The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 5 Chapter 10 Part 1

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Chapter 10: Stop Where It Should Stop (1)

The sword came from the west.

Taoist Lingye couldn't predict the trajectory.

Taoist Lingye didn't know what shocking scene that sword brought.

Taoist Lingye only remembered that the sword was fast.

It was so fast that he could only push his right hand forward and cut it against the sharp blade.

But that sword was fast after all!

He didn't have time to use his various martial arts.

The palm hit the air.

The wall behind Bai Lian was blasted into splinters with a snap, and even the sky was dyed by fire.

Later, Taoist Lingye tried to push Bai Lian away with a powerful punch.

But that sword was fast after all!

By the time he finished his starting move, the tip of the Dirt Free Sword had already touched his eyebrows.


Taoist Lingye froze in place.

The water spirit Qi in the air was stirring, and he felt as if he had fallen into the boundless ocean.

Moving has become difficult; even breathing has become hard.

At that time, if he walked one-tenth of an inch further, his head would be punctured and his soul would be damaged.

Bai Lian also froze.

"Wait. Why didn't he hide?"

Isn't he a cultivator at the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage?

Bai Lian suspected that Taoist Lingye hadn't even reached the Nascent Soul Stage.

What's going on with this system?

She didn't continue to attack. She just came to pursue fairness, and didn't plan to kill Taoist Lingye.

Damn it!

Taoist Lingye took a deep breath.

No wonder this strange girl is so aggressive. She is really strong!

However, the people in Chuncao Pavilion must have noticed something unusual just now.

All he has to do is to buy time.

Taoist Lingye said with a serious look, "Young man, it's not a good habit to make sneak attacks, and you are too impetuous. If it wasn't me…"

Then he shook his head.


He waved his fist in the air and made a crisp explosion sound. Then a "Dragon" flew into the night sky.

"If I didn't intentionally deflect my palm half an inch to the side, it would crush your body. Leave now, and I can act as if nothing happened. Otherwise, I will be angry!"

Taoist Lingye sighed, and his face was full of disappointment.

“Young people nowadays don't know how to respect their elders!”

Bai Lian was unmoved.

I respect the elderly. Why don't you love the young?

You are hundreds of years old, and still play tricks on the young.

"As long as I have no morals, no one can morally blackmail me!"

Seeing that Bai Lian still didn't withdraw her sword, Taoist Lingye's eyes widened.

"It's not all good for young people to be vigorous."

He raised his right hand, gripped the blade that pointed to his eyebrows with his index finger and middle finger, and then tried to move it away.







In a flash, Taoist Lingye's face turned red.

What the fuck? Why doesn't it move?

Bai Lian couldn't help but remind him, "Taoist Lingye, this sword is a best-grade Magic Tool. It's not that I look down on you. You'd better give up the idea of breaking it."

Taoist Lingye froze again.

He felt himself hit hard.



In fact, he didn't want to break the tip of the sword at all. He just wanted to move the sword away with his fingers, because being pointed at by a sword made him uneasy.

But now Bai Lian says that he wants to break the sword. Doesn't that mean that she doesn't feel his strength at all?


Taoist Lingye's face changed.

Oh, I see. This person is better at "Pretending to be cool" than him!

Today he met his opponent!

Taoist Lingye sighed, "Young man, you're really not bad. Who is your master?"


I will not tell you.

Bai Lian said calmly, "It's not worth mentioning. My strength is far inferior to my master's."

"You must not be from a small sect, right?"

"So what?"

"If it is a small sect, your sect will rise under your leadership."

Taoist Lingye smiled and said, and when he saw Bai Lian's mind wandering a little, his eyes flashed.

Surprise attack!

He gripped the blade with his fingers and pressed it to the left, shouting in his heart——

Move, you transparent sword!

Is this delaying for time?

Bai Lian released her Divine Sense. The explosion in the attic has attracted a lot of attention.

Although she is not afraid of the people of Chuncao Pavilion, she doesn't want to be seen. In this case, let's teach Taoist Lingye a little lesson.

Bai Lian stared at red-faced Taoist Lingye, who was still trying to move the blade, and pulled the Dirt Free Sword back.

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She brandished the sword.

The blade rolled up the storm.

In the twinkling of an eye, ice butterflies flew all over the room, freezing the room into ice sculptures.

In the pale haze, Bai Lian stabbed a sword at Taoist Lingye.

It's quite sudden.

Before Taoist Lingye could recover from the shock of the Dirt Free Sword being pulled back easily, he suddenly found himself in a polar snowfield.

The frost and snow all over the sky made him unable to open his eyes. He seemed to be engulfed by darkness.

Taoist Lingye's heart was filled with fear.

At this moment, he understood that this young person is even stronger than he imagined!


Following the sound of explosion, Taoist Lingye was engulfed by the snowstorm.

The only thing left in his eyes was the white sword frozen by frost and snow.

He marched forward courageously.