The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 5 Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: She Is the Lord of the Stars!

The eldest princess met Bai Lian.

On a starry night.

The birds skimming across the sky, saw the boundless water waves, turned and fled in panic.

The originally boring night suddenly became colorful!

Those who didn't know the truth may think that what suddenly appeared in the wilderness was a mirage.

The maid in red was already too scared to sit on the ground.

Bai Lian!

The Natural Saint Bai Lian of the Duxian sect!

Although she disdained the name "Bai Lian" when she talked to the eldest princess before, when Bai Lian really appeared in front of her, she couldn't utter a full word.

The eldest princess was already a very beautiful woman.

But compared with Bai Lian, who was only two feet away from her, she seemed to be inferior.

If the eldest princess really loses to Bai Lian… then I, who scolded Bai Lian…

Will I die?

The maid in red saw doom in the starry sky revolving around Bai Lian.

On the contrary, Yu Ying saw a new life.

The stars are brightest when they fall.

But its "death" is not a true death.

It has sown hundreds of millions of seeds, and each seed is harboring a new hope!

"This is Miss An… No, Natural Saint Fairy Bai Lian's real figure?"

Yu Ying's eyes were bright.

It was a surreal change.

Maybe she was really dreaming, after all, the scene in front of her was so dreamy.

Of course, the one most shocked was the eldest princess.

She was amazed by Bai Lian's outgoing temperament, and she was also amazed by the Water Charm Special Effect that submerged the Milky Way under her feet.

But when Bai Lian opened the Star Moon Disk behind her, her red lips opened involuntarily.


The eldest princess felt that her heart rate was getting faster and faster.

She spent most of her life in Xingluo Fortress.

The reason why Xingluo Fortress is called Xingluo Dock is not only because it is close to the stars, but also because its cultivation method was created by referring to the laws of the movement of stars around the world.

Every disciple of Xingluo Fortress aspires to fly to the Immortal World. To shine with the stars is their only hope in this life!

For this reason, innumerable seniors of Xingluo Fortress will leave the East Divine Land and enter the ancient starry sky road to pursue the illusory dream after anticipating the arrival of their Guafeng Disaster.

Over the years, no senior has ever returned from the ancient starry sky road.

However, the disciples of Xingluo Fortress did not feel sad.

Those people are great.

Even if they died on the ancient starry sky road, they died after burning their lives, just like the stars.

Although the eldest princess doesn't plan to follow the example of those predecessors, she grew up in Xingluo after all.

The stars behind Bai Lian were deeply imprinted in her spirit.

Like an ever burning lamp in the dark.

"How on earth did she do it?"

"Is her cultivation method special, or is she favored by stars?"

The eldest princess stared at Bai Lian.

But she only stared at the ★ around Bai Lian's eyes.

At this time, even if Bai Lian doesn't want to, she will force her to fight!

"Someone could come soon."

The eldest princess suddenly said.

This time, her voice was no longer as cold as before, and finally had some temperature.

Bai Lian calmly replied, "It's OK. I'm very fast. Let's finish as soon as possible."


The eldest princess answered.

Once both sides showed their identities to each other, they could neither compete nor die here.

Unless Heluo Country plans to stage a "Full-scale War: Cultivation World" with the Duxian sect.

A gentle force encircled Yu Ying and the house she had stayed in.

As for the maid in red, nobody cares.

A divine light flashed in the eyes of the eldest princess.

Accept my attack!

The dark blue spirit power rose like a flame to the sky.

She crashed into Bai Lian like a burning meteor.

Bai Lian was a little surprised.

Unexpectedly, this eldest princess also likes close combat.

Let's see who has the better endurance and who will be beaten down!

Bai Lian was fearless.

Although her cultivation base is just at the Nascent Soul stage, even a cultivator at the Soul Changing Stage is not her opponent.

The sword Qi soared to the sky!

The blue fire and the white starry night finally crashed together.

At that moment, there were thousands of changes.


Yu Ying’s body flew into the air from the shock wave.

Half of the field burned in the aftermath of the fight.

She saw that the sky was full of blue and white stripes, and the stars were also faded.

"Stupid woman, taste my punch!"

Among the rain of stars, Bai Lian focused on attacking.

The eldest princess is the strongest person she has ever fought. Only by showing her strongest attack can she gain the upper hand in this battle that may end at any moment.

For Yu Ying, she must defeat the eldest princess!

Therefore, she chose to believe in the Body Protection Beads given to her by An Lan, the Thousands of Flowers that An Lan taught her, and her Hard Skill.

Her fist came from the east.

Like a long dragon.

The water Qi weaved a protective net around the dragon, and bounced the stars of the eldest princess one by one.

Then, countless stars fell from the sky, obscuring the field of view of the eldest princess with white streaks.

The eldest princess couldn't see anything. She just fought with her gut feeling.


The two white fists collided.

To the surprise of the eldest princess, she didn't feel a strong impact.

She felt as if time had stopped.

When the dazzling starlight gradually dissipated, she saw another world from the ★ in the corner of Bai Lian's eyes.

Above the Milky Way was still the bright Milky Way.

She was standing on the boat. In front of her, there was an ordinary cinnamon tree growing on a ten foot square of mud.

When the evening wind blew, the ship under her feet moved slowly.

The eldest princess raised her head unconsciously.

She crossed the boundaries of time and space.

She saw that countless stars in the blue black sky revolved around the brightest star, and the path of the stars outlined a dazzling picture.

If she was not mistaken, she saw a similar scene behind Bai Lian not long ago.

"That's the Yaoguang Star!"

The eldest princess exclaimed.

The originally complicated ciphertext behind Bai Lian became understandable in the twinkling stars.

Too profound!

Each track seemed to contain infinite wisdom. Even ordinary immortals couldn't see it so clearly.

The expression of the eldest princess was more serious than ever.

At this moment, she suddenly realized!

Bai Lian's cultivation method has nothing to do with stars, and she is not favored by stars.

The reason why stars and moons appear behind her, and why her fists can attract starlight, is that she is the master of stars. She is a living Star Lord walking in the world!

"Natural Saint!"

The eldest princess laughed.

Except for some of the Elders of the Duxian sect, she was probably the first person to see through Bai Lian's secret.

Bai Lian, did you realize that this ordinary collision would bring me into your mind and body?!

While the eldest princess was immersed in her great discovery, Bai Lian, who rushed in front of her, also stopped.

Late at night.

The brilliance was slightly restrained.

At the bow of the boat, a girl and another girl sat together.

This scene was unexpectedly harmonious.

Bai Lian stared at the eldest princess with an expressionless face.

And new tasks emerged before her.

[Task 1: Beat the eldest princess! (Reward: Secret Medicine - Ruthless Water Lover)]

[Task 2: Unilaterally declare your victory! (Reward: a middle-grade Magic Tool - Carving Life Hook)]

[Task 3: Turn around and leave (Reward: Talisman+2)]


It's not because she wants the secret medicine.

The important thing is——

"Even if it's a woman, I don't mind beating her!"

Choose Task 1.

Bai Lian draws her fist back slightly.

Sneak attack!

She hit the eldest princess in the face with a deliberate blow.

Let you pretend to be arrogant!

While the eldest princess entered another "World" without taking any precaution, she was beaten by Bai Lian.

She flew to the sky.

She flew high and then fell into the thicket behind her.

Bai Lian didn't use her full strength.

She and the eldest princess have no deep hatred, so it's not worth killing her.

If she really killed the eldest princess, it would cause a real headache to the Duxian sect. Although her master would not blame her seriously, she would still blame herself for causing trouble for Master An Lan.

Be it so.

Bai Lian closed her fist and stood proudly at the bow of the eldest princess' boat.

Then the veil that originally covered the cheeks of the eldest princess drifted down slowly and happened to fall on Bai Lian's palm.

The veil also vaguely carried an intoxicating fragrance.


Yu Ying clenched her fist hard. Fairy Bai Lian won!

The figure of Bai Lian's fist hitting the eldest princess was deeply imprinted on her heart.

Is it so cool to hit people with fists?

Yu Ying only felt that she had broken through some barriers.


She wanted to fight against her own weakness and confusion!

The red maid on the other side struggled to get up.

It's over.

The eldest princess really was defeated by Bai Lian.

She could only pray that the strong people in Tianyi City would come as soon as possible, so that she could survive.

Before those people came, the eldest princess climbed up from the thicket.

Her gorgeous palace dress was covered with leaves and twigs, her mature and beautiful face was covered with bruises, and blood beads appeared at the corners of her mouth, looking very embarrassed.

But the eldest princess was not angry.

She gently wiped the blood from the corners of her mouth, and when her slender fingers moved away, her face was already covered with a smile.

"Bai Lian."

She looked at Bai Lian from hundreds of feet away, and then walked quickly.

Bai Lian saw her face clearly.

She is indeed the daughter of the royal family!

In terms of appearance, the eldest princess is definitely more dignified than An Lan.

This is not only because An Lan looks "young", but also because the eldest princess looks “fierce".

Fierce from top to bottom. Even Bai Lian had to bow down before her.

"You are really broad-minded!"

The eldest princess returned to face Bai Lian.

Bai Lian said kindly, "Do you want to fight again?"

The eldest princess shook her head and said, "No, although there was an accident, I lost this time. I'm one who can't afford to lose."

Is she mocking me?

I'm sorry.

I have no guilt in my heart!

Bai Lian snorted. Just admit defeat, stupid woman.

She said, "I want to take Yu Ying out of here."

The eldest princess said, "Let's not talk about this."


I beg your pardon?

Bai Lian's fist clenched again!

The smile on the eldest princess's face became more and more bright, "Bai Lian, in this short fight, I discovered a fact!"

Bai Lian raised her eyebrows and said, "What fact?"

The eldest princess said something that almost broke Bai Lian's heart in its ambiguous tone.

"I was not interested in you before, but now I find I like you!"


At that moment, Bai Lian, Yu Ying and the maid in red were all gape-mouthed in the wind.

Like Bai Lian?

The eldest princess, what are you doing ? The eldest princess!

The eldest princess said, "I'm serious."

But this "like"…

She smiled and immediately switched the subject without giving Bai Lian time to think.

"Someone will come soon. You can leave first."

Bai Lian shook her head, "I want to take Yu Ying…"

"After the ceremony, I will deliver her to you personally."

"Do you think I will believe your nonsense?"

"I will speak with Marquis Wu'an and convince him to give Yu Ying her freedom."


"And I have a secret about Yu Ying's life. Don't you want to hear it?"


Ok, ok.

The eldest princess patted her cheek and said, "If you still don't believe me, I can swear."

Bai Lian finally nodded.

Stupid woman, I'll endure you for the time being!

"See you the day after tomorrow!"

Bai Lian went to say goodbye to Yu Ying after the eldest princess had sworn.

"My veil…" the eldest princess shouted, then she shook her head again. "Forget it, I'll give it to you."

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