The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 5 Chapter 31 Part 1

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Chapter 31: Come On, the Red-haired Big Sister! (1)

What should an accomplished Demon Woman be like?

Nishang had studied this problem seriously.

Because from childhood to adulthood, she was always told that she shouldn't stay in Niguang Mountain.

At first, she didn't take it to heart, but when she was told this many many times, she inevitably grew to care about it.

Is it you who can decide if I can stay here?

However, Nishang is a sincere person.

She felt that she shouldn't scold them before she understood the kind of "Demon Woman" those people expected.

So Nishang tried to ask several Elders.

"A Demon Woman never talks sense!"

Nishang gave up after hearing this sentence.

She is a person who likes to talk sense.

Demon Woman? I don't want to be one!

Nishang, who is optimistic by nature, soon figured it out.

It doesn't matter what others say, as long as you are strong, it's enough.

Are you dissatisfied?

Then I'll beat you up till you are satisfied!

Holding on to this idea, she rose all the way up from an unpopular outside disciple to a popular inner disciple.

She defeated all the outside disciples and all the inner disciples, until one day even her master lost to her.

Nishang, who was standing on the top of the hill, turned around and was shocked to find that she was called "Demon Woman" by everyone.

Funny isn’t it?

Life is really full of many funny situations.

Treading on countless stepping stones, Nishang found that she gradually accomplished everything.

But what's the use of that?

Nishang suddenly felt lonely.

She is not a smart person, so she doesn't know how to solve her loneliness.

In Niguang Mountain, it is difficult for her to find a friend.

This situation lasted until a few months ago.

Niguang Mountain has always been friendly with the Lingxu Sect.

One time, Nishang followed the sect leader to visit the Lingxu Sect.

In a valley of the Lingxu Sect, surrounded by purple lotuses, besides a distinctive white lotus, she met her life mentor!

Si Yunshang is an idle Elder of the Lingxu sect.

When she came to Si Yunshang by mistake, Si Yunshang was seriously watering the flowers.

Starting with the White Lotus flower, they talked.

"Do you like the White Lotus?"

"I don't like it."

"Actually, I don't like it either."


"But when I see it, I will think of a person."

Who is it?

Nishang got the answer from Si Yunshang one month later.

"Bai Lian."

"It's a familiar name."

"Yes, she is very famous. One day, her name will be engraved in the history of the East Divine Land."

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Nishang knew she was right. The Bai Lian Si Yunshang mentioned was the Natural Saint Bai Lian of the Duxian sect!

She became confused.

Si Yunshang, you are an Elder of the Demon Sect. Why are you thinking about Bai Lian all day long?

"It's called liking."


Looking at the smiling Si Yunshang, Nishang tapped her two index fingers together.

"Both of you are women. How can you… communicate?"

After saying that, Nishang felt that there was something wrong with her fingers.

She simply put her two hands into fists, and then stuck them together. Is that right?

Si Yunshang, "…"

Nishang realized that she was wrong.

She nodded her head and said seriously, "The key point is not here, but that you are the Elder of the Lingxu Sect, and Bai Lian may be the Duxian sect's sect leader in the future!"

This ditch is not so easy to fill!

"There's always a way. If I really can't find a way, I'll try to steal her."

Will it be troublesome?

It may lead to a big war.

Nishang felt that Si Yunshang was too abnormal.

But she still likes to chat with Si Yunshang, because Si Yunshang is the only one who is patient with her.

When she was lonely, it was Si Yunshang who helped her out.

When she was framed, it was Si Yunshang who helped her to clear up her name.

Under the guidance of Si Yunshang, people in Niguang Mountain became less hostile to her, and gradually some people were willing to talk to her.

She is her life teacher!

Nishang was about to treat Si Yunshang as her teacher.

She had never worshiped a person so much.

But one thing about Si Yunshang made her feel unhappy. Si Yunshang likes to mention Bai Lian.

"Bai Lian has reached the Soul Changing Stage."

"Bai Lian killed the double-headed snake demon."

"Bai Lian stood out again for her younger Martial Sisters, alas -"

Bai Lian, Bai Lian, Bai Lian……

Nishang felt that her ears were almost drowned by that name.

She even wondered if Si Yunshang was regarding Bai Lian as her daughter!

The brainwashing was extremely powerful.

From her initial scorn, Nishang became more and more concerned about Bai Lian. She even had fights with Bai Lian several times in her dreams.

What kind of person is this near-perfect Natural Saint in Si Yunshang's mouth?

She decided to test Bai Lian herself.

Opportunity came faster than Nishang expected.

The eldest princess in Heluo held a ceremony, and she was elected as the representative of Niguang Mountain.

This is a golden opportunity.

Nishang decided to find a chance to test Bai Lian this time.

What's the easiest way?

It's natural to have a tense and exciting fight with Bai Lian!


"Let me see why Sister Si Yunshang values you!"

Nishang stabbed at Bai Lian.

She used her full strength.

This attack was full of killing intent, envy, and anger. It was faster than any evil ghost in the pot.

Bai Lian felt the atmosphere.

This atmosphere was out of tune with the gloomy environment around her. She even found that some unlucky ghosts were directly pierced by the lance.

Aren't they your ghosts? Why do you hit them?


This is not what she needs to focus on now.

Bai Lian calmly responded to the shadow coming from the sky.

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian was never confused!

See Through Voidness let her easily capture Nishang's real body, and she pushed Nishang back with her powerful fist.

As soon as they exchanged blows, Bai Lian knew that Nishang could not defeat her if she didn't have a stronger attacking method.

Nishang, whose attack was halted, was not discouraged. That attack was just an appetizer.

Driven by her Divine Sense, those flying pots began to show great strength.

The wind and clouds changed and the mountains rang.

A ghost roared, and evil spirits surrounded her.

Then there were magic symbols and ghost seals coming from all directions.

In this chaos, Bai Lian was like a boat that could capsize at any moment by the waves.

But it just looked like it.

The barrier she created with her hands was unbreakable!

Magic Tools, spells, and martial arts… whatever attack Nishang used, they were all stopped by that barrier.

Her fist is unparalleled!

"I can't pierce it!"

Nishang was shocked.

How can it be so strong?

What bothered her most was that Bai Lian was still unharmed, but the magic circle she created with the strange pots was slowly being worn down by Bai Lian.

Red light squeezed out of a crack as if it were bleeding.

The wound was in the magic circle, but the pain was in Nishang's heart.

"What should I do?"

Nishang was so anxious that she was sweating.

After fighting for so long, Bai Lian still looked energetic, but she was about to run out of her spirit Qi.

Is she going to lose to Bai Lian so easily?

Nishang was unwilling.

This was totally different from what she imagined.

She thought that even if she could not defeat Bai Lian, at least she would not be embarrassed, yet she was.

How could she go back to see Si Yunshang and tell her that she was defeated by Bai Lian?

Will Si Yunshang look at her with disappointed or disdaining eyes?

Nishang was so worried that her head was about to burst. She could only continue to drive her Magic Tools to hit Bai Lian, but the longer she did this, the more she couldn't calm down.

She fell into a vicious cycle.


At the top of the snow mountain stood two girls, one younger and one older.

"It seems that they have reached an impasse."

The cute girl with a tall braid, who looked about ten years old, suddenly said.

The girl beside her shook her head. "This is not an impasse."

If Bai Lian noticed her, she would find that this girl was the disciple of the Yaochi Holy Mountain who appeared at the ceremony not long ago.

She continued, "There is no suspense. The red-haired woman will be easily defeated by Bai Lian as long as she shows any flaw."

The little girl murmured discontentedly, "Sister, why are you defending Bai Lian?"

The girl said calmly, "I'm just telling the truth."

"You can't tell the truth!" The little girl said angrily.


"I don't like Bai Lian!"

Why are you so narrow-minded?

The little girl said, "I want to see her lose!"

At this time, the girl finally opened her mouth again, "I said, only watch, don't make trouble!"

The little girl hummed, "I don't want to cause trouble, so I'll just shout a few words."

"What are you going to shout?"

The little girl turned around. She faced the light over the snow mountain, put her hand around her mouth, opened her mouth and shouted, "Come on, red-haired big sister!"


The girl froze.

The little girl continued.

Someone said that the Yaochi Holy Mountain was going to use her and her older sister to exchange for Bai Lian with the Duxian sect. What a joke. How could that happen?!

Bai Lian's talent is really high, but is my sister's talent poor?

My sister is known as the most gifted Saint in the Yaochi Holy Mountain, and she is expected to ascend to the Immortal World and become a true Immortal in the future!

Moreover, my Elder sister is easygoing. She respects everyone in the sect and has done a lot of tasks of subduing and eliminating demons. She is not inferior to Bai Lian at all.

But people always say that her sister is not as good as Bai Lian. How can it be that Bai Lian can become a Saint just by helping ordinary people carry a few boxes or solving some family disputes?

The little girl refused to accept it.

Her sister is obviously better than Bai Lian!

Because she didn't use the Voice Transmission Spell, she didn't know whether Nishang could hear her. Maybe the voice was drowned by the wind before it passed.

But she just wanted to shout.

She wanted to shout out her anger, and she wanted to shout out her unwillingness.

"Come on…"

"You can beat that pesky woman!"

"Losing is not terrible, what is terrible is that you no longer believe in yourself!"


The girl looked at her stubborn sister and sighed.

In fact, she doesn't care.