The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 5 Chapter 16 Part 1

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Chapter 16: Bai Lian, You Said You Are Not a Natural Saint (1)

The sky was as clear as a lake.

The floating clouds had been scattered in the previous battle.

Bai Lian felt it was time to leave Hening City after she called someone to send the despairing Zhao Shuo back to the Sword Washing Pavilion.

But before that, she had other things to deal with.

The first was to deal with the people of Chuncao Pavilion.

"The Green Grain Cauldron……”

Bai Lian shook her head, "First, take me to see those who were captured."


The sect leader of Chuncao Pavilion did not dare to disobey Bai Lian.

It was like a stick stirring in his body. He was afraid, worried, and tired. His heart occasionally pricked, and he wanted to say something but didn't dare to say anything.

Who would have thought that they not only didn't flatter the Sword Washing Pavilion, but also annoyed the Duxian sect?

The sky is falling!

The leader of Chuncao Pavilion can't wait to put the Green Grain Cauldron into Bai Lian's hands to atone for his sins.

He also heard that Bai Lian likes women. If Bai Lian wants, he can also send out his beautiful daughter.

Unfortunately, it can be seen from what just happened that Bai Lian is an upright person.

Her words and deeds showed that she was a Natural Saint worthy of admiration!

Whether it is the Green Grain Cauldron or his daughter, if he wants to force them into Bai Lian's hands, he will be publicly shamed by Bai Lian.

"Bastard, who do you think I am? You are insulting my character!"

Dead end.

What shall we do then?!

The sect leader had a splitting headache.

Fairy Bai Lian may not quarrel with him, but other people in the Duxian sect are different.

Any disciple above the Nascent Soul Stage can make their Chuncao Pavilion suffer from crisis.

Even if the Duxian sect doesn't do anything, he doesn't know what Bai Lian's fans will think of them after what happened here spreads.

The sect leader can only look at Taoist Lingye for help.

Brother, you have faced Bai Lian twice and you're still healthy. You must have some tricks!

"Let's go together."

Taoist Lingye sighed.

It's hard to earn money these days.

He still thought about what happened when Bai Lian broke into his house that day——

"That's 'stop where it should stop'!"


A light "Cannon" shot up into the sky.

This is the romance of martial artists!

Fairy Bai Lian is worthy of being called a fairy!

While Taoist Lingye was being deeply moved walking a few steps behind the pavilion leader, he suddenly heard a cry of surprise.

"Ah ah ah -"

Ah ↑

"Move! It moves!"

Taoist Lingye and others quickly turned around.

They immediately understood what happened.

The city wall of Hening City was originally cut off by the sword that Bai Lian used to hit Bing Yi, and a large number of stones fell and were crushed to pieces.

But at this time, an invisible force lifted countless pieces of rubble into the air, some of which were pulled from the collapsed mountains in the far distance.

The stones fell into place like stacked blocks.

The dust was flying, but it was well confined to the small area near the city wall.

When the smoke and dust cleared up, people stared at the wall that had been repaired. It was even more solid and beautiful than the old wall.

The manner is very clever. After all, there is much rubble strewn about for hundreds of miles. The means are also ordinary. After all, even ordinary cultivators can do it. It just takes time to build a wall.


"Let's go."

Bai Lian withdrew her hand and began to urge the people who stopped.

Everyone in the room held their breath.

What matters is not whether such "Small things" are easy to do, but whether they are done or not.

Many people won't do it, but Bai Lian did.

"Today, I know what the word 'Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian means." Someone said with emotion, "That's respect. We are all seekers of the Great Tao. Bai Lian is worthy of being called Elder Martial Sister!"

"Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian is not only Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian of Qiongming Peak, but also Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian of the Duxian sect. She is Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian of the East Divine Land!"


Gu Quan's eyes were bright.

He felt that the light was reflected from Bai Lian.

When he looked up to see the whole city, he found that in the battle involving several cultivators at the Soul Changing Stage, only the attic where Taoist Lingye lived was completely destroyed.

Not only that, but when he went around to collect information, he also found that no one in the city was injured, let alone died.


It's not a coincidence.

"Even if it's a coincidence, it doesn't matter."

Because Fairy Bai Lian always has so many "coincidences".

If there is a person who can bring happiness to everyone around her. Do you need to worry too much about how she can bring happiness to others?

Gu Quan looked up at the sky.

The sky is very calm today.

He thought that one day, if only the Emperor of Heluo country was replaced by Bai Lian, how nice it would be!

"The deeds of a hero should not be buried!"

Gu Quan felt that he would be busy in the following days.


The captured Shan Huan and others were hidden in the city.

They were hidden in a tightly guarded yard, feeling like the weather, first overcast, then rainy, and finally sunny.

"There was food and drink, and no one was hurt."

The sect leader of Chuncao Pavilion smiled and said to Bai Lian.

Then he pointed to Shan Huan, "The main reason Zhao Shuo wanted to bring them back was for the sake of this woman's father."


The sect leader replied, "I only heard that her father was a famous alchemist."

Bai Lian understood.

No wonder Shan Huan was very insightful on the way to refining pills. It turned out that she had a family background.

It is no wonder that Zhao Shuo would attack those alchemists who are not famous.

In front of her, a new task appeared.

[Task 1: Go to see Shan Huan's father (Reward: Tea Ceremony+1)]

[Task 2: Treat as if you didn't hear (Reward: Painting+1)]

It seems that the growth of her Tea Ceremony level will never stop.

Bai Lian said, "I want to meet him."

"Of course. This way."

Under the guidance of the disciples of Chuncao Pavilion, Bai Lian came to a dark room.

She saw a haggard old man lying on the bed.

The sound of the door shaking woke the man.

He opened his turbid eyes, "I have not refined pills for many years. If you want to ask about this, you'd better go to other people."

Bai Lian said, "The people of the Sword Washing Pavilion have left."

"Oh." The man was strangely calm and seemed to have been indifferent to life and death. "Can my daughter and I leave here?"


"Don't you want anything from me?"

Bai Lian shook her head, "No."

"You don't know my true identity?"

"I heard that you used to be a very powerful alchemist."

Once, it was once.

Now he needs people to help him even when he walks.

He said in a husky voice, "My alchemy may be more powerful than you think."

Bai Lian smiled and said, "Really?"

Oh, there were really many people around her who had experienced twists and turns in their lives.

The man continued, "I can make you a great alchemist!"

Bai Lian waved her hand and said, "I'm really not interested. To be honest, I'm lazy. I prefer to spend more time with my younger Martial Sisters."


It's not a lie.

Bai Lian said, "I wanted to extend your life directly by giving you Medical Pills, but I don't think you would accept it. Let your daughter do it herself."

She turned and was about to leave, when suddenly a sigh came from behind.

"I don't want her to go this way."

He seems to be saying that "Alchemy is a dead end".

Bai Lian didn't look back and asked, "Did you teach her how to make pills?"

"She learned it secretly while I couldn't move."

"Then you should respect her choice. You are her last relative in the world and the person who knows her best. If you don't support her, who will support her?"

After that, Bai Lian pushed the door and went out.

She closed the door and the room fell back into darkness.

The old man's body was frozen in place.

The last relative..

He slowly raised his dark arm lighted by sunshine from the little window and in it he saw the passing of life and all the people who had been cherished by him.

He suddenly struggled to raise his upper body.


"What's your name?"