.

Nishang waved her long lance and attacked Bai Lian again like a tireless fighter.

She knew that she may still not be able to defeat Bai Lian. After all, her mood had improved, but her cultivation base was still the same.

But what about that?

Glory belongs to me!

She has done her best. Let God judge the outcome.

She only seeks to have no regrets.