The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 5 Chapter 20 Part 2

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Chapter 21: A Heart Like Clear Glass (3)

To do it like that, even when she is a white-haired old woman, she may still not have been able to find the right person.

While Yu Ying was thinking, Bai Lian asked, "Miss Yu Ying, why are you so persistent in finding a sword owner for that sword?"

Yu Ying said, "This is the sword my mother left me…"

Yu Ying's family relationship was very complicated.

She didn't elaborate.

She only said that her mother was once the eldest daughter of a sect destroyed by Heluo Country. In order to save her fellow disciples, her mother married her father.

"It seems that Miss Yu Ying's family background is unusual."

Bai Lian gradually closed her smile and listened to Yu Ying's story quietly.

Yu Ying's mother was not valued at home, and Yu Ying was treated poorly and bullied in her childhood.

She couldn't play like a normal child, and not one of her peers would pay attention to her.

She had no chance to study. Even if she wanted to learn some kung fu, she would be scolded, not to mention cultivating.

Her cultivation method was secretly passed to her by her mother.

But she just secretly recited the cultivation method.

She dared not cultivate. Once found, she and her mother would be punished.

Things took a turn when she was twelve.

Heavy rain.

On that day, her mother suddenly felt sick and had to lie in bed all day.

Yu Ying, who noticed that something was abnormal, went to visit her mother. She found that her mother was pale and weak, and could not even speak.

Fear of death hung over her young head.

As a child, Yu Ying was actually mature.

But when she went to ask for help from her family, all she got was cold stares.

Her cold-faced father was not at home, and no one was willing to lend a hand.

Yu Ying could only watch her mother's life force disappear helplessly.

At that moment, her world was so lonely that she and her mother were alone.

In the endless dark night, her mother gave her a rusty sword.

She clasped the sword tightly.

The voice echoing in her ears was unforgettable.

"Until you find its owner, don't think about anything else. To see you grow up safely is my greatest wish in this life."

"How can I find its owner?"

"You are looking for a person whose heart is like clear glass and whose mind is like an ever-burning lamp."

"When people stare at me, I feel scared and alone."

"Then close your eyes. Close your eyes and you can see me."

Her mother closed her eyes and never opened them again.

She had a smile on her lips.

A smile full of affectation.

Yu Ying wondered if beside her mother she would ever see another person by her side in that other world.

She shut her eyes in pain and saw "another world", in this world she could feel the emotional fluctuations of the people she met——

Sour, sweet, bitter, hot and salty.

Her heart had eyes.

Heart's Eyes is Yu Ying's name for her suddenly awakened ability.

The death of her mother brought great changes to Yu Ying's life. No one had investigated those responsible or those who refused to save her mom, but she gained a small degree of freedom afterwards.

She took her mother's belongings and was sent out from the mansion to a small village in the countryside.

She could move freely in the village, but as soon as she tried to stray away from the village, she would be followed by a group of people.

After learning this, Yu Ying gave up the struggle.

She began to practice the cultivation method taught by her mother.

Unfortunately, her qualifications were not good. Even if she used the Medical Pills inherited from her mother, it took her four years to reach the Foundation Establishment Stage.

If she practices at this rate, she may not be able to break through to the Nascent Soul Stage even when she dies.

This is not enough.

It is not enough to allow her to find out the truth.

Yu Ying could only try to find an owner for the rusty sword.

She doesn't know what a clean glass-like heart is, nor does she know what an ever-burning lamp-like mind is.

But this confusion didn't deter her. It was no use sitting there and guessing.

Yu Ying managed to escape out of the village.

That year, she set out from Tianyi City and traveled all over the famous mountains and rivers of Heluo Country.

She boated on the lake.

She watched the moon on the mountain top.

Again and again she failed, but over and over again she helped others.

"Girl, your wish will come true!"

Supported by these words, she continued to move to the next place.

That year, Yu Ying saw the vastness of the world.

Sometimes she would feel like simply leaving Heluo, but in the end she was unwilling to do so. She couldn't even figure out the true identity of her mother. If she just left, she would become a rootless duckweed.

It was not until she met Bai Lian in Hening City that Yu Ying saw a trace of brightness in the dark night for the first time.

That light was the same as when she first touched the rusty sword.

She rekindled her hope.

But what happened today made her start to doubt her own Heart's Eyes. Maybe it was not others who couldn't do it, but just her.

After hearing Yu Ying's story, Bai Lian could not help feeling that the girl's story sounded like the experience of the protagonists in the novels.

"Do you want revenge?" She asked.

Yu Ying shook her head.

Not to deny it, what flashed in her eyes was confusion.

She didn't want to give up the investigation, and she was afraid to discover that it had something to do with her father.

Yu Ying suddenly said, "I've decided!"


"I want to have a rest for a year, and then come back to find an owner for the sword after I really discover myself!"

Yu Ying seemed to have gotten rid of her depression and became high-spirited again.

Bai Lian nodded.

This world specializes in the mass production of problem girls. If she gathered them together, they could even hold an assembly to complain about their lives.

It would be even worse if it was matched with the bgm of Persona 5.

She switched the topic and asked casually, "What am I like according to what Miss Yu Ying's heart sees?"


Yu Ying blurted out.

She quickly added, "Sometimes it's salty."

Sounds pretty good.

Seeing that the bonfire was getting smaller, Bai Lian added more firewood.

A long night.

There were no recreational activities.

At this time, it was time to show Bai Lian's cooking skills.

She caught the goose raised by the Hu family and roasted it in the front hall.

By the middle of the night, Yu Ying's belly was full after eating the delicious meat.

The girl sat in front of the door and looked at the mulberry trees outside the wall, feeling very peaceful.

But that was the only night she could enjoy.

After dawn, she would go back to her little world.

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