The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 5 Chapter 23 Part 1

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Chapter 23: Miss Yu Ying, I Am Bai Lian! (1)

Usually, Bai Lian takes advantage of the various benefits brought on by the Special Effects, this time she used a rare and ordinary move.

The simplest sword.

But this sword has achieved extraordinary results.

It pierced into the woman's chest and elegantly curved to shred her heart and lungs.

The woman's vitality dissipated quickly.

She didn't even have the chance to detonate her Golden Core to attract other people's attention.

Bai Lian picked up the Golden Core that fell to the ground.

It's useless to her. She plans to dispose of it at a deserted location.

Then she placed the Dirt Free Sword into the storage pendant.

The sword is a lethal weapon.

To wield a sword is to kill.

But killers have different goals.

Bai Lian's sword is always wielded for a moment of peace.

She doesn't expect peace to go unchallenged.

Even if she was a real Saint, she could not make everyone in the world happy.

It's just for a few moments of peace…

Bai Lian looked up at the sky, and she didn't know whether she had got it right.

But since she had already done it, she must take responsibility!

She is not a ruthless person.

If Yu Ying is in danger, she will have to protect her temporarily.

Bai Lian said, "Have you decided where to go?"

Yu Ying glanced at the empty wall.

There are no corpses, no bloodstains, as if there had never been any killing here.

Miss An truly jumped onto her boat, which could sink at any moment, without hesitation.

Miss An is very strong.

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Although she is moved, she is also worried.

Yu Ying wanted to fight back a little before Miss An Yue completely conquered her heart.

"Miss An, do you really want to leave with me?"

It's still not too late to walk away.

If you turn around and leave at this point, I will only be angry with you for ten minutes!

Bai Lian didn't directly answer Yu Ying's question.

She asked, "Do you want to stay here?"


Yu Ying bit her lips.


She no longer wanted to be a lamb trapped in a cage.

Bai Lian told a lie with a straight face, "Miss Yu, you don't need to think about whether I can afford to take you away. We've been together for nearly ten days. You should know that I never ask for anything in return for helping others. This time, you just need to think about yourself. As I said before, where do you want to go?"

Think for myself?

Yu Ying pursed her lips.

Miss An is really not simple.

Her weakness was easily hit.

She could refuse, but she didn't want to refuse.

So be it.

Yu Ying intended to wipe the tears off her cheeks with her sleeve, but a hand reached out to her face before she did it.

"I'll do it."

The handkerchief brushed gently on her cheek, bringing warm water spirit Qi.

Yu Ying felt that her cheeks were as tender as if she had undergone a special treatment.


Anyway, it couldn't be erased.

Yu Ying smiled and cried, and said firmly, "I want to leave here!"

"Where to?"

"I don’t know yet."

"Then leave Heluo first."


In the quiet night, none of them spoke.

But when Bai Lian withdrew her hand from Yu Ying’s face, Yu Ying stepped back quietly.

"Miss An, wait for me."


Bai Lian nodded.

She understood.

As a girl, even though she is a cultivator, she still wanted to dress up before leaving.

She also needed to make full preparations during this time.

Judging from the task reward, it would be a little difficult for them to leave unhindered.

Yu Ying jumped over the wall.

She really needs to tidy up. In addition to taking her mother's relics, the most important thing is to present her true self to Miss An without concealment.

It won't take long.

With Miss An guarding outside, she believed that she would not encounter any danger.

The rusty sword Yu Ying tightly held suddenly started to heat up.

But her attention was not on it for the moment.. She held the sword just so she could feel closer to her dead mother.

"Mom, I finally found another person who cares about me without asking for anything in return!"

When she closed her eyes, it would be her mother beside her.

When she opened her eyes, it was Miss An beside her.

Happiness didn’t come easily.

Yu Ying hopped into a room still flickering with candlelight.


Floating in front of Bai Lian was a square paper lantern.

The frame was green wood.

The cover was as yellow as the moon.

When the paper lantern slowly revolved, Bai Lian seemed to observe the changing phases of the moon.

This was the Eternal Moon Lamp!

This is a best quality Magic Tool, which has a variety of effects, such as gathering ghosts, trapping souls, weaving illusions, and resisting attacks on the soul.

But what really attracted Bai Lian's attention was the word "Eternal".

When she calmed down, she remembered what Yu Ying's mother had left her.

"The heart is like clear glass, and the mind is like an ever-burning lamp."

Is the person mentioned in this sentence really her?

Bai Lian didn’t think so.

Her Innocent Heart, which allowed her to always keep a calm mind, was obviously different from an ever-burning lamp. Isn’t it unreasonable to think she is the sword owner?

While she was staring at the Eternal Moon Lamp, a white light flashed in the distant sky.

Bai Lian immediately put the lamp away.

She stood on the roof, feeling the swift wind flowing between heaven and earth.

A few seconds passed.

Under the cool moonlight, a figure in a loose red skirt appeared out of thin air.

It's a very clever flying spell. It's almost instantaneous.

This woman is at least at the Nascent Soul Stage.

She didn't pay attention to Bai Lian after she showed up, but she didn't move on.

Because of this, Bai Lian didn't immediately go to give her a punch.


The woman threw out a blue cloth.

The cloth grew larger and larger against the wind and in an instant turned into a galaxy filling the night sky.

Then the woman threw out a handful of gold sand.

Accompanied by the fog, the stars were shining, and the sky was full of flowers.


A question mark appeared in Bai Lian's head.

Are you filming?

She saw the Milky Way rippling like an ordinary river accompanied by the sound of wind and waves. Suddenly, a small but ferocious warship broke through the fog and came out of the Milky Way.

It seemed that a painting had come to life!

The warship was hovering five feet away from Bai Lian with cold frost.

There were buildings and boats.

There were rivers and beauties.

Bai Lian recognized this as an inferior Spirit Tool at a glance.

This method of appearance, this artificial Special Effect…

Well, its master must be good at playing cool!

Bai Lian looked up. She paid more attention to the woman standing on the deck of the warship.

Her eyebrows were like willow leaves, her eyes were as bright as stars, and her hair looked like the starry night.

A veil covered the woman's mouth and nose, but even the half face exposed was enough to make the surrounding stars pale.

However, Bai Lian believed that one should not only pay superficial attention to her face and long legs.


Bai Lian felt that what she saw was not a beautiful young woman, but a majestic mountain.

Is this the so-called rich person?

The two people's eyes finally met.

Incidentally, there was no spark.

There was no special feeling at first glance.

At this time, the woman in red who was responsible for making the Special Effects bowed slightly.

She purposely raised her voice, as if to make it audible to everyone around.

"The eldest princess is coming!"