The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 5 Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: A Heart Like Clear Glass

There is a ghost in this house!

It's a real ghost, not a fake ghost.

After being led to the guest room by Uncle Hu, Bai Lian was more and more convinced of her observation.

The black fog in the air was very light and was gathered by an inconspicuous magic array, but it was impossible to hide it from her.

"Is there a ghost?"

Yu Ying, queried by Bai Lian, was stunned.

Bai Lian asked, "What's the problem?"


Yu Ying told her the story.

Her acquaintance with the Hu family originated from an exorcism ceremony two months ago.

At that time, Yu Ying, who was looking for the sword owner in Heluo, came to the Hu family's house by accident.

The story that the Hu family was haunted was very popular, and she soon received the news.

The Hu Family's master was a strong martial artist, but he was just an ordinary person.

He was still tortured to death facing a ghost.

"When I first met the Hu family's master, the space between his eyebrows appeared dull and discolored, his eyes sunken, legs and feet trembling and his body as thin as a reed."

Even now Yu Ying still felt chilly when she remembered it.

At the time, she thought what she saw was a skeleton.

This female ghost was so inhuman!

She was once a brutal bandit who died during a pursuit by the Hu Family's master, falling into water and drowning.

She didn't repent after her death, but turned into a fierce ghost, and came to the Hu Family to avenge herself.

She started from the relatives of the Hu family's master, and the means she used were cruel and indescribable.

Then she moved to the Hu family's master.

She often held the Hu family's master to the ground just after sunset, and then rode on the Hu family's master to show off, as if taming a wild horse.

Yu Ying angrily accused the ghost's evil deeds.

"If it weren't for the strong body of the Hu family's master, I'm afraid she would have squeezed him dry!"

"The little brother of the master was also almost maimed by the female ghost!"


Bai Lian was shocked by Yu Ying's solemnity.


Aren't you actually telling a blue story?

She asked, "Miss Yu, where did you hear these words?"

Yu Ying said, "It was my fellow exorcist who told me."

She sighed.

"The female ghost was very powerful. Seven of us came to kill the female ghost, and four of us were killed by the female ghost. The kind-hearted exorcist also died in the hands of the female ghost!"

Bai Lian gently rubbed her eyebrows.

Yu Ying was at the midpoint of the Foundation Establishment Stage, so the strength of the female ghost must be similar.

However, the ghost spirit Qi she had observed was extremely pure. The ghost's strength should be closer to the peak of the Foundation Establishment Stage.

Yu Ying said hurriedly, "I must tell the Hu Family's master about this, or the consequences will be unimaginable!"

Bai Lian nodded and said, "Go ahead, I'll wait for you here."


Yu Ying rolled up her small cloth bag and hurried to the front hall.

Bai Lian leaned against the tree.

The red sun sank below the horizon and was replaced by a huge black curtain.

She sent out her Divine Sense and easily bypassed the array that gathered the ghost spirit Qi. There were hundreds of low-level talismans at the center of the array.

From the cold and gloomy smell of the talismans, this array must not be a good thing.


Bai Lian shook her head. It was definitely not.

Since it was not used to seal evil ghosts, it must be used to gather ghost spirit Qi.

At this time, Bai Lian suddenly turned around.

Under the wall two feet away from her stood a young woman in white.

In the evening wind, the woman's body seemed to be floating.

Bai Lian knew at a glance that she was not a human being!

It's definitely a female ghost!

Why did the female ghost go to find the Hu family's master?

"Are you looking for me?"

The woman opened her mouth.

She opened her mouth, revealing white teeth that seemed to have been polished.

Bai Lian looked at her indifferently and asked, "What is the relationship between you and the Hu family's master?"

The young woman smiled and said, "I am the wife of the Hu family's master."


Bai Lian let go of her Divine Sense.

At this time, Yu Ying was at the front hall.

She asked again, "What's your relationship with the ghost killed by Yu Ying?"

"This is not the time to discuss such matters." The ghost smiled and then sighed, "You are really unusual, girl. You are the strongest person I have ever seen. It's a pity that you are not a man!"

However, the female ghost didn't stop her steps.

She needs to eat more energy.

Although Bai Lian is a woman, her body is strong, and she can certainly absorb more energy from her. Just close your eyes and then, man or woman, will make no difference.

"Don't worry, my movements are very gentle. Before you lose half of your physical strength, you will only experience continuous happiness without any pain."

"Actually." Looking at the female ghost who had walked in front of her, Bai Lian smiled, "Rather than only a physical relationship, I prefer to have a heart-to-heart relationship. Like this."

She raised her right hand and stretched it out deliberately.

Clearly it was very slow.

But the female ghost discovered something unusual, she had no time to dodge.

Bai Lian's right hand went through her left chest and grabbed her heart——

A white talisman!

The female ghost, who had her weakness caught, froze.

She didn't dare to move, for fear that Bai Lian would crush the talisman.

Bai Lian said coldly, "Do you want to simply answer my questions, or do you want me to use the Soul Searching spell?"

In fact, she doesn't know any Soul Searching spell, but the ghost doesn't know that she doesn't know, which is enough.

Under the strong pressure by Bai Lian, the female ghost immediately gave in.

Bai Lian learned from the ghost that she was the ghost who fought with Yu Ying last time.

"They thought I died, but I didn’t…"


In the front hall.

After hearing out Yu Ying, the Hu family's master clapped his hands.

"Miss Yu, let my wife explain the situation to you."

Yu Ying hurriedly put her hands together and said, "Yes. Please."

Her eyes turned to the small door leading to the side hall.

To the surprise of Yu Ying and the Hu family's master, Mrs. Hu didn't show up.

When the Hu family's master clapped again impatiently, a deep voice suddenly came from the hall.

"All this is my husband's plan. He asked me to secretly suck the energy of the guests, and then he used my body to practice the ghost cultivation method."


Under Yu Ying's black cloth, her eyebrows trembled slightly.

"But the good times didn't last long. A patrol guard found me. The guard had an amulet from the Taoist Temple. I couldn't kill him and let him escape."

The news that the Hu family was haunted was spread at that time.

The Hu family's master was not in a hurry to "refute the rumors". He came up with a great idea.

He wanted to use the haunted house news to attract cultivators with a low cultivation base. No matter how vigorous the ordinary people are, they can't compete with cultivators.

"Yu Ying is one of the people attracted by that false news."

However, the Hu family's master never imagined that Yu Ying's real strength was far greater than the strength she showed. If his wife didn't pretend to be killed, she would have really died.

The Hu family's master was extremely angry and wanted to kill Yu Ying, but he still had to smile and keep thanking Yu Ying for helping him.

Because of this, when he found out that Yu Ying was back, he became enraged and decided to kill Yu Ying at any cost.

"That's all."

The Hu family's master sneered.

His wife said it in great detail.

The only thing that made him dissatisfied was that his wife also told them that she sucked the energy of the guests.

Why did you say it? It wouldn't change anything, right?

Yu Ying, who learned the truth, turned pale.

How could this happen?

The Hu family's master was clearly an upright person according to the observation of her heart's eyes.

But when he took off his disguise, according to the observation of her heart's eyes, his figure turned to be an ogre.

Yu Ying's body swayed.

She thought that although she was blind, her heart would not be blind, but it seemed that she assumed too much.

Holding the rusty broken sword, she nervously confronted the Hu family's master.

A rapid movement, and Yu Ying found a familiar figure floating into the side hall. It was Mrs. Hu.

With her strength, it is absolutely impossible to beat Mrs. Hu who came here prepared.

Yu Ying's face turned pale.

She hadn't found a master for the broken sword yet. How could she die here so easily?

The Hu family's master smiled and said, "Madam, please kill Miss Yu Ying quickly. Don't let her suffer!"

Mrs. Hu didn't move.

Yu Ying tensed her face.

"An Yue" suddenly flashed in her mind.

Miss An Yue is a very strong cultivator. Even ten Mrs. Hu together were no match for her.

But how could she get in touch with An Yue?

At this moment, a shrill scream came from Mrs. Hu's mouth.

"Ah, my demon power!"

Yu Ying stared at all this.

In the scream, Mrs. Hu collapsed like a building block pushed down by someone.

Behind her, another figure slowly appeared.

"Miss An Yue!"

Yu Ying immediately became excited.

"How can you— ". The Hu family's master started.

He had no time to finish, and his body was completely annihilated by Bai Lian, not even leaving his ashes.