The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 5 Chapter 30 Part 1

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Chapter 30: Who Is this Demon Woman? (1)

The long night was most intoxicating.

Some people went to bed early.

Some people were still sweating in a fierce "battle".

Someone leaned against the stone table in the pavilion, with her right hand propping up her cheeks. Her eyes were blurred and her cheeks were slightly red.

The eldest princess took a sip of wine. She looked at the bright moon in the sky and her reflection in the pool, and suddenly sighed.

What a heartless woman!

The veil she took off was still warm at that time, but before it cooled down, Bai Lian obliterated it as soon as she turned around.

"Is this a Saint's nature?"

It's really annoying.

The eldest princess sighed.

She held the small wine glass and was about to take another sip, when a circle of dazzling white ripples suddenly appeared in the distant dark night.

The eldest princess jumped to her feet.

So fast that she left a shadow in place.

"This is…"

Her Divine Sense quickly spread far away. At the moment of touching the light column thousands of miles away, the eldest princess' lips opened slightly and her face was no longer tired.


This was the first thought that came to her mind.

The beam of light went up into the sky with an irresistible momentum. As soon as approached it, she felt that she was about to be burned.

If she went a little further, her whole person would probably be torn apart!

The eldest princess was scared back.

Under the bright beam, the whole of Tianyi City woke up in the middle of the night.

At that time, countless cultivators came out of their rooms.

Some people were surprised, some were afraid, some were feeling greedy…

The eldest princess looked up and saw a large black shadow flying from the left part of the imperial city. She knew they were the Shadow Guards directly under the orders of the emperor.

Only in a major event will the Shadow Guards go out.

A moment later, a familiar figure appeared in her eyes.

"Marquis Wu'an!”

The eldest princess's expression changed.

It suddenly occurred to her that the source of the beam of light was not particularly far from the ruins of the Canglong Garden.

Could it be…

The eldest princess released her Divine Sense again.

There were many people who were doing the same thing, so no one found anything wrong with her behavior.

No mistake!

The eldest princess' face was as pale as snow.

From the sharp strength of the pillar of light, she peeled out a gentle, motherly strength.


If she was not mistaken…

"This is Bai Lian’s aura!"


The eldest princess immediately understood that Bai Lian must have caused this light pillar.

Just seeing this column of light made her afraid. If Bai Lian only released all her strength, would she be completely obliterated?

The eldest princess couldn't help recalling the scene when Bai Lian fought with her that day.

The fight was simple.

The Special Effects were amazing.

She always thought that she was defeated because she accidentally fell into Bai Lian’s Star Moon Field.

"I'm stupid, really."

The eldest princess gave a wry smile.

In fact, Bai Lian deliberately hid her true strength!

If you think about it carefully, you can understand why Bai Lian did this.

Bai Lian deliberately used so many Special Effects, just to make her loss not so "Difficult to accept"!

Maybe it was to take Yu Ying away, maybe it was for her sake, maybe it was both.

"Funny. I thought I was stronger than her after I finished the ceremony."

She guessed that with Bai Lian's true strength, she could beat her with one foot.

What is a Saint's true nature? This is it!

For no reason, the eldest princess felt strong jealousy towards Yu Ying.

But soon she shook her head again.

Don't blame Yu Ying.

The fault is not of others, but her own!

She shouldn't have said those words as she tried to persuade Bai Lian to join Xingluo Fortress.

Even if the Duxian sect is destroyed, she will never change her sect.

"There is always a way!"

The eldest princess said to herself.

Although there is a gap between her and Bai Lian, she still has a chance to close it!

For Yu Ying, Bai Lian will definitely compete with Marquis Wu'an and her emperor brother in the future.

There is no lack of opportunities for her to communicate with Bai Lian. At this time, she needs to show sincerity, because Bai Lian likes honest people.

By the way, the eldest princess took out her jade slip again. She had to tell her partners in Xingluo Fortress what happened here.

She needs to tell them, "Don't provoke Bai Lian and the people she values"!


When the cultivator of Heluo Country rushed to the mountain from all directions, Bai Lian had already fled hundreds of miles with the "Yu Ying Sword".

Yu Ying Sword.

This is the name she gave to the "Weapon" she held in her arms.

In fact, Bai Lian wanted to put the Yu Ying Sword into the storage pendant at the beginning.

Because she is not used to carrying weapons when she walks outside, and Yu Ying Sword is very hot. Although it doesn't hurt her, it is still uncomfortable.

But Bai Lian failed.

She first used the conventional method to ride the Yu Ying Sword with her Divine Sense.

She tried for more than ten times, standing on the sword, but the sword didn't move. It also didn’t go into the storage pendant when she wished it.

Bai Lian could only use another method.

She simply grasped the hilt of the sword and stabbed it at her chest.

It was a clear sound that responded to her.


The point of the sword collided with the pendant.

Fortunately, the pendant is hard enough, otherwise it may have chipped.


I give up.

Bai Lian rolled her eyes and realized that the Yu Ying Sword was a "living" sword with feelings.

At the moment when she stabbed, the temperature on the sword was obviously higher.

"I don't know when the Fourth Younger Martial Sister will complete the test."

Bai Lian quickly went to the Guangtong sect's domestic passenger terminal in Heluo. On the way, she didn't forget to ask An Lan.

[Master, where are you now?]

When the message was sent out, An Lan didn't answer her for a long time, which made Bai Lian feel puzzled.


Bai Lian was a little confused.

The last time when she was in Hening City, she had just sent out the message, and Master An Lan came out in less than ten seconds.

She was very fast that time!

Did Shifu wander into some ruins that can block the messages of the jade slip?

Bai Lian put the jade slip away.

There is no need to worry about An Lan's safety. Unless she enters a Period Of Decline, no one in this world can kill her.

Bai Lian went all the way east.

She knew that someone would go to the mountain to check, but it had nothing to do with her.

She just wanted to return to the Qiongming Peak as soon as possible.

But things don't always go as planned.