The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 5 Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Should People With High Morality Be Bullied?

When Bai Lian returned to the inn, Xiao Jinse and Su Youwei were nervously guarding the door.

They wanted to go out to find Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, but there was a lot of noise outside. They were afraid that before finding Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, they'd lose their way.

They knew that Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian was very strong, but they were just worried.

Fortunately, Bai Lian pushed open the door and walked in just after 19 o'clock.

The two younger Martial Sisters rushed towards her like two chicks to their mom.


Her appearance looks very normal, but maybe there is a wound hidden under the clothes?

This possibility cannot be ignored.

Touch it quickly!

"What's the matter?"

Bai Lian, who was holding snacks, could only hold her hands high.

"The arm is normal."

"No problem with her stomach."

"The feet are also normal."

"Butt… don't look at this."

The two younger Martial Sisters had a serious look and a clear division of labor.

Bai Lian felt that she had become a doll at the mercy of others.


Damn it!

Who touched my chest?

Bai Lian's eyes became sharp.

When she looked at the two younger Martial Sisters, both of them patted their chests with relief.

"We are glad you were all right, Elder Martial Sister!"


Was it an accident?

Bai Lian's eyes wandered around the two younger Martial Sisters, and she really couldn't see anything unusual.

She went to the table, arranged the snacks, and took the jade rabbit from the bed.

"One for each. Try it."

The jade rabbit doesn't eat meat, but only likes to eat grass, so Bai Lian bought her a leek, coriander, peanuts, and other foods.

The jade rabbit looked at Bai Lian, her eyes brightly shining.

If there were not those two annoying women, she would be Bai Lian's rabbit now.

Bad luck!

The jade rabbit bit two peanuts in one bite and felt a bit bitter.

I wish I had some more wine.

Ton Ton Ton——

"Get drunk when there is wine!"


Bai Lian slowly dealt with the tofu in the oil paper package.

She gave a general account of what happened outside. She only said that there was someone making trouble. Because Taoist Lingye was involved, it caused a sensation.

"How did you get by today?"

Bai Lian successfully diverted the topic.

Xiao Jinse immediately became more talkative, "The girl named Shan Huan is knowledgeable. She said that she remembered some special medicinal materials. In order to verify her guess, she would go home and read the ancient books."

Bai Lian nodded, "It seems that you are making good progress."

"Yes." Xiao Jinse's eyes narrowed with laughter. "If everything goes well, we may be able to refine the required Medical Pills the day after tomorrow."

Getting the Green Grain Cauldron is the most important thing.

A beautiful day starts with seeing the young Martial Sister's smiling face!

The noise didn't subside until 4 o'clock at night.

Bai Lian wondered how many people stayed up all night.

Just when Bai Lian thought that things would be slowly forgotten, the next morning, people in Hening city got excited again.

After a group of alchemists who worshiped Taoist Lingye learned that the chaos in the city last night was related to Taoist Lingye, they excitedly gathered near the Chuncao Pavilion.

Someone shouted in support of Taoist Lingye.

Someone shouted to the city guard to arrest the culprits as soon as possible.

In the end, Taoist Lingye came out to appease them personally.

He looked at the crowd with a puzzled face, "What happened?"

Someone at the bottom shouted, "Master Lingye, I heard that someone wanted to kill you, so that you could not restore the ancient elixir's prescription smoothly!"

"That's right."

"It's unacceptable!"

Taoist Lingye immediately laughed.

"Everybody, this is a misunderstanding." He performed a fist and palm salute and said, "Actually nobody attacked me. I was cultivating boxing in the attic last night. I was suddenly inspired and created a new boxing move. At that time, I couldn't control my strength for a while, so I overturned the attic. I didn't expect it to cause so much noise. I’m at fault!"


Can you explain it like this?

Bai Lian was stunned.

The onlookers nearby initially had a similar reaction to hers, but then they immediately exclaimed.

"It's worthy of being Elder Lingye!"

"Your boxing is too awesome!"

"Too strong, Master Lingye!"

Taoist Lingye stroked his white beard gently and smiled without saying anything.

Bai Lian's eyelids jumped wildly.

Damn, gave you another chance to pretend to be cool!

However, she was not angry. Taoist Lingye seemed to have listened to her advice.

What Bai Lian wanted was fairness.

In the cultivation world, fairness and justice are little girls who can dress up at will.

She is glad that she has gradually become able to set rules, so that she can pave the way for her younger Martial Sisters.

However, her strength is far from enough. The "Evil" standing in front of Master An Lan is the most terrible. It is useless to defeat that "Evil" by playing tricks.

The only way she can think of now is to use power to defeat power!

Good people have protagonists to save them.

There are saviors for villains.

Let the growing Martial Sisters deal with the "Evil". This is the most promising method to achieve a good ending.

Bai Lian left the Chuncao Pavilion with cheers.

Sometimes, she has to admit that reputation is a good thing.


In the evening, Xiao Jinse returned to the inn. Her eyebrows were locked and she looked tired.

"Failed again?" Su Youwei said.

Xiao Jinse shook her head and said, "Not that."

Bai Lian asked, "What's the matter?"

"Miss Shan Huan hasn't come back today. I'm worried if she had an accident on the way."


Bai Lian could only comfort her by saying, "Tomorrow I will accompany you to have a look."

"Thank you, Elder Martial Sister."

Xiao Jinse's face was smiling again, which made Su Youwei feel a little bit envious.

After a peaceful night.

The next morning, led by Bai Lian, they came to the shabby courtyard rented by Shan Huan and waited.

Up to the middle of the day, there was still no one outside, and even Bai Lian could not sit still any longer.

Was there really an accident?

She didn't suspect that Shan Huan ran away. After all, the girl left without anything on her body. She had no reason to run.

Xiao Jinse was a little confused.

Without Shan Huan's ideas on alchemy, she could not defeat these famous alchemists alone.

It is less than a year since she officially entered the path of cultivation.

She was originally unable to set foot here.

It was Martial Sister Bai Lian who made her feel that the world is not a sea of suffering. It was Martial Sister Bai Lian who brought her here. It was Martial Sister Bai Lian who gave her the possibility to improve herself…

At this time, Xiao Jinse suddenly found her hand was held.

Icy cold.

She turned her head and looked at Bai Lian.

"Go find her."

Bai Lian smiled.

She smiled tactfully and sincerely.

In Xiao Jinse's opinion, this is a smile that can melt ice. She found herself slowly finding back her confidence in Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian's smile.

But what is puzzling is that Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian's body, showing such a warm smile, is as cold as ice.

Did Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian not leave any warmth for herself?

Xiao Jinse was dragged up.

She followed Bai Lian timidly, completely ignoring the angry eyes of Su Youwei and the jade rabbit.

She suddenly felt that if this could last forever, there would be no regret even if she could not cultivate anymore!

Bai Lian found Gu Quan again.

After paying Spirit Stones, she got some news. Although Gu Quan didn't know where Shan Huan lived, he knew a person who knew it.

Under his guidance, Bai Lian hurried to Shan Huan's residence.

There was no blood, no cut limbs, no corpses. There was only a broken thatched hut that looked half destroyed by a typhoon.

Xiao Jinse went into the house and found a letter on the table. After opening it, she found that it was addressed to her.

Shan Huan said that she didn't know whether Xiao Jinse would read the letter, but she still wanted to explain that she was very guilty. She clearly said that they would work together to refine pills, but in the end, it turned out like this.

But she couldn't help it.

[My father is in their hands. They said they would help my father cure his illness as long as I stopped cooperating with you.]

After careful consideration, Shan Huan agreed to the conditions of those people.


Xiao Jinse stared at the letter, unable to say a word.

Bai Lian also didn't speak.

She stared at the second Martial Sister who was lost in thought.

Do people with high morals deserve to be bullied?

The first thing that flashed in her mind was the face of Taoist Lingye.

If all this is really as she expected, let her, who was judged to have no morals by the system, kill and destroy everyone involved in this!

This time, it's not for fairness, just for her Martial Sister!

Bai Lian pulled out the Dirt Free Sword, her face looking ice cold.

"Let's go back to Hening City."