The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 5 Chapter 10 Part 2

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Chapter 10: Stop Where It Should Stop (2)

Chop through the snowfield, break out of the attic, and rush into the boundless night full of cold white light, just like the light of the lighthouse illuminating the four directions.

Finally, red, yellow, blue…… Countless petals slowly fall from the sky.

Some fell on Taoist Lingye.

Some fell on the ground frozen into ice.

It's hot.

Taoist Lingye was as numb as a startled chicken.

Until everything calmed, it had been more than a dozen breaths.

His eyes were slightly squinted, and he saw that the sword was only a foot away from his neck. If Bai Lian stabbed the sword a little to the left…

"This is called 'stop where it should stop'!"


"This is what a Special Effect should be!"


Bai Lian slowly pulled the Dirt Free Sword back.

She stood calmly near the broken wall of the attic.

As if nothing had happened.

In front of her was the embarrassed Taoist Lingye, and behind her was the bustling world.

Taoist Lingye's lips trembled. It took a long time to say, "I'll give you the fairness you want."

The quiet Bai Lian came.

The quiet Bai Lian left again.

She waved her sleeves and didn't take any parts from Taoist Lingye.

Taoist Lingye stood there for a long time.

For a long time, he stood in the snowy attic, then raised his hand to touch his cheek.

Blood all over his face.

Oh, it was just a cut on the cheek.

"This young person…" he said with emotion, looking at the hanging moon. "Is still a very good young person."

If it's other people, they may not spare his life.


Just forget this business and quit. If he works harder, he can always earn enough Spirit Stones.

Taoist Lingye waited for a while before the people of Chuncao Pavilion broke in from downstairs.

They anxiously asked, "Taoist Lingye, what's wrong?"

Taoist Lingye told the story with a wry smile.

Someone said, "Do you want to send someone to follow…"

"Bastard, do you think that our Chuncao Pavilion is strong enough to provoke such a person?"


"You can't say that."

Just then, several strange figures landed on the attic.


Taoist Lingye felt the danger.


The city of Hening was in chaos.

In this silent night, even on the remote paths, people ran past from time to time.

Bai Lian reluctantly touched her sword handle.

The sword was too strong just now, so much that the city patrolling guards of Heluo were dispatched.

It's all her fault.

If she used much more spirit Qi to fight, this problem would not occur.

While walking, Bai Lian suddenly stopped.

Someone is following her!

Her Divine Sense is strong and she will never make mistakes in such a place.

That person is very powerful, and his breath is as conspicuous as a sun in the dark.

Bai Lian got it!

No wonder the reward of standing out for the second Martial Sister is Tianshu Sword Array. It's not that Taoist Lingye is powerful, but that there is a person with high strength hidden behind him.

"So he might have lied when he said he would give me the fairness I want?"

Bai Lian frowned.

It seems that she will have to visit Taoist Lingye again tomorrow.

Bai Lian stopped at a roadside stall selling special snacks of Hening City and said to the vendor, "I want four!"

She released a phantom butterfly for reconnaissance.

This is a very low level monitoring spell, and probably will be found by that person.

But there is no other way. This is all she knows.

Go, Phantom Butterfly!


Ju Buyi sat on the roof and overlooked Bai Lian who was looking at various snacks with great interest.

He had a strange feeling in his heart.

This girl shouldn't look so ordinary.

Ju Buyi was distracted.

He recalled the sword that Bai Lian stabbed out. It should be a sword full of murderous feelings, but when she finished the sword, it was full of intoxicating vitality.


"What a strange woman."

Her strength must be very strong!

Ju Buyi's cultivation base is at the early stage of the Soul Changing Stage, but he thinks he is not the rival of Bai Lian.

At least, if he was the one holding the sword at that time, he would never be immobile when Taoist Lingye tried to break the sword.

Bai Lian's strength is so strong. If she also uses her spirit Qi, will she become ten times stronger?

I can't fight at all.

Ju Buyi didn't want to come, but he came anyway.

After all, this is his responsibility.

He just hoped Bai Lian could relax her vigilance and not find him.

"It's time to continue…"

Ju Buyi recovered from his emotion. He stood up and suddenly froze. At a distance of fewer than two feet, a vaguely shaped butterfly fluttered its wings.

Phantom Butterfly!

He didn't notice when it came.

Ju Buyi was a little flustered.

He was quick to understand that Bai Lian released it. Bai Lian was telling him “I had found you”.

Maybe there is a deeper meaning in it.

With the strength of Bai Lian, she certainly has a higher level of monitoring magic, but she deliberately uses the Phantom Butterfly.

What's this?

This is the gap of strength!

"Oh, I can bypass your perception with such low-level magic!"

Ju Buyi's face darkened.

Leave! I can't fight!

His figure suddenly disappeared from the vision of the Phantom Butterfly.


Bai Lian also panicked. Was he going to call more people to kill her?

She paid the money and left with the snacks she had just bought.