The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 5 Chapter 25 Part 1

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Chapter 25: Adhere to the Master's Will (1)

Bai Lian left for the day.

Left with Yu Ying's heart.

Speaking metaphorically of course, not describing a gruesome end.

Yu Ying, who had returned to the house under the instruction of the eldest princess, was sitting by the window with bleary eyes.

She propped up her cheeks on her hands.

Even though she is full of happiness, this time she didn't cry, just smiled foolishly.

Due to the efforts of Fairy Bai Lian, she finally got her freedom.

After only two days of waiting, it will happen!

This is just a small delay. I can sleep it off.

Yu Ying began to imagine the future.

Where should she go after breaking off the relationship with Marquis Wu'an?

The Duxian sect?

Maybe she couldn't.

Her cultivation skills are very poor. It is only through the medical pills left by her mother that she broke through to the Foundation Establishment Stage. This is why she has no qualification to enter the Duxian sect.

Then she can only live in the small town at the foot of the Duxian sect.

That is the nearest place to Fairy Bai Lian.

Yu Ying nodded hard, let's do that!

She looked back and smiled at her other self.

It was the puppet she left in the village when she escaped, it had her true appearance.

After she closed its eyes, she noticed several dark figures in the night, illuminated by the bright moon.

"The eldest princess, what is the matter?"

An old man covered in black fog stood a few meters away from the eldest princess.

He had a hoarse voice, which was as unpleasant as a fingernail scratching a blackboard.

The eldest princess could not hear any respect from his voice.

But she was used to it.

She calmly put on her new veil and said, "Several unruly people wanted to kill the fourth miss of Marquis Wu'an. I taught them a lesson."


The old man glanced at the empty wall.

No one was there.

"Marquis Wu'an…"

"Let him find me himself."

"I see."

The eldest princess didn't bother to look at those "shadows" who came to sniff for information.

The moonlight was beautiful tonight.

Riding the battleship, by now she should have been enjoying the prosperous night scene of Tianyi City.

If Bai Lian hadn't suddenly appeared, how could she spend such a long and lonely night?

She sighed and said, "I met a very interesting person."


The eldest princess said, "Bai Lian of the Duxian sect!"

The old man nodded.

It seemed that the eldest princess had a fight with Bai Lian.

Young people are really energetic!

In such a short time, they had completed the fight.

"I will report to his majesty truthfully."


The eldest princess waved her hand.

The black fog disappeared. The village, where Yu Ying lived, became quiet again.

The eldest princess sat down at the table that suddenly appeared on the deck.

There was a pot of newly brewed green tea on the table.

When she began to pour tea, the maid in red hurried over.

The eldest princess took a sip of tea.


She lowered the cup, but didn't look away from it as she said calmly, "Go back by yourself to get your punishment, and ask my brother to find a smart person to serve me."

The maid in red immediately panicked. She quickly knelt on the ground and said, "Your highness, I was wrong. Give me another chance, and I will…"

Her voice stopped abruptly.

A spear flew from the left and stabbed into the space before her legs, missing her by just an inch.

She broke in cold sweat.

"Go ahead."

The eldest princess whispered.


The maid in red bent down and saluted, then silently turned and left.

Before she was assigned to the eldest princess, she was already familiar with her character.

Different from the famous Bai Lian, the eldest princess' character is as fierce as her brother, the Emperor of Heluo Country.

If she offended Bai Lian, she could expect Bai Lian to forgive her.

But if she angered the eldest princess, she had to accept the punishment.

The eldest princess no longer paid attention to the maid.

It was not until she finished a cup of tea that her face under her veil smiled.

A nasty fly has been driven away.

She turned and returned to the cabin.

The eldest princess didn't intend to reveal Bai Lian's "real identity" to the world, which would serve as a useful card in her hands.

However, she still needs to communicate with her partners in Xingluo Fortress first.

[I met Bai Lian today]


[She's unfathomable. If it's a battle of life and death, I may not be her opponent]

[She is too young]

[It's a pity that she was born in the Duxian sect. If she was a member of Xingluo Fortress, the great wish we had since the founding of the sect might be fulfilled one day]

[Are you deliberately trying to whet my appetite?]

The eldest princess laughed, and she immediately said, "Isn't Bai Lian a Natural Saint? After fighting with her today, I believe she is the embodiment of the Great Tao of Stars!"

The person in Xingluo Fortress didn't answer for a long time.

The so-called Natural Saint title refers to the people favored by the Great Tao.

And the Great Tao of Stars is part of the Great Tao.

If Bai Lian is really the embodiment of the Great Tao of Stars, her true identity will be even nobler than just a Natural Saint!

Even the founder of Xingluo Fortress is not worthy of lifting shoes for Bai Lian.

[How do you know?]

The eldest princess immediately told about the world she saw in Bai Lian's fist. At the junction of the sky and the sea, she really felt that she was above the stars!

[If Bai Lian is not the embodiment of the Way of Stars, she is at least the reincarnation of a Star Lord]


The eldest princess recalled every expression she saw on Bai Lian's face.

In fact, most of the time, Bai Lian had the same cold face, which made the exercise quite easy in retrospect.

Only when facing Yu Ying and speaking to her would Bai Lian's eyes suddenly come alive.

"It's really enviable."

The eldest princess nodded.

Does it mean that the crying child gets the milk?

If she also cried in front of Bai Lian, could she…

It's hard to say.


After leaving Yu Ying's residence, Bai Lian went directly to Tianyi City.

Anyway, it was not far away.

She also took advantage of this time to send the gift.

The ceremony would be held the day after tomorrow, but the atmosphere of the ceremony had already been stirred up.

More people came to see the ceremony than Bai Lian thought.

When she hid her identity and walked on the road, she learned even ordinary people constantly discussed this matter.

"It's said that Yaochi Holy Mountain has also sent someone here, but it's just an ordinary disciple."

"Fairy Bai Lian appeared in Hening City some time ago. I think she will come here this time."

"This is a rare once in ten years event!"

"Which is better, Bai Lian of the Duxian sect or the eldest princess?"

"Bai Lian is more beautiful."

"Maybe. Personally, I like big tits."


Bai Lian stopped outside the palace city.