The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 5 Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: Ceremony

The ceremony arrived as scheduled.

Tianyi City, which had been very busy before, seemed to be boiling now.

The long streets were crowded with pedestrians.

The sea of blue fog lingered in the sky.

Under the fog, near the sacrificial platform in the south of the city, a large number of black armored soldiers stood proudly bearing long lances.

From them an air of death spread outwards, affecting the people.

From a distance, you would feel that you saw a huge dragon!

Cultivators of small sects all froze when they passed through the main gate of the sacrificial platform.

Their hands and feet were cold, their bodies trembled, and their lips trembled:

"How can ordinary people withstand such a fierce aura!"

Every black armored soldier stood at point.

Countless points were connected to form a mysterious battle array.

Cultivators of small sects imagined the scene where their sects encounter this long lance.

Most people are pessimistic.

This long lance will surely destroy their sects, spilling their blood freely!

Is this the power of Heluo?

It is so terrible.

They understood. This was a warning!

On this day, cultivators from Heluo felt the fear of being dominated by the Shadow Guards of Heluo.

When the Heluo Country was founded, its territory was far smaller than it is now, and there were many sects who refused to obey the imperial court.

However, ultimately they all fell under the claws of Heluo Country.

If they surrendered quickly, their legacy could be retained.

Those who resisted were killed and their estates were torched.

Fortunately, there are four major sects and several more prominent evil sects. After several losses, Heluo Country had to give up its expansion.

"He is a disciple of Yaochi Holy Mountain!"

A cry of alarm sounded at the edge of the sacrificial platform.

This was the beginning of the ceremony.

More and more representatives of major sects entered the platform under the guidance of officials of Heluo Country.

The killing aura from soldiers can affect the cultivators of small sects, but it can't shake the wills of the cultivators from bigger sects.

When the disciple of Yaochi Holy Mountain passed through the main gate, the nearest black armored soldiers were so shocked that they frothed at the mouth and fell to the ground.


A middle-aged man commanded. The people around him performed his order immediately.

Just then, another shout came.

"It's Bai Lian of the Duxian sect!"

The middle-aged man turned around quietly.

At the end of the long street, Bai Lian followed the officials leading the way without saying a word.

This is a necessary courtesy.

If not, she would just sneak in. It was not interesting to be watched.

If Hong Luan were here, she would do very well.

It's a pity.

Young people should learn to be temperate!

When Bai Lian came to the gate, those black armored soldiers suddenly shouted.

The roar converged in one place and shot straight to the sky.

The smell of blood was tangible, as if there was a river of blood floating in front of her.

At that moment, Bai Lian found herself in a smoke-filled field, and there were countless knights charging at her.


Under the light of the Eternal Moon Lamp, all illusions are just illusions.

Bai Lian just twisted her neck a little, as if she had triggered some mechanism. The knights were immediately swept away and the battlefield disappeared.

Then she saw the middle-aged man from before.

"I am Marquis Wu'an of Heluo Country."

The middle-aged man in the literary gown introduced himself solemnly.

His temperament didn't match his clothes very much.

Bai Lian looked indifferently at him, "Hello."

Marquis Wu'an said, "I heard you fought the eldest princess for my daughter?"

"Marquis Wu'an, it was just a small contest."

Marquis Wu'an nodded and stopped talking. If they continued, it would affect others.

Bai Lian passed Marquis Wu'an.

When she was about to step onto the sacrificial platform, she suddenly said, "Your daughter is really great!"

Marquis Wu'an's right hand stiffened.

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Bai Lian's voice floated over again, "Very cute, and also a very sensible child."


Bai Lian was gone.

Marquis Wu'an heard the gossiping of the cultivators who came to watch the ceremony.

"Although Fairy Bai Lian looks very ordinary, I feel like I'm captured."

"This is called easy-going!"


Shouldn't that be called fierce?!

Marquis Wu'an walked away without expression.


The platform was much more spacious than Bai Lian imagined.

She sat down at a wooden table and waited quietly for the ceremony to begin.

During this period, many people were watching her.

Among them, the female disciple from the Yaochi Holy Mountain glanced at her with a strange look.

A long time ago, there was a rumor that the Yaochi Holy Mountain wanted to get her. They said they would exchange with Duxian Sect their current and former Saints just for her. Is that why the female disciple was staring at her?

It was too scary.

Bai Lian decided to leave here as soon as the ceremony was completed.

It's impossible not to speak. Especially when people from the Biluo sect and the Tianji sect came to greet her, she could only deal with those people in short words.

A moment later, a man standing outside suddenly frowned.

"The evil villains of the Demon sects also sent someone here!"

"The Demon sects?"

"It seems that they are from the Lingxu Sect and the Niguang Mountain."

The Lingxu Sect?

Bai Lian's ears immediately pricked up. Isn't it Si Yunshang's sect?

Is Si Yunshang the representative of the Lingxu Sect?

Bai Lian felt guilty at the thought of Si Yunshang.

In full view of the public, if Si Yunshang confesses her affection again, let alone what outsiders think of her, the Qiongming peak might be entirely blown up!

Bai Lian stepped back quietly. She was already looking for an excuse to leave.

But this time, she overreacted.

The representative of the Lingxu Sect, a man she didn't know, and the representatives of the other Demon sect didn't intend to stay for a long time. After leaving gifts and congratulatory messages, they hurriedly left.

Bai Lian was relieved.

She felt the sky become bright again.

After being interrupted by this incident, other people were not in the mood to continue talking with Bai Lian.

When the sun went down, the bell rang in the center of the sacrificial platform.

Everyone on the scene stopped what they were doing.

The ceremony was finally starting!

With the ringing of the bell, the four square bronze statues were lit by blue lights. A dozen beams of light rose to the sky and went straight towards the brilliant Milky Way.

Starlight descended like a curtain of water.

On the dreamlike sacrifice platform, a woman in gorgeous clothes appeared.

She was the star of this ceremony, the eldest princess

This time, she was very different from every way Bai Lian had seen her before.

She looked up at the starry sky, devoutly as if she were a priestess pursuing the divine way.

The ceremony was held to help her make a breakthrough, which was the unique skill of Xingluo Fortress' cultivation method.

After all 18 levels have been broken, the cultivator can master the powerful ability of reincarnation.

The eldest princess danced under the gaze of countless eyes!

Bai Lian calmly looked at the ceremony in front of her.

It's beautiful.

As if the stars were turned upside down.

It's also extremely moving.

Many people were immersed in the illusion of starlight.

Many people would still recall the dream scene they saw tonight after many years. This is a feast held by Xingluo Fortress and Heluo Country!

But for Bai Lian, this is just a fast food that is not worth remembering.

Compared with this, she looks forward more to playing with silver hand-held fireworks on the back hill of Qiongming Peak with her master and Martial Sisters during the Spring Festival next year.

The Milky Way is too far away.

It's more interesting to hold a silver firework in your hand.

Even if the firework burns out, happiness will not leave just because the flame have been extinguished.

Because happiness has already gone deep into the body and was engraved onto the soul!


"What do you think?"

In a gorgeous palace, the eldest princess opened her arms and gently rotated around, like a blue butterfly.

It has been almost half an hour since the ceremony.

Standing opposite the eldest princess was Bai Lian with a smile on her face.

"Very nice." Bai Lian said.

Too perfunctory!

The eldest princess looked steadily at Bai Lian.

She couldn't read anything from Bai Lian's eyes.


The eldest princess sighed.

She couldn't understand Bai Lian any more.

She thought that after she completed the ceremony and gained more strength, she would overwhelm Bai Lian. It seemed that this was just her presumption.

After all, she was too shallow.

She doesn't have enough experience to perform well as the eldest princess, and must use other people's power.

The eldest princess shook her head, "You must have been waiting for a long time. Follow me. I'll take you to see Yu Ying."

Bai Lian nodded and said, "Thank you."

The eldest princess said nothing.

Now she was free, and no one would disturb her. She could walk around with confidence and courage.

She led the way in front of Bai Lian and didn't forget to remind Bai Lian, "You need to be mentally prepared. The Yu Ying you are about to see is the real Yu Ying."


Bai Lian soon understood the meaning of the eldest princess.

In a villa outside Tianyi City, Bai Lian saw Yu Ying again.

"Miss Yu…"

"Fairy Bai Lian."

"Yu Ying" bent her knees slightly and made a blessing.

Bai Lian's mouth was slightly open, and she couldn't close it for a long time.

Yu Ying changed.

She was no longer the girl with an ordinary face and weak temperament.

Her long blue hair was tied in a complex style behind her head, which set off the beautiful radiance of her cheeks, decadent and indolent.

Her pale face seemed to be caused by ill health.

But what attracted Bai Lian's attention the most was her eyes, which she hadn’t seen before, that were shining like stars.

No wonder she felt that Yu Ying's temperament didn't match her body, because the body she had seen was not Yu Ying's real body.

Bai Lian could now understand why Yu Ying had to cover her eyes with black cloth. These were eyes that could make people feel envious.

Yu Ying slightly turned away and explained in a shy voice, "In order to escape from the village unnoticed, I used the puppet left by my mother as a body double, and transferred my soul to the puppet's body."

I see.

Bai Lian's face was full of smiles.

Now she wanted to say to Marquise Wu'an again:

"Your daughter is wonderful!"


Why does she think Miss Yu looks a little familiar now?