The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 5 Chapter 29 Part 1

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Chapter 29: When the Broken Sword Is Reforged (1)

Yu Ying's eyes widened when Bai Lian stretched out her hand.

It's the third time.

It is still a boundless night.

There are still white drops of water falling in the night.

When the drops were about to hit the ground, the dazzling white light began to extinguish.

Yu Ying stopped running.


At least she was not disappointed this time, not because she had expected this result, but because she didn't intend to continue to spend time looking for a master for the sword.

She will leave Heluo and go to the Duxian sect where Bai Lian is.

There, she no longer has to look up at the long night, where she can always enjoy the warmth of Bai Lian.

Without desire, there will be no disappointment.

Yu Ying smiled and waited for the light to dissipate in the long night.

But just then, she heard Bai Lian talking.

The voice seemed to come from the depths of her soul.

"The night will have an end."


Yu Ying didn't understand what this meant.

When she looked around, the picture in front of her was shattered.

At that moment, she seemed to return to reality.

She could only watch helplessly as Bai Lian grabbed the rusty sword and stabbed it at her with an indifferent look on her face.

What happened?

Yu Ying was more confused than frightened.

Why did Bai Lian stab her with the sword?

Yu Ying tried to struggle, but she found that she had lost control of her body.

It's too late.

When she realized, the rusty sword had already been stabbed into her body.

The clothes were cut open.

The skin and flesh were pierced.

The bone was broken.

The heart was broken.

A blazing flame erupted suddenly!

"Can a person live without a heart?"


Yu Ying could feel the rusty sword stirring in her body, but she could not feel any pain, as if all this was an illusion.

She looked down.

Blood was spraying from the wound, and some of it splashed on Bai Lian's face.

When she got stabbed, she found that the sword was so ferocious.

Yu Ying looked pale.

Even if she didn't feel pain, she would still be afraid.

She is just a cultivator at the Foundation Establishment Stage. How can she withstand such attacks under normal circumstances?

A moment later, Yu Ying found that Bai Lian's voice sounded again in her soul.

"It will get better soon."

As gentle as the spring breeze.

Her hands were gently raised by Bai Lian, and then put on the hilt of the sword one after the other.

Yu Ying's body was no longer cold, and she no longer felt fear. The temperature from the sword made her feel as comfortable as soaking in a hot spring.


She murmured and fell sideways into Bai Lian's arms.

Bai Lian gently rubbed her head and said, "This is what you need. I don't want you to fall into the Dragon's Rage one day. As for whether you want to accept all this, you can choose. I'll wait for you to come back."

There was still blood on her cheek, but she didn't dislike it at all, because it was the blood of the Fourth Younger Martial Sister.

Bai Lian recalled the story of the game.

In the game, the fourth Martial Sister lost her sword, but she didn't lose her strength.

The keepsake was gone, but her blessing wasn't lost.

On the verge of death, the Fourth Younger Martial Sister activated the Original Dragon's blessing in her body and walked back from the netherworld.

But the Original Dragon's blessing was not so easy to bear.

Without being correctly guided, the blessing turned into the Dragon's Rage, which would twist her will while giving her strong power.

In this way, a cute and polite girl gradually becomes a "Cannibal".

Is that really good?

Of course not.

So Bai Lian was glad that the sword was still present.

If she didn't have this sword, she would have to watch out for the Fourth Younger Martial Sister being swallowed up by the Dragon's Rage at any time.

The character description in the game tells Bai Lian that the way to break the fourth Martial Sister's heart defense is to pierce her heart with a sword.

Then she made a decision.

Let the rusty sword recognize her as the master?

Bai Lian has her own way, and she has already decided that even if she dies, she will not rob her younger Martial Sister's treasures.

She is the support of the Qiongming Peak!

As an "Elder", how could she bear to hurt them?

"A temporary pain is a cushion for future happiness. Younger Martial Sister, you should hold on!"

Bai Lian closed her eyes and prayed silently. She was ready to use Thousands of Flowers to save the fourth Martial Sister if she gave up the rusty sword.


When Yu Ying opened her eyes again, she found herself back in the long night.

Am I dead?

She quickly dismissed the speculation.

She didn't die, but lived with the boundless night.

The white light that was going to be extinguished condensed into a ball and hung above her head.

"The Eternal Bright Lamp!"

Yu Ying's eyes widened.

This familiar appearance made her suddenly see those long blurred memories.

At the age of twelve, in front of the bed.

She followed the rusty sword to the long night for the first time. At that time, she also had a lamp like this hanging on her head.

Only with the death of her mother, the lamp never appeared again.

Yu Ying remembered what Bai Lian said to her——

"You are the real one whose heart is like clear glass!"

It turned out that the swordmaster she was looking for was always herself!

It was she who had forgotten the past.

It was she who denied herself.

Yu Ying pursed her mouth and said nothing.

From now on, she felt the world changed.

The road under her feet began to stretch forward further as she advanced, and the sound of wind appeared in the long night.

There are many memories along the road.

Yu Ying walked forward and one memory after another appeared in her mind.

Since the ancient times when paper was not invented, the descendants of Canglong Garden had begun to look for a master for this sword.

However, as generations passed, the sword owner didn't show up, and the broken sword, which was once radiant with divine light rusted under the flow of the river of time.

The turn occurred 17 years ago.

A loud cry startled both the Canglong Garden and the sleeping rusty sword.

The swordmaster appeared!