The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 5 Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Repeat the Old Trick

"Come here."

An Lan, who was sitting on the stone bed, seemed very "Reserved".

If you overlook the thin and frail body, there is a bit of the majesty of a female emperor.

Bai Lian walked up to her and felt a little uncomfortable.

An Lan didn't give Bai Lian a chance to ponder.

She raised her hand.

The loose white long sleeve slowly rolled down, revealing the flawless white-jade-like wrist.

She gently and slowly tapped out with her index finger.

It finally pressed between Bai Lian's eyebrows, with a cool feeling.


A small storm arose in Bai Lian's sea of divine sense.

At that moment, the cultivation formula of "Thousands of Flowers" was imprinted on Bai Lian's soul.

In addition, An Lan also injected a pure spiritual Qi into Bai Lian's body.

That spiritual Qi contains infinite vitality.

It also seems to have its own consciousness. As soon as it entered Bai Lian's body, it danced in her Dantian, then attracted more spirit Qi to course through Bai Lian's meridians.

Bai Lian understood.

An Lan: This is to make her learn the casting method of "Thousands of Flowers"!

But this method is really rough.

After all, the spiritual Qi is from a cultivator at the peak of the Transcendency Stage.

It's too thick.

With the width of Bai Lian's meridians, it's still difficult to breathe, and there's a tingling feeling.

Fortunately, the heavy feeling came and went quickly.


Bai Lian was surprised to find that her meridians became more condensed after several circulations. The warmth gave her the illusion that she was taking a hot bath.

"Come out!"

Suddenly Bai Lian's eyes widened.

A pink flower suddenly appeared on the bed where An Lan was sitting. Starting from there, more and more pink flowers bloomed on the stone wall.

One, two, ten million…

The room is filled with fragrance.

An Lan is as if on a float.

She stretched out her right hand and waved it gently. A circle of inconspicuous ripples swayed through the air.

In an instant, the flowers floated up quickly clustering together and then collapsing into multiple fiery stars falling on Bai Lian's head.

This is the power of life!

Bai Lian slashed the back of her hand, and the wound healed before she could move her hand away.

Mass HP recovery skill.

Bai Lian was happy.


When the younger Martial Sisters grow up, let the younger Martial Sisters stand in front, and she only needs to help recover their HPs at the back.

In fact, "Thousands of Flowers" is more powerful than this.

When you reach a higher level, you can use it to cut off the vitality of your opponent with one thought, and you can revive anyone from nothingness with one thought.

This is the flower of the living and the flower of the dead.

The only thing Bai Lian is dissatisfied with is that the Special Effects of this spell are too eye-catching.

An Lan said, "You can practice slowly after you go back. If you don't understand anything, just look at the mark I left on your spirit."

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The tone was cold.

It's a hint of leaving.

However, Bai Lian has not forgotten her purpose.

"Master." Bai Lian said, "The two younger Martial Sisters have met a bottleneck recently. For a while now, I haven’t been able to think of a way to help them break through."

It's ok for the third younger Martial Sister, she has the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl.

But she couldn't think of any way to help the second younger Martial Sister. Bai Lian is really too inept!


An Lan didn't speak for a while.

When it comes to teaching disciples, she is really not a qualified teacher.

In the final analysis, she took the wrong road.

From the very beginning, she should not take disciples. She can't even manage herself well. She has no ability to teach her own disciples.

Master and disciple relationship?

That was just an extravagant hope.

Unless she can get rid of her enemy's pursuit, she mustn't have such aspirations.

The better Bai Lian performed, the more complicated her feelings got.

One day Bai Lian would ascend to the Immortal World.

How far apart are the two worlds?

An Lan was also worried that Bai Lian would have traces of her on her body. Then Bai Lian would surely be targeted by her enemies after ascending to the Immortal World.

This is a dead end!

However, she can't actively restrict Bai Lian's development, which is unfair to Bai Lian.

Maybe she should take the initiative to separate from Bai Lian from now on, and let the Qiongming peak become Bai Lian’s Qiongming peak. This is a good thing for her and Bai Lian.

This idea came into being after attending the Lantern Festival.

An Lan only felt that she had to be quick. If she dithered, later she would not be as calm as she is now.

From the morning, she even felt that Yan Yue was right to scold her.

"I must have lost my mind."

An Lan sighed.

There was a dead silence in the cave.

The air seemed to stagnate with An Lan's silence.

The atmosphere made Bai Lian frown.

Is this a delusion?

Even before the Lantern Festival, her relationship with An Lan was not so frigid, right?

Can it be said that the Lantern Festival was counterproductive?


Bai Lian didn't believe it.

If that were the case, An Lan would never accept her invitation.

After adjusting her attitude, An Lan said to Bai Lian, "Your second younger Martial Sister's strength has increased too fast, and it will take a while to settle down. To restore the balance, she can only continue to upgrade her Spiritual Root. But the Spiritual Root is already the best of the fire-type. It's not so easy to go further."

"Please give me some advice."

"Take a different path. Isn't she fond of alchemy? On my way back to the Duxian sect, I heard that there are many alchemy masters in Hening city recently. You can take her around there."

Bai Lian nodded.

That's fine.

Experience is always necessary. Maybe she can find a useful pill furnace there.

Moreover, with the improvement of her status, her efficiency at gaining skill points in the Duxian sect is getting lower and lower.

Ordinary disciples can't even say a complete word when they see her. It's naturally impossible to trigger tasks from them.

In order to solve this problem, in addition to making Tong Yao step up her rumor mongering, she can only go to places where there are few people who know her.

Especially in the "simple and honest" areas. Bai Lian felt that her skill points would surely rise in these areas.

After expressing her gratitude, Bai Lian turned around and left.

But when she came to the mouth of the cave, she stopped again.

She still couldn't forget the strange feeling that had just risen in her heart.

She was curious.

Something she didn't know must have happened, which made the atmosphere so stiff.

Yes, the task!

After she received the task reward of "Blue Lightning Leaf", An Lan's attitude changed.

Before that, An Lan seemed very angry.

After that, An Lan miraculously calmed down.

The task rewards are weird, aren't they?

The risk of praising the demon is the lowest, and it is extremely dangerous to scold the demon.

Considering that this task was triggered by An Lan's words, Bai Lian had some guesses in her mind.

That ancient demon…

Is An Lan!

"What else?"

Bai Lian heard a voice behind her.

Sure enough.

She understood that An Lan was obviously angry with her.

An Lan is much older than her, but her emotional control is not better than that of the second younger Martial Sister.

Fortunately, she discovered this in time.

If she doesn't do anything, maybe An Lan will calm down in a few days, but it may also lead to all her previous efforts being in vain.

Bai Lian doesn't want to gamble.


It's really difficult to be the "Elder Martial Sister".

Bai Lian turned around and slightly lowered her head. "Master, I was wrong."


An Lan was stunned for a moment.

"What's wrong with you?"

Bai Lian said, "I shouldn't scold you."

What, you scolded me? How dare you scold me?

An Lan's eyes stared.


She suddenly realized that this was an opportunity.

If she severely punishes Bai Lian, Bai Lian may be dissatisfied with her. In the long run, Bai Lian will hate her like Yan Yue.

At that time, she will take the initiative to propose to the sect leader that Bai Lian take over the first seat of the Qiongming peak, so that she can completely fade out of Bai Lian's vision.


An Lan couldn't help admiring her idea.

She stood up and was about to criticize Bai Lian loudly.

Bai Lian said before she could say anything, "Master, in fact, that ancient demon is you, right?"

An Lan's body trembled suddenly, "What are you talking about?"

Bai Lian said, "Although for some reason you went to the Wushan Holy Palace to look for trouble, I believe Shifu has a legitimate reason for doing so."

An Lan curled her lips, "You think too highly of me. I don't have that much strength."

Bai Lian said, "In my heart, Shifu is invincible. Shifu, you must have to hide your strength because of some difficulties I don't know."


"If Shifu hadn't brought me back to the Duxian sect, I'm afraid I would have died outside long ago. Shifu has saved my life. I can't part with this kindness. Now I'm weak, and I can't help Shifu. But I believe that one day Shifu will recognize me and take the initiative to tell me of the difficulties you are facing!"

Bai Lian bowed deeply to An Lan.

She stood quietly, warming An Lan's heart like a small stove.

An Lan looked at Bai Lian's figure for a while in a trance.

She found that her brain was really broken.

Repeat that old trick?

Bai Lian and Yan Yue are different people after all.

From the moment she brought Bai Lian to the Duxian sect, Bai Lian's body was full of the name "An".

The two of them have long been entangled.