The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 5 Chapter 20 Part 1

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Chapter 20: A Heart Like Clear Glass (2)

– At night.

A bonfire burned.

Outside the front hall, there were two people sitting by the bonfire.

One was a young girl, holding her cheek with her right hand, and her eyes reflected the flickering flame. She was trying to imitate her master's posture.

Another was also a young girl, with drooping eyebrows and eyes, a gloomy face, and a slightly bent waist, which seemed like she consumed a bitter pill.

In fact, the "pill" was really bitter, which made Yu Ying's thinking a little stiff.

She tried to save people, but failed to save them. Instead, she fell into a trap. If An Yue had not found something unusual in time, she might have been pressed to the ground by the brutal Mrs. Hu and squeezed out into a dry corpse.

She thought that if you were blind, your heart wouldn't be blind.

Looking back, it was just wishful thinking.

No matter which eyes she used, she couldn't see through the world, not because her eyes were not clear enough, but because she was stupid!

Yu Ying realized the mistake.

But she didn't know how to correct it.

Is there any Smart Pill in the world?

Probably not.

Can she really find the right owner for the rusty sword in her hand?

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Yu Ying tightened her fists and felt that the future was dark.

She became suspicious.

If there is something wrong with her heart's eyes, then is the picture she sees in her mind when others tried the sword really correct?

Maybe she has missed the real sword owner!

Yu Ying hurriedly took out the sword. She summoned up her courage and said to Bai Lian, whose face was flushed by the bonfire, "Miss An Yue, can you touch it again?"

Bai Lian saw new task options.

It is very similar to the tasks that jumped out during the first sword test. The only difference is that the reward of Task 1 has become [Fufeng]. The value of this spell is about equal to a piece of middle-grade Spirit Tool, which is a grade lower than the reward from last time.

Bai Lian said in surprise, "Didn't I already touch it?"

Yu Ying said weakly, "I want you to try again to see if it can work."

Although Bai Lian was confused, she still agreed.

If you want to see what happens, you must satisfy me first!

Choose Task 2.

The reward is Hard Skill +1.

Bai Lian's arm went through the bonfire and touched Yu Ying's sword.

Yu Ying subconsciously closed her eyes under the black cloth.

She was feeling, feeling the touch of Bai Lian and the temperature on the sword.

There was a pure white light falling through the long night, scattering little by little.

Come out! A heart like clear glass.

As long as she moves forward a little, she can touch…

Finally, Yu Ying's heart and eyes closed again. The darkness was still boundless.

That white light was not as bright as the bonfire burning in front of her.


Yu Ying took the sword back.

Every time, it was a little short, but she just couldn't get over it this time.

This uncomfortable feeling made a deeper wound in her heart.

She was so frustrated that she even wanted to throw the sword directly at Bai Lian.

I don't want to look for a master for it anymore!

But at the thought of her mother, she endured.

Yu Ying curled up, hugging her knees, and said softly, "Miss An Yue, you are so kind to me."

Bai Lian was stunned.

The girl is so polite. She just touched her sword twice and she thanked her.

Bai Lian smiled and said, "Maybe it's because you are very similar to my Martial Sister."

"Martial Sister?"

Yu Ying was slightly stunned.

"You are about the same age as my younger Martial Sisters, well, actually you are also about the same age as me."

Bai Lian first thought of the second and third Martial Sisters, and then of Ye Ziling, the fourth Martial Sister who should still be cultivating in Xingluo Fortress at present.

Yu Ying was looking for a master for the sword, while the fourth Martial Sister in the game was always looking for a sword.

They are quite compatible.

Is the Fourth Younger Martial Sister the sword's master Yu Ying is looking for?

Bai Lian shook her head secretly.


From Yu Ying's words, the sword's master she is looking for is in Heluo, and the Xingluo Fortress, where the fourth Martial Sister is, is far away from Heluo.

Xingluo Fortress is in the north of the North Sea.

That is the nearest dock to the stars.

If it is a sunny evening in midsummer, the stars will twinkle in the sky, forming the bright Milky Way.

When Bai Lian returned to her senses, Yu Ying was looking at her in surprise, "Miss An, you are about the same age as me?"

Bai Lian said, "I will be nineteen in one month."


Yu Ying was hit hard.

An Yue is about two years older than her, but she is so strong and mature that she is qualified to be her mother!

Not to mention Fairy Bai Lian, who is also not much older than her.

When she was still worried about the stagnation of her cultivation base, Fairy Bai Lian had already been able to defeat the cultivators at the Soul Changing Stage.

The gap between people is sometimes even greater than that between people and cats!

"Miss An." Yu Ying called softly, "Thank you."


What happened?

"If it were not for you, I would have died in the hands of the Hu family's master and his wife."

Bai Lian waved her hand, "It's a piece of cake, and if it wasn't for me, you wouldn't return to the Hu family."

Yu Ying then said, "If it wasn't for your careful design, I still couldn’t see through my mistake."


What did I design again?

Yu Ying was very sad.

People often begin to reflect on themselves only after they really step into the mud.

As soon as An Yue entered the room, she found something unusual. But she still asked her to see the Hu family's master, presumably to let her learn a lesson from it.

She is so stupid and An Yue is so smart. Maybe An Yue can see through what she can't see through.

That's right!

She can ask An Yue for advice, but she doesn't know whether Miss An Yue will help.

Yu Ying said, "Miss An Yue, can I ask you some questions?"

Bai Lian saw a new task popping out.

The reward for refusing is the magic [Wind and Thunder Mantra], and the reward for agreeing is Light Skill+1.

Yu Ying suddenly becomes a task making machine?

Bai Lian resolutely chose Task 2.

She smiled and said, "Please ask."

In the flickering firelight, Yu Ying slowly asked, "Miss An Yue, how can I see a person clearly?"

Bai Lian said, "It depends on time."


"A person’s true heart can only be determined after a long while!"

Yu Ying nodded. She understood the truth, but she didn't have the time to observe everyone who might become the sword owner.