The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 4 Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Yan Yue's Diary

On the way back to the Qiongming peak, the jade rabbit put the flower demon on its head, which looked like its head had blossomed.

The flower demon twisted and turned and felt very uneasy, but after the jade rabbit adjusted its position with its ears, it calmed down.

"Elder Martial Sister."

At the gate of the courtyard, Xiao Jinse, who was closing the door, suddenly became evasive when she saw Bai Lian coming suddenly.

That was close!


The jade rabbit.

She stared at the jade rabbit with light steps.

"What's the matter with this flower?"


The two ears of the jade rabbit were squeezed together and swayed like seaweed.

Bai Lian's attention was successfully led by Xiao Jinse, "The jade rabbit said it was its friend."

The jade rabbit nodded excitedly, indicating that Bai Lian was right.


Xiao Jinse was surprised.

When did Martial Sister Bai Lian learn the rabbit's language?

"Haven't started cultivating today?" Bai Lian asked.

Xiao Jinse quickly replied, "I'm going to cultivate. Martial Sister. I'll go first."

"Take care."


Bai Lian watched Xiao Jinse go away.

She might invite the second younger Martial Sister to her room at ordinary times. Her room is quite large and there are many interesting things.

But not today.

The less people who knows about Master Yan Yue's diary, the better.

If the contents in the diary are spread, it will become a critical hit to Yan Yue's heart. She and the Blood Tree Patriarch will definitely be hanged by angry Yan Yue.

It can be seen from the task options that suddenly popped out just now.

The task reward for inviting Xiao Jinse to "Observe and learn" is a top-grade magic tool, while the reward for reading the diary alone is Alchemy + 1.

When Bai Lian was about to enter the house, the jade rabbit also took the flower demon to other places to play.


At the moment of closing the door, Bai Lian's face showed a happy smile.

She took out the "Evil book" from her chest.

Night, black taboo, black temptation!

(つ• ̀ω•́) つ

Go, go!

Bai Lian quickly walked to the dressing table. She closed the window and looked around.


This is a very safe place!

Bai Lian slowly lifted the black diary in front of her with excitement.


For a moment, Bai Lian felt that she had broken through the shackles of time and space and returned to more than 400 years ago.

[January 29]

[My father brought back a girl about my age from outside. I'm not the youngest Martial Sister at last!]

[Alas, she is so cute. Maby I will speak to her?]

[February 1st]

[I can't beat the new Martial Sister, so I became the youngest Martial Sister of the Duxian sect again!!!]


Was there such a thing?

Bai Lian knew for the first time that her master's "Martial Sister identity" was determined by fighting.

She suddenly felt that Little Yan Yue was a little miserable.

It can also be seen from the following records that the former sect leader only focused on the great rejuvenation of the Duxian sect. Yan Yue, whose mom passed away when she was young, could only play alone. Those senior brothers and sisters were much older than her. Before An Lan came, she could not find anyone who could play with her.

Yan Yue was close to An Lan, but An Lan, who had just been beaten down from the Immortal World to this small world, didn't want to be close to her.

This state lasted for a long time.

[July 18, sunny]

[Elder Martial Sister An Lan has started to talk nonsense recently. Although her strength is not much different from mine, she always says that she is invincible in the world. She also says that if I don't talk to her anymore, she will let me take charge of the Immortal World in the future.]


[The third day of September]

[Elder Martial Sister An Lan said, "Since you are bored, I will help you find a friend who you can talk to". In the evening, Martial Sister An Lan, who became dirty, carried a red tree from somewhere. We planted the tree outside the house together. This tree was not honest at all. Elder Martial Sister An Lan was annoyed and beat it hard.]

Bai Lian nodded secretly.

The red tree must refer to the Blood Tree Patriarch. Oh, I didn't expect that the Blood Tree Patriarch was dug up by my master!

From here on, there were notes of the Blood Tree Patriarch in the later diary.

[November 19, heavy snow]

[It's so cold recently. I always get cold when I sleep alone. I want to sleep with Martial Sister An Lan!]

[November 20, heavy snow]

[I secretly climbed onto Martial Sister An Lan's bed. Elder Martial Sister An Lan's body was so warm that I fell asleep at once.]

[But when I woke up, I was tied to the beam with a rope.]

[Remark: An Lan hung Yan Yue on the beam with a rope but she was worried that Yan Yue would catch a cold. After leaving for a while, she came back and wrapped Yan Yue in a quilt.]


[The seventh day of March, heavy rain]

[The dog that disappeared for three days came back this morning!]

[Remark: it was found by An Lan]


[First day of June, sunny day]

[I'm going to challenge the disciple of the Biluo sect who laughed at me in the competition tomorrow. I'm so nervous.]

[The second day of June, a sunny day]

[That disciple broke his leg. I was promoted directly. Good!]

[Remark: An Lan secretly went to beat that disciple and broke his leg.]


[Fifth day of May, heavy rain]

Elder Martial Sister An Lan tore off the paper crane I folded for her in front of me. She said that real strong people don't need such meaningless wishes

[Remark: after Yan Yue left crying, An Lan put the torn paper crane back together again]

The handwriting of this diary was very vague, and some words could only be seen half.

The Blood Tree Patriarch said that it only copied a diary. Bai Lian didn't expect that the degree of reduction was so high, and her admiration came naturally.


The feelings of the original author were immediately manifested.

So that Bai Lian could easily feel Yan Yue's misery at that time.

"Well, that picture on the wall…"

Bai Lian's eyes fell on the painting of An Lan. In the diary, it was said that An Lan had lost the painting.

Lost? Didn't she keep it well?

An Lan's character is really as twisted as the hidden information unlocked in the game character description.

Yan Yue desperately wanted to make a friend with An Lan, and An Lan wanted to drive Yan Yue away from her. In the end, she still couldn't behave too cruel to Yan Yue.

As a spectator, the Blood Tree Patriarch also had bad luck.

[Remark: they quarreled, but it was me who was beaten at last. What the fuck!]

From the remarks, Bai Lian also knew that An Lan threatened the Blood Tree Patriarch not to talk too much, or she would chop it to firewood, so the Blood Tree Patriarch could only watch.

But Yan Yue herself knew a small part of the truth.

Because of this, although Yan Yue always scolded An Lan, she didn't really become a foe to An Lan.

Since Martial Sister An Lan doesn't want to talk to her, don't talk.

After making this decision, Yan Yue never wrote a diary again.

This is regrettable.

Bai Lian tapped on the desktop.

The Blood Tree Patriarch and Yan Yue have a very good relationship. The reason why it gave her this diary must be to attract her as a foreign aid.

"But it's not that easy to reconcile the contradictions between them."

An Lan is her master after all. If she is her younger Martial Sister, she can do something by force.

Now, ah, I can't fight my master.

I'm afraid if I tried to do something to the master, the master would really do something to me!

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Why doesn't Master An Lan like Master Yan Yue?

Was it just because of her twisted character?

Bai Lian put the diary into her chest in doubt.


At that moment, she noticed something was wrong while staring at the painting. Did the position of the painting change again?

Her painting seemed to be put between the master and the second Martial Sister again.