The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 5 Chapter 21 Part 2

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Chapter 21: I Care About Her Life! (2)

Bai Lian said, "Let's move on while it's still early."

Yu Ying shook her head and said, "Let's separate here. I will meet those people who were watching me after a few miles."

Bai Lian was about to speak when she saw the task options.

[Task 1: Separate from Yu Ying (Reward: Luang Huan Thunder Spell)]

[Task 2: Forcibly follow Yu Ying home (Reward: Five Thunders Prison Charm)]

[Task 3: Say goodbye to Yu Ying and secretly track Yu Ying (Reward: Light Skill+2)]

It is clear that something will happen!

Bai Lian, who was going to send Yu Ying home by force, immediately changed her mind.

She sighed, "Let's part here. I will stay in Tianyi City for several days. If Miss Yu Ying wants to find me, you can come to Tianyi City."

Yu Ying opened her mouth.

Doesn't Miss An Yue have something to say? Maybe I will change my mind if you ask.

She was a little lost, but soon picked herself up and said, "Thank you, Miss An."

As Miss An Yue said just now, they may never see each other again.

But she couldn't show her sad expression and let Miss An worry about her. Miss An had her own things to do. How could she continue to waste time on her?

Her troubles are inextricable to ordinary people.

It is enough for Miss An to listen to her complaints. If Miss An is involved again, she will have a guilty conscience.

In short, she doesn't want to make trouble for Miss An.

Yu Ying turned around with a smile.

When she turned her back to An Yue, she suddenly said, "Compared with the remote Fairy Bai Lian, I think Miss An Yue is more like a Natural Saint."


"I'm not talking nonsense, Miss An. You have helped everyone around you who needs help. To these people, you are a Natural Saint."


Yu Ying continued to move forward.

She walked slowly, but firmly.

Bai Lian stopped her.

She really didn't intend to hide her identity from Yu Ying.

It was because she didn't want to destroy their tacit understanding during the journey.

Now that it is time to "separate", it will not have any impact to tell her the truth.

Bai Lian shouted at Yu Ying in confidence, "Miss Yu Ying, actually I am Bai Lian!"

Yu Ying didn't look back.

She also shouted, "Miss An Yue, don't comfort me. I don't particularly want to meet Fairy Bai Lian now. Goodbye!"

She left.

She just left!


Bai Lian looked at her palm.

Do I really not look like an honest person who likes telling the truth?

She hit the palm of her left hand with her right fist in frustration, and then hurried to catch up with Yu Ying.


Yu Ying huddled behind the bushes, revealing only a pair of eyes.

Look left.

Look right.

After determining the location of the hidden surveillants, she ate a piece of medical pill to hide her breath.

Then Yu Ying walked quietly towards the village, which had only a few lights in the distance.

She walked very slowly.

This guaranteed that she would not expose herself.

So, a quarter of an hour later, Yu Ying finally walked to the wall.

As long as she gets over the wall, she can be her "real" self again.

Yu Ying was relieved.

She bent slightly, and was about to jump when a Shuriken like dart flashed above her and pierced the ground behind her.


Yu Ying's body tensed.

She clenched her fists and stood ready to fight against the coming hidden surveillants.

At this time, several people suddenly jumped onto the wall.

When Yu Ying responded, she was already surrounded, and a small figure came out of the darkness behind her.


Yu Ying turned and stared at the man, her pupils suddenly shrinking.

She knew this person, who was her sister's personal guard and had a cultivation base at the Golden Core Stage.

The woman smiled and said, "The fourth lady, welcome back."

Yu Ying hurriedly shook her head, "I'm not some fourth lady. I think you have the wrong person."

"Do you want to tell me that you arrived here by accident?"

Yu Ying kept silent.

There is hidden surveillance of this road, and the excuse of coming unintentionally will not work.

Can she say that she came here to steal?

That doesn't seem much different from admitting her identity.

The woman was obviously impatient. She drew out a sharp sword.

"The fourth lady, it has been a few months since you went out this time. You have successfully blinded so many people inside and outside. If the Elder sister hadn't asked me to come and have a look, they would still be deceived. The Foundation Establishment Stage? Really amazing."

Yu Ying gritted her teeth and said, "What do you want to do?"

The woman narrowed her eyes slightly and said, "Of course, I want to send you to where you should be."

" ! ”

Yu Ying involuntarily took a step back.

"The fourth lady, if you died here, would the dummy in the room still move?"


"Don't answer? It doesn't matter. Anyway, my task is to kill you. Now nobody knows you are the fourth lady except us. Killing you is no different from killing a fool who trespassed into the house."

The woman raised her sword and put it gently on Yu Ying's shoulder. The blade was only half an inch from Yu Ying's neck.

Very close.

Yu Ying wanted to turn around and leave, but the oppression of her soul made her unable to move her feet, and she could not speak.


Yu Ying felt it for her mother before, but now the fear was for herself.

Only then did she realize how much she wanted to live!

She has experienced the feeling of being cared for. It is like poison, which makes her uncontrollably addicted to that feeling.

Therefore, the last word she said when parting from Miss An Yue was goodbye.


See you next time.

Even if the hope is small, she still has such expectations in her heart.

But now all this is being taken away from her.

When the sword cuts her neck, she will sleep forever.

Yu Ying regretted it.

She hasn't told Miss An Yue her true identity yet.

Yu Ying was also confused.

She hasn't found a master for the sword, and she hasn't found out the truth about her mother's death.

The woman who coerced her sneered, "It's your fault that you are that woman's daughter. After you die, no one will cry for you, no one will avenge you, and no one will care about your life!"

Yu Ying lowered her head.

That woman was right.

Her sister wanted to kill her, and her other relatives ignored her. Who in the world would care about her death?

Even if her father knew, he would only scold her sister.

Her eyes darkened.

She had given up her resistance.

"Very good, then I will—"

"Who said that?"

Suddenly, a cold voice came from the dark night and directly interrupted the woman's words.

This voice was so familiar to Yu Ying.

She looked up, regardless of the fact that the blade had already scratched her skin. She followed the voice, and at the edge of the shadow, a young girl who was not much older than her stood there.

"Miss An Yue!"

Tears flashed in Yu Ying's eyes.

Damn, Miss An Yue saw her embarrassing side again.

And she had decided that she could not cause trouble for Miss An Yue, but in the end, she still involved Miss An Yue in her own troubles.

Bai Lian calmly said, which made Yu Ying's heart beat faster.

"I care about her life and death. When she dies, I will cry for her. When she dies, I will avenge her, but… I can guarantee that she will not die here today!"


When the white light flashed, Bai Lian pulled out her sword.