The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 5 Chapter 2 Part 1

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Chapter 2: I Promise You Thousands of Flowers (1)

Once upon a time, there was a fox.

She was clever, cute, sensible, and beautiful, the only disadvantage was that she ate a little too much.

What does the story of the fox have to do with me?

Although puzzled, the jade rabbit was still interested in this story.

There are precious few forms of entertainment in a cultivation sect.

As soon as it gets dark.

There are only a few things she can do at night, such as meditating, cultivating, and reading books.


The jade rabbit tilted her head.


Su Youwei smiled and said, "Then the fox died!"


The jade rabbit was stunned on the spot.


Su Youwei shook her head and sighed, "A fox is a fox. It is treacherous and cunning. Although it is well camouflaged, it can't escape the eyes of the personal guard of the heroine!"


The jade rabbit was angry.

Who said that the fox must be treacherous and cunning? Labeling is dangerous!

Su Youwei added, "Let's tell another story about the long-eared cat demon."


The jade rabbit began to notice something wrong, and her ears immediately shrank.


"Once upon a time, there was a cat demon with very long ears. She was cute and lovely… Then she died too."


Su Youwei gently stroked the jade rabbit's head.

Compared with when they first met, the jade rabbit seems to have gained a lot of meat.

It's good to be fat. It's healthy!

Su Youwei loosened the jade rabbit and said with a smile, "Jade rabbit, tomorrow I will send someone to help you build a small house so that you don't have to be exposed to the rain outside!"



The jade rabbit's expression looked very bad.

This seemingly well-intentioned proposal is really "Vicious"!

Once the house was built, the possibility that she wanted to stay in Bai Lian's room was completely cut off.

"Don't you want to have your own bedroom?"

Faced with such questions, what could she do?

It's no use refusing now.

"I like being in the wild!"


Since you like the wild, what are you doing in Martial Sister Bai Lian's room?

The jade rabbit forced out a smile, and then pretended to be grateful, while shouting out in an excited tone, "Haw (Fuck you)!"

On this day, the jade rabbit understood the importance of knowing a foreign language.

The plan is steadily advancing!

Su Youwei laughed from the bottom of her heart. It's not good to just act recklessly. Only when you act at the right time can you achieve good results.

The poor jade rabbit felt sad and even had to thank her in the end.

Su Youwei reached out and cordially shook hands with the jade rabbit.

Then she left.

The morning wind blew thousands of miles, and the East turned white.

On the square stone outside the medicine garden, the jade rabbit had a sharp look.

Damn it!

Who on earth leaked the news?

Her plan was aborted after only the first step was implemented.

The jade rabbit looked sadly at her pink paw. She had to change her strategy. The top priority was to break through to the Soul Changing Stage as soon as possible, and then master the skill of shape transformation.

Long-term planning? Screw it!

Bai Lian, I'm not a rabbit anymore!

Under the light of the rising sun, the jade rabbit’s figure almost melted into the light.


Before dawn, Bai Lian huddled in her room to make a plan for the future.

It's not for herself.

Her strength's growth can't be inferred by common sense.

Even if there were no younger Martial Sisters, if all the top-level treasures were for her, she wouldn't necessarily need them. Since she could become strong by just wandering around, why bother to fight and kill?

There are many dangers in the outside world.

Especially the strange creature that likes to gain fame by challenging others.

Bai Lian is afraid of those.

If a cultivator at the Soul Changing Stage suddenly popped up to challenge her, what could she do?

Rumors do harm.

She repeatedly warned everyone, "Don't believe rumors or spread rumors", but it was of no use.

Bai Lian gloomily listed all the big game events she could recall, and became even more depressed.

She couldn't fill a single page!

If she were asked to write her younger Martial Sister’s and Master An Lan's habits, she could easily write several.

The most depressing thing for Bai Lian is that the timeline is messed up. According to the game plot, the third Martial Sister shouldn't have entered the Duxian sect yet.

"Can I only continue to be watchful?"

Bai Lian sighed helplessly.

After all, she had only been cultivating for three and a half years.

She didn't understand a lot of things. If she was asked to teach the Martial Sisters, she was afraid that she would teach them something wrong.

Then the Holy Spirit Goddess and the Shura will never exist!

If she ruined their futures, she was afraid that even the Great Tao would punish her.

After hesitating for a while, Bai Lian decided to ask An Lan.

Recently, she and An Lan have had a good relationship, and An Lan may put forward some feasible suggestions.

After daybreak, Bai Lian came to the forbidden area, but couldn’t find An Lan.

"Out again?"

Bai Lian was extremely disappointed.

Now, there was nothing she could do but hang about.

As she walked, she heard several disciples talking together with a serious expression.

"It seems that something serious has happened. The Elders of all the peaks were called to the Yunluo peak in the early morning."


By noon, Bai Lian knew what the big event was.

[The ancient evil god came out!]

In the far north of the Eastern Divine Land, a demon once defeated in ancient times has returned!