The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 5 Chapter 29 Part 2

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Chapter 29: When the Broken Sword Is Reforged (2)

The rusty sword couldn't speak, so it had been waiting.

It knew that the swordmaster would one day take over the task of looking for the swordmaster, and then it would be handed over to the swordmaster.

It is a pity that all expectations were upended with the attack of Heluo.

No one would ever look for the swordmaster again, and the swordmaster it was waiting for may die at any time.

The rusty sword couldn't do anything.

It has no sword soul, but only a wisp of incomplete consciousness. It cannot control the action of the sword body. It can only continue to wait for the day when dawn appears.

Twelve years later, one day, it successfully contacted the swordmaster's mother.

It has the same appeal as its master's mother——

They all want the sword's master to be free.

So they quickly agreed on a plan.

The rusty sword separated its consciousness and merged it into the swordmaster's mother's soul, who then used it as a bargaining chip to trade with Marquis Wu'an.

The chances of success were not great, but they were willing to gamble.

"If nothing is done, there will never be hope!"

"That child's fate should not be like this."

The sound faded away.

Yu Ying also stopped her steps.

Did she get her small measure of freedom at this price?

Her face was covered with tears shed unconsciously.

Her heart was filled with more pain than hatred.

Was it worth this price?

Yu Ying felt lost.

If it wasn't for her, her mother wouldn't have suffered so much. Maybe she would still be alive and well.

Perhaps, she should not have appeared in this world!

When such thoughts rose, black fog rose in response around the straight road.

Yu Ying crouched on the ground, holding her knees tightly.

She was tired. She didn't want to go on.

Be it so.

There is nothing wrong with staying in this boundless night. The outside world is too horrible. There is nothing worth looking forward to.

As long as she gives up thinking, she can immediately get infinite happiness.

Sleep, sleep…

At this moment, Yu Ying suddenly heard a soft call from the bottom of her heart.

"Miss Yu, actually I am Bai Lian!"

Yu Ying raised her head.

This voice is inexplicably familiar, who is it?

She tried to fill in the blank that suddenly appeared in her mind.


It's Bai Lian, who used a sneak attack to stab her with the rusty sword!

Yu Ying stood up.

Her face showed anger, trying to recall the appearance of that evil woman. When she finally remembered, her body suddenly froze.

"No, that's not true!"

As the black fog dispersed, all the memories that had disappeared silently came back.

Yu Ying pinched her arm.

She was really stupid. Really, she not only forgot Bai Lian, but also almost regarded her as her enemy.

How sad Bai Lian would be if she knew all this?

Yu Ying clenched her fists. Didn't she decide to give up her cowardice?

The past has passed. What she wants to do now is not to blame herself, but to accept it.

Bai Lian was still waiting outside for her to return, and she would go to the Duxian sect with Bai Lian.

Yu Ying looked up at the lamp floating in the sky. She felt that her heart was filled with strength encouraging her to run forward.

The road was much shorter than she thought.

At the end of the road, she found a door with several neat characters imprinted on it.

"The Original Dragon's Test!"

Yu Ying was stunned.

What is this situation?

She wanted to move forward, but was stopped by the suddenly appearing fierce man in golden armor, "If you want to get the Original Dragon's approval, please show your determination, otherwise, you'd better go back!"

Yu Ying understood.

Only by proving that her will is enough to be called the "Eternal Bright Lamp", can she really have the qualification to be the owner of the rusty sword.

She remembered the scene where Bai Lian confronted the eldest princess for her.

The rippling Water Charm and the stars' Special Effects are permanently printed in her mind.

If she can become the master of the rusty sword, she can bravely go up to Bai Lian and say, "Elder Martial Sister, I will protect you this time!"

Yu Ying walked straight past the fierce man in golden armor.

"I accept the test!"

Her voice was rock steady.

This time, she didn't encounter any obstacles and plunged into the world behind the door, which was shrouded in white light.

"As you wish."

After saying this, the figure of the fierce man in golden armor disappeared in the boundless dark night.


Bai Lian, who had finished her prayer, narrowed her eyes.

In fact, she didn't want to squint, but the fourth younger Martial Sister was too bright, just like a super powerful light bulb.

The light flowed from the wound made by the rusty sword.

First being spread all over the body, all the lights converged in one place and rose to the sky.

Whether it was the bright moon or the stars in the sky, they were dwarfed by the light from the Fourth Younger Martial Sister.

"Is this the power displayed by the Original Dragon's token?"

Bai Lian looked up.

She knew she couldn't stay here any longer.

It is unknown how many people will be attracted by this vision. She doesn't want to get into any trouble.

So Bai Lian stood up with Yu Ying in her arms.

She chose a direction and was about to leave when an incident occurred.

Bai Lian looked at what was happening in front of her in amazement.

At first, the mottled rust on the broken sword was quickly removed.

Then, the fourth younger Martial Sister's body lightened and turned into light!

The light "splashed" on the broken sword like flowing water. The blade grew inch by inch from the broken end.

What finally floated in front of Bai Lian was a sword with an elegant shape.


Bai Lian was dumbfounded.

Damn it!

Where is my fourth younger Martial Sister? Why did she suddenly become a sword?

She subconsciously grasped the hilt of the sword.


It's the temperature of the Fourth Younger Martial Sister!

The fourth younger Martial Sister didn't disappear. Bai Lian's eyes filled with tears as she felt the heat from her palm. She understood the current situation.

The fourth younger Martial Sister was now undergoing the Original Dragon's test. Only through the test could she change back to her original appearance.

Does this mean that if she took this sword to fight, it is equivalent to fighting by using the Fourth Younger Martial Sister as a weapon?



Bai Lian shook her head.

On the positive side, she only needed to buy one ticket when she took the flying boat of the Guangtong sect back to the Duxian sect!