The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 5 Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: Xingluo Fortress

Is it fate that let us meet?

I guess so.

Yu Ying thought.

It can't be that Bai Lian is following her, right?

She should know that she has nothing of value except that unknown sword.

She has some copper coins, but no one will come for them, right?

As she reflected, Bai Lian sat down opposite her.


Yu Ying hurriedly pushed a cake that had not been eaten towards Bai Lian.


"Thank you."

Bai Lian took the dish.

Yu Ying pulled her hand under the table uneasily.

In fact, she wanted to talk to Bai Lian more, because it was Bai Lian who had rekindled her hope to find the swordmaster.

But the problem was that after meeting Bai Lian many times, she still didn't know her name.

Was it impolite?

Bai Lian frowned slightly.

Through a thick black cloth, she seemed to feel Yu Ying's embarrassed eyes.


Is there a problem?

She was a little interested in the girl who triggered the special "Sword test" task. After all, it was a side-quest that she had never encountered in the game.

Bai Lian doesn't like being roundabout.

She asked, "Are you in trouble?"

Yu Ying shook her head, nodded again, summoned up courage, and asked, "I don't know your name yet."


Bai Lian immediately realized that Yu Ying didn't know her real identity.

"When did you leave Hening City?"

"Almost three days ago."

No wonder.

Bai Lian nodded.

Many versions of the rumor spread, but whether exaggerated or not, most of these rumors omitted the parts before the fight began.

Therefore, it is normal that Yu Ying, who left Hening City in advance, didn't connect her with Bai Lian.

Bai Lian smiled and said, "You can call me An Yue."

An Yue.

Yu Ying felt embarrassed and touched the small cloth bag beside her.

She will remember the name.

She took out the paper windmill Bai Lian gave her, "You gave this to me and I kept it."

"I’m glad you like it."

When Bai Lian spoke, the waiter had already brought her tea and peanuts.

Yu Ying put away the paper windmill.

When she mentioned the windmill, she thought of Bai Lian's younger Martial Sisters.

"Miss An Yue, where are your younger Martial Sisters?"

Bai Lian explained, "I have something to do in Tianyi City, so I let them go back to the sect first."

"Then aren't we going to the same place?" Yu Ying leaned back slightly.

Bai Lian said in surprise, "Are you going to Tianyi City, too?"


Yu Ying nodded repeatedly. She raised her right hand to reveal the sword covered by clothes.

"Soon, Tianyi City is going to hold a ceremony for the eldest princess. Maybe the reason Fairy Bai Lian appeared in Hening City is to attend the ceremony. I want to try my luck in Tianyi City. If I'm lucky, I can let Fairy Bai Lian touch my sword!"

You'd better give up this plan. Your sword doesn't match me.

Bai Lian opened her mouth and finally swallowed the words.

Even if she has to admit that she is Bai Lian, she can't say it here. There is a large number of people in this shop. Maybe there will be new rumors spreading.

Yu Ying changed the topic, "Miss An Yue, you left Hening city later than me. Did you see Fairy Bai Lian?"

Bai Lian nodded, "Of course."

"Can you tell me?"

Yu Ying showed great interest.

Of course.

Bai Lian smiled modestly, "Fairy Bai Lian is naturally very powerful…"

She paused and used her Divine Sense to sweep around the guests who quietly put their ears up.


Are you all listening?

She immediately remembered her experience when she went to the Flying Fog last time. If she dared to say a bad word about herself at this time, it would be like stabbing a hornet's nest.

Bai Lian immediately changed to a mild tone and said, "Neither Bing Yi nor Ju Buyi were her opponent. Although the Elder of the Sword Washing Pavilion was strong, his soul was torn apart by the Master of Fairy Bai Lian in the blink of an eye."

Hey, your story telling skill is terrible!

The storyteller sitting at the northeast corner of the shop shook her head.

This is not the right way to tell a story. Let me teach you the right method!


The storyteller clapped his hands.

Most of the customers in the store turned their eyes.

"Let's continue to tell the story of how Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian beat that insidious villain of the Sword Washing Pavilion!"


The storyteller smiled, "That day in Hening City, there was wind, rain, and thunder… the Elder of the Sword Washing Pavilion wanted to sneak attack and kill Fairy Bai Lian's younger Martial Sister.”

“Who is Fairy Bai Lian? She is a Natural Saint. How could he have any possibility to succeed? That evil man waved his sword and drew out a hundred mile long sword light.”

“At this time, Fairy Bai Lian used her unique skills, and after only one sword, that evil man's throat had been cut open. If Fairy Bai Lian had not spared his life, he would have died before Fairy Bai Lian's master came."



"That villain deserves it!"

The shop immediately resounded with warm applause.

Bai Lian's face turned green.

Damn it!

In less than half a day, the rumor version has been upgraded again?

On her way here, people said that she caught the sword of the Elder of the Sword Washing Pavilion. Now, the magnificent Shifu has become a passerby, and she has been upgraded to the level that she can kill a Transcendency Stage boss with one sword.

Even Tong Yao can't spread rumors like you!

Seeing Bai Lian stop talking, Yu Ying immediately said, "Miss An Yue, you look bad. Is there something wrong with you?"

"I'm fine." Bai Lian shook her head. "I just thought it was late. It is time to find a place to stay."

Yu Ying smiled and said, "If you don't mind, you can come with me. I know people from the area."

"Sounds good, thank you."

After eating her peanuts in a hurry, Bai Lian escaped the shop.

Free from the impassioned voice of the storyteller, she felt that the outdoor air was oh so very sweet

The setting sun coloured everything.

Yu Ying asked, "Miss An Yue, why do you want to go to Tianyi City?"

"Go and watch the ceremony."

"I guessed so."

Bai Lian asked, "Do you know the eldest princess of Heluo?"

She has a vague impression of this name. The eldest princess probably has an even smaller supporting role in the game than Qing Luan.

It would be impossible for her to go to Tianyi City to watch the ceremony on behalf of the Duxian sect at this time if she followed the normal progress of the game.

Yu Ying nodded and said, "I know some things about her."

Bai Lian pricked up her ears.

"The eldest princess is the younger sister of the current emperor of Heluo Country, and her talent in cultivation is praised as the best in the whole country."

Oh, a genius.

But she must be inferior to my younger Martial Sisters!

"The eldest princess left Heluo when she was young and went to Xingluo Fortress to practice–"

"Xingluo Fortress?"

Bai Lian interrupted Yu Ying.

Yu Ying said, "What's wrong?"


Bai Lian remembered that Xingluo Fortress was a sect that had a strong relationship with her fourth younger Martial Sister, Ye Ziling.

Will the eldest princess know her Fourth Younger Martial Sister?

From Yu Ying's next words, Bai Lian learned that the founder of Xingluo Fortress had an enigmatic relationship with the founding emperor of Heluo Country. Because of this, the geniuses of the royal family were often sent to Xingluo Fortress to cultivate.

"This breakthrough ceremony is to celebrate that the eldest princess has broken through the Eight Natural Boundaries."

Bai Lian nodded thoughtfully.

By this time, they had reached a big house.

"It's Miss Yu Ying!"

The old man at the gate greeted Yu Ying with a smile.

Yu Ying said, "Uncle Hu, my friend and I want to stay here for one night. Can we?"

Uncle Hu smiled and said, "Yes, of course. I'll go to inform the master right away. The master will be very happy to know that Miss Yu Ying has come."

As he spoke, he turned and entered the house.

Bai Lian looked up.

She saw an unpleasant black mist under the red sun.