The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 5 Chapter 27 Part 1

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Chapter 27: Fate Is So Wonderful! (1)

Yu Ying felt that she was about to go up in flames.

However, she would not ignite due to severe friction.

It was her heart that was about to start a fire!

A lamp was lit in the boundless darkness.

At this time, she was flying thousands of feet above the ground.

The shield formed by spirit Qi protects against the howling wind, and Yu Ying felt only warmth and comfort.

It was her first time to be at such height and be able to look down on the sturdy earth bearing countless stories. For the first time she felt free of the shackles that bound her.

This was all brought by Bai Lian.

If not for Bai Lian, she may have died at the hands of the assassins sent by her Elder sister. If she had instead been saved by the eldest princess, then right now she would have been on her way to Xingluo Fortress.

For others, it is a rare blessing to go to Xingluo Fortress to cultivate.

But this is not what Yu Ying wants.

She just wanted to wake up from the nightmare in which she was caught for seventeen years and find her true self.

She woke up over and over again, only to find herself in a nightmare again and again.

Even now, she was still afraid that she was dreaming.

After all, she had many similar experiences.

Perhaps when she opened her eyes, the only thing that accompanied her was still only the rusty sword.

There had never been a girl called Miss An Yue, and Miss An Yue would not turn into that famous Bai Lian when she was faced with despair.

But this time Yu Ying soon realized the difference.

"It's the temperature of the heart."

She pressed her left chest.

It was not just her own temperature, but also the temperature brought on by the girl she depended on.

This was something that never appeared in the nightmare, and it was a wonderful feeling that she could not invent by relying only on her imagination.

Yu Ying turned her head.

What came into her sight was a calm face in profile.

She likes to watch Bai Lian's smile, but she has to admit that the Bai Lian that is as calm as deep ice water, is the most attractive, as if that is her natural state.

Bai Lian noticed Yu Ying's eyes.

"I'm very happy."

She heard such words in her ear.

So she answered earnestly, "Believe me, this happiness is not temporary, more will come wave after wave, like the tide."


Yu Ying firmly held Bai Lian's hand.

She believed that since Bai Lian already helped her this much, she had no reason to suspect her.

When Bai Lian held her hand, Yu Ying looked up at the bright moon.

If she could make a wish, she hoped this moment would become eternal!


The eldest princess was leading the way.

She was not blind.

Of course, she could see Bai Lian and Yu Ying's appearance.

But she…

Forget it.

She shouldn’t do anything at this time.

She just felt that she would rather be buried than be present for this.

Fortunately, this journey is coming to an end.

After crossing the wide plain, the eldest princess stopped at the destination.

It was a mountain.

A mountain cut in two by a great boundless power.

This used to be the residence of a cultivation sect.

More than ten years ago, at the order of the Emperor of Heluo Country, tens of thousands of Shadow Guards rushed up the mountain under the leadership of several cultivators at the Transcendency Stage.

Although this declining sect fought to the death, it was eventually destroyed.

"Marquis Wu'an didn't kill everyone."

The eldest princess told the past story.

Because of the ceremony, Marquis Wu'an, who was originally stationed here, was transferred back to Tianyi City, which is one of the reasons why she dared to bring Bai Lian and Yu Ying here.

Bai Lian's face didn't change much.

Yu Ying's eyes changed.

"That cultivation sect was called Canglong Garden. The reason why my brother and Marquis Wu'an wanted to destroy the Canglong Garden was because an infiltrated spy reported that the Canglong Garden has the blood of a black dragon…"

In the next report, Marquis Wu'an learned that the inheritance of Canglong Garden was more complicated than he thought.

Canglong Garden has a secret that only the sect leader knows. This secret may really be related to a black dragon!

The emperor of Heluo, who got the news, could not sit still at once. His greatest wish in this life was to let Heluo override all other sects and become the overlord of the East Divine Land.

He personally came forward to conduct the investigation, but the investigation didn't go smoothly. Finally, Marquis Wu'an found a way.

Marquis Wu'an threatened the sect leader using his baby daughter.

The sect leader who didn't talk even when his soul was being burned finally conceded. He couldn't watch his daughter, who couldn't even call "Mom", being thrown down a cliff.

The eldest princess landed them on the ground and said, "In his opinion, it was a worthwhile thing to exchange a dead secret for the future of a child."

Yu Ying's nose ached slightly.

She looked at the ruins on the ground, as if she saw the battle of that year.

She knew that the child the eldest princess mentioned was her.

She finally knew that the man she had called “Father” for more than ten years was actually her enemy.

Yu Ying's heart was heavy, and she could not utter a word.

This is a fact that she must face.

From the moment Bai Lian stood in front of her to confront the eldest princess, she was determined to not give in to weakness, so she could not shrink back!

The eldest princess continued to talk.

After that, Marquis Wu'an took Yu Ying's mother home, not because of his conscience, nor because he was a lustful man.

"He always felt that the sect leader of Canglong Garden didn't say everything, so he wanted to control your mother and you as extra bargaining chips…"

After more than ten years, the secret hidden by the sect leader of the Canglong Garden was finally dug out.

Marquis Wu'an captured a part of Yu Ying's mother's soul and found an ancient array under the Canglong Garden with the help of a mysterious formula.

No one in Heluo could understand that array, but that didn’t stop Marquis Wu'an and the emperor.

They had plenty of time, and they took the most clumsy approach——

Just dig!

"If nothing unexpected happens, they should be able to succeed in another ten or eight years." The eldest princess held out her hand. "The reason why I could get Yu Ying from Marquis Wu'an was not that he feared my identity, but that he no longer needed Yu Ying."

Poor child.

Bai Lian shook her head secretly.

If Yu Ying was sent to Xingluo Fortress by the eldest princess, she may not learn the truth until she died.

No wonder her elder sister wanted to kill her.

Because she was not her elder sister's real sister!

Come on.

Bai Lian sighed again.

She turned and looked at the silent Yu Ying.

If the eldest princess was not here, she would go and hold Yu Ying, and then gently pat her back, saying:

"Don't bear it, just cry, it will make things easier."

If Yu Ying was embarrassed, she could also say, "If you treat me as your mother, you won't feel shy. Of course, only tonight!"

But the eldest princess was watching.

Bai Lian didn't dare to act so in front of her.

So Bai Lian just gently took Yu Ying's hand and said nothing, but it was enough to convey what she thought.

I am with you!

The cold touch awakened Yu Ying from sadness.

This nightmare was full of hope because Bai Lian was there.

Bai Lian scratched Yu Ying's palm secretly, "I have a few words to say to the eldest princess alone. Can you wait for me here?"

Yu Ying nodded hard.

"I will wait for you here!"

Bai Lian could secretly talk to the eldest princess, but she still chose to talk to her first. Yu Ying believed that this was because Bai Lian respected her.

And all she could return was trust.