The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 5 Chapter 23 Part 2

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Chapter 23: Miss Yu Ying, I Am Bai Lian! (2)

The eldest princess?

Bai Lian's ear twitched.

The data of the eldest princess flashed in her mind. The younger sister of the emperor, the descendant of Xingluo Fortress. Of course, such a woman must be rich.

On behalf of the Duxian sect, she came to participate in the ceremony of the eldest princess. Unexpectedly, they met in advance before she arrived at Tianyi City.

Fate is so amazing.

After learning the true identity of the woman, Bai Lian became less nervous.

It is said that the eldest princess has broken through the eight ways of nature by cultivating the secret cultivation method of Xingluo Fortress. Bai Lian wondered what her real strength was.

Her real strength must be very strong.

Bai Lian could feel that the eldest princess had reached the Soul Changing Stage.

While she was thinking about these problems, Yu Ying came out of the courtyard in a hurry.

No mistake.

The girl looked at the masked woman in the sky, who was the most popular eldest princess in Heluo recently.

She looked pale.

She thought that her Elder sister would continue to send people to chase her. She also thought that her father may stop her on the way. She never expected that it would be the eldest princess who came to stop her.

This means that she and Miss An will be enemies of the whole Heluo country!

If she was alone, even if she died, there would be little to worry about.

But now she has Miss An.

Miss An was leaving Heluo with her, and she would have a new life.

When she was changing back to her real body, she seriously imagined her future. She planned to give up looking for the sword owner because she didn't want to go back to Heluo and she didn't want Miss An to continue suffering for her.


"The eldest princess.”

Yu Ying lowered her head and called softly.

With the appearance of this woman, her plan was completely destroyed.

Her heart was half dead.

Now she only hoped that Miss An could escape smoothly.

Run, Miss An!

Miss An leaned over and said in a soft voice, "Don't worry, even the eldest princess can't stop us if you want to leave."


Yu Ying ground her teeth.

This is her battlefield. She should stand in front of Miss An!

Thinking so, she acted.

She walked in front of Bai Lian and looked defiantly at the eldest princess.

"You seem to be enjoying your life."

A cold voice came from beneath the veil.

Yu Ying's body trembled, "I…"

The eldest princess said, "I didn't come to listen to your explanation. I came here just to confirm your life and death."

Yu Ying looked confused at the eldest princess.

What's the meaning of this?

When she saw the eldest princess raise her hand, she immediately shouted, "Miss An, run!"

Bai Lian didn't move.

She knew that the attack was not directed at her.

Her Divine Sense spread out like a tide.

Hundreds of miles away, it was probably at Tianyi City, stars converged and fell from the sky like sharp swords.


A woman who was sitting in her boudoir and eating peaches suddenly became stiff. When she regained consciousness, her right arm had been cut off.

"Ah ah ah -"

The screams pierced the night sky.

"Young lady!"

At once tens of hundreds of people poured in from outside.

The eldest princess looked indifferent, as if she had done nothing.

She said, "I've taught you a lesson about those who don't obey the rules. As for you, it's meaningless to stay here. Go to Xingluo Fortress to cultivate. This is my decision. Marquis Wu'an won't oppose it."

The maid in red threw out a letter at once.

Just when the letter was about to fall into Yu Ying's hands, Bai Lian reached out and grabbed it.

"Have you ever asked Miss Yu Ying about her thoughts?"

"Miss Yu Ying?" The eldest princess was stunned, "I see."

Before she explained in detail, the red maid pointed at Bai Lian and scolded, "How dare you! How dare you question the eldest princess!"

Bai Lian turns her head and stares at the maid with no expression, "Can you make the decision?"

The maid in red suddenly felt her heart pounding as if she had a sword lying on her neck.

But she still insisted, "What if I can't?"

"Then shut up!"

Bai Lian shouted lightly.

The times have changed, stupid woman!

In the past, she would make a detour when she met a cultivator at the Nascent Soul Stage, but now, ten such maids together are no match for her.


Before the maid in red finished her words, a column of water suddenly condensed in the air and flew towards her face like a long spear.

This was a spell that Bai Lian has not used for a long time - Water Dragon Durance.

But even if it was such a low-level spell, it forced the red maid into a dilemma.

She could not retreat when the water spear locked on her.

She tried to break the spear, but her strength was easily defeated.

The maid in red can only shout in panic, "The eldest princess, help me!"

The eldest princess frowned slightly. Finally, she used her Divine Sense to bounce off Bai Lian's long water spear.

"You must not be an ordinary person with such strength." said the eldest princess.

In fact, this change came very quickly.

When Yu Ying realized what had happened, she was almost scared to death.

She stopped Bai Lian, waved her hands and said in a cold sweat, "The eldest princess, Miss An, just wanted to protect me and she was not against you, I… This is my fault. I am willing to go to Xingluo Fortress. Please don't do anything to Miss An."


For a moment, the eldest princess couldn’t think of any great cultivator whose surname was An.

Bai Lian turned the panicked Yu Ying towards her so they were face to face.

Bai Lian looked very serious, "Miss Yu, you should listen carefully in class and review well after class."


Yu Ying looked at Bai Lian stupidly.

"I said, from now on, you just need to consider yourself!"


That's the eldest princess.

Bai Lian raised her eyebrows slightly.

Yes, she is the eldest princess. So what?

Even if the emperor of Heluo came, he wouldn't be Master An Lan's opponent!

"Do you want to leave with me?"

Bai Lian stared deeply into Yu Ying's eyes.

Yu Ying's eyes trembled slightly.

Bai Lian said, "Are you going to refuse me now?"

Yu Ying shook her head forcefully.

No kidding.

I really don't want to refuse you.


She said forcefully.

"That's enough for me." Bai Lian reached out and touched Yu Ying's head. "You don't have to be sorry, and you don't have to feel sad. Do you remember what I said to you when we said goodbye?"

Yu Ying looked confused at An Yue.

"At least I didn't lie to you that time."

The makeup on Bai Lian's face began to disintegrate, and the Magic Tool she used for camouflage also deactivated.

At that moment, Yu Ying saw a star flickering with divine light under the right corner of Bai Lian's eye.

A star!

Bai Lian turned around and walked toward the eldest princess fearlessly.

The task reward was the Eternal Moon Lamp, a best quality Magic Tool.

Her fist is enough to break through the risk represented by a best quality Magic Tool!

Do you have Special Effects?

I have Special Effects too!

When she took a step forward, the ordinary long skirt dissolved, and the exposed one was the white Li Yue Taoist Robe. Her clothes were dancing in the wind, like a fairy.

When she silently recited the spell, countless Flying Swords danced around her to form a powerful sword array.

When she activated the cultivation method, it seemed that a rumbling tide swept the whole village, even the Milky Way at the feet of the eldest princess was submerged.

When her Divine Sense gently touched the corner of her eyes, a translucent white disk engraved with the moon and the starry sky appeared behind her. The disk slowly rotated and cast a halo around her.


The eldest princess' expression was more serious than ever.

At this moment, Yu Ying remembered!

What Miss An said to her at that time was——

"Miss Yu Ying, actually I am Bai Lian!"

She thought Miss An Yue was just kidding.

"So you didn't lie to me."

No wonder…

I'm sorry, it was me who always hid my true identity.

In the sight blurred by tears, Yu Ying saw Bai Lian walk toward the eldest princess.