The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 5 Chapter 16 Part 2

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Chapter 16: Bai Lian, You Said You Are Not a Natural Saint (2)

There was no answer. Maybe the girl had gone far.



When the sect leader of Chuncao Pavilion heard that Bai Lian wanted to continue the repair of the incomplete ancient elixir's prescription, he was stunned.

"That's right."

If you can win in a normal way, why take a special route?

Especially now, the second Martial Sister and Shan Huan are friends. Bai Lian doesn't want her previous efforts to be in vain.

She thought it was proper.

Her Younger Martial Sisters are not her vassals.

She can't hold her Younger Martial Sisters in her arms all day long!

"I see."

The Pavilion Leader bowed and left.

He knew that Bai Lian probably wouldn't do anything to Chuncao Pavilion, but he still had a headache about what her fanatical fans would do.

For a long time, the pavilion leader's eyes fell on Taoist Lingye.

He had an idea.

He wanted to talk to Taoist Lingye.

That night, Xiao Jinse and Shan Huan finally restored the incomplete pill after two efforts, witnessed by countless alchemists.

It seems they have truly succeeded. After all, the Medical Pills they refined indeed have the effect of promoting longevity.

The Pavilion Leader solemnly awarded the Green Grain Cauldron to Xiao Jinse.

He was relieved and felt that the night sky was as clear as ever.

He didn't know what the future of Chuncao Pavilion would be like. Now, the burden on his shoulders was still heavy.

Shan Huan got the Medical Pills she wanted. This one was not enough to cure her father, but it gave her more time.

She excitedly found her father lying on the bed.

She thought she had to persuade her father several times before he would take the Medical Pills. To her surprise, her father opened his mouth and immediately swallowed the Medical Pills.

Just like chewing sugar beans, he commented, "The technique is rough, the heat is not good, and the medicinal power is only 50%."


Shan Huan stood still.

She even forgot to explain that the Medical Pills were made by Xiao Jinse.

For a long time, a thick word popped out of her mouth, "Father."

Her eye sockets were a little moist.


"What's the name of the girl who saved us?"

"Bai Lian, Bai Lian of the Duxian sect."

I will remember it well.

Just like remembering the white-jade-like moon tonight.


"Elder Martial Sister, I did it!"

Xiao Jinse stood in front of Bai Lian and excitedly held the Green Grain Cauldron, which was a circle thicker than her.

Oh, the Green Grain Cauldron, you still came to the Second Younger Martial Sister.

Bai Lian sighed with emotion.

At least on this timeline, there will be no strange things happening next to and inside the Green Grain Cauldron, and it will not be broken because it is used to refine secret medicines.

Bai Lian reached out her hand.

Xiao Jinse quickly lifted the Green Grain Cauldron forward.

She thought Bai Lian wanted to touch it.

Bai Lian really wanted to touch, but she didn't want to touch it.

Her right hand slid against the right corner of the Green Grain Cauldron, and before the stunned eyes of the Second Younger Martial Sister, her thumb gently pressed on the corner of Xiao Jinse's mouth.


Xiao Jinse, Su Youwei and the jade rabbit were confused.

What is happening?!

Su Youwei was burning!

Is this the special treatment for the sick and weak Martial Sister?

The jade rabbit was going to cry.

It's over. She can't transform into the human shape yet. She doesn't even have the chance to be touched.

"It's dirty."

Bai Lian said with a smile. Her eyes were slightly bent, and her smile was like a March flower.

It was polluted by the smoke from the opening of the Pill Furnace.


Xiao Jinse's body trembled slightly and she could not say a complete word.

She felt Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian's bright but cold fingers sliding back and forth on her cheeks.


Keep rubbing in another place.

Then she took it back carefully.

"It looks much better!" Bai Lian said.

She always works hard at such details.

"I'll wash it!"

Xiao Jinse shouted and dropped the Green Grain Cauldron. She ran to the clattering bamboo pipe in the yard.

The water clattered.

Xiao Jinse slapped her cheek hard.

It was very hot.

Her feet were also a little soft.

She was really stupid, really. She should lean forward a little more when making pills, so she could definitely have more black marks on her face!

When Xiao Jinse tried to calm down, the Pavilion Leader found Bai Lian.

"I've come up with a new plan."

Bai Lian looked at him in surprise.

New marketing methods?

But why do you tell me this?

The Pavilion Leader said to himself, "We are going to make a plan to support the new alchemists. The first group of support objects includes the children adopted by Taoist Lingye."

He talked about the past of Taoist Lingye.

The rumours outside are true. Until Taoist Lingye met his Shifu, he was just a poor ordinary person who worked hard every day.

One winter, he found his future Shifu in the snow.

His Shifu was seriously injured and dying and he taught what he had learned all his life to Taoist Lingye, who took care of him.


This is the last sentence he left to Taoist Lingye.

Taoist Lingye has ordinary qualifications, but his belief in heritage motivates him to keep improving.

He adopted many children who had suffered as much as him. If those children wanted to learn alchemy, he tried his best to teach them.

"He is not really a liar. His alchemy is not bad, otherwise, we would not have cooperated with him. But when he uses the 'Nine Dragons Pill Lifting Technique', he cannot be distracted and can't refine medicine pills."

In order to show that he didn't lie, the Pavilion Leader also made a solemn oath.


Heritage? That is very good.

If there is no heritage, it is impossible for humans to reproduce after countless catastrophes.

"Do what you want."

The Pavilion Leader left.

Soon, Taoist Lingye also came.

He frowned, "The Pavilion Leader has come up with a plan to support new alchemists."

Bai Lian said, "Isn't that good?"

"I cheated the world by cooperating with Chuncao Pavilion."

"That's not important."

Bai Lian doesn't intend to expose the disguise of Taoist Lingye.

She knew that there was nothing wrong with the evaluation of those outsiders who worshipped Taoist Lingye, which was enough.

"Thank you."

Taoist Lingye's eyes were a little blurry.

He met two noble people in this life.

Shifu made him know the world again, and gave his life meaning.

Bai Lian made him feel that everything he did was worth it. After the rain, it finally turned sunny. Those children will have a better future.


The news of the battle in Hening City spread throughout the whole Heluo country the next day.

Even in the teahouses and taverns in Tianyi City, the capital of Heluo country, many people were discussing it.

"It was a battle between cultivators at the Soul Changing Stage, but no innocent person died."

"In the past, one would be afraid that the whole city would not have a single living person remaining."

"Bai Lian, you are really a Natural Saint!"

"To kill a cultivator at the Soul Changing Stage with one sword, the power of Fairy Bai Lian is so terrible!"

Upstairs in the lounge.

A maid in red said to the woman drinking tea quietly beside her, "Eldest princess, the reputation of Bai Lian has completely suppressed you in the past few years since you were away."

Her voice was full of anger.

The face under the veil drew a smile.

She held the cup and looked at it over and over again.

"Those people didn't say anything wrong. Bai Lian is really great. But… Now I'm back!"

She suddenly burst out in an intoxicating laughter full of self-confidence.