The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 4 Chapter 8 Part 2

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Chapter 8: Look at Bai Lian, and Then Look at Yourself! (2)

She was about to thank Yan Yue, and new task options suddenly appeared in front of her.

[Task 1, "With Master Yan Yue's help, the double-headed dragon is nothing!" (Reward: Taiqing Tao Seeking Scroll)

[Task 2: Politely refuse Yan Yue. (Reward: Hard Skill + 2)]

"Ah, this…"

Bai Lian was stunned.

Taiqing Tao Seeking Scroll is the first volume of a top-level cultivation method, which is no less valuable than the best magic tools.

Why is the reward of Task 1 so high?

This is unreasonable!

Theoretically speaking, it is a very easy thing for Yan Yue to kill the double-headed dragon.

Can it be because the double-headed dragon hid its strength? Actually, it's far stronger than Yan Yue?

That's not right.

Bai Lian looked at Task 2.

After she refused Yan Yue, the task of killing the double-headed dragon would fall on her.

If the double-headed dragon is really strong enough to kill Yan Yue, the reward of Task 2 can never be only 2 skill points.

The problem is not about Yan Yue's strength.

Bai Lian hesitated for a while and chose Task 2.

"Master Yan, thank you for your kindness, but I want to go to kill the double-headed dragon myself. For me, this is a rare test."

Yan Yue stared at Bai Lian with hot desire in her eyes.

She sighed.

What a wonderful child this is!

She was 100% sure that if her disciples were standing in front of her at this time, those guys would happily agree with her proposal and then flatter her.

But Bai Lian is different.

[A rare test]

Take a look.

What a conscious remark.

Bai Lian's achievement today is not only because of her high talent, but also because she has a mentality far beyond ordinary people!

Such a state of mind made her not at all confused about the way of cultivation. Even if an internal demon saw her, the internal demon had to make a detour.


Yan Yue sighed.

She wanted to hold Bai Lian in her arms and tell her affectionately that you don't have to work hard. Sister Yan Yue will support you.

But she didn't dare. It was a very embarrassing thing to be refused sternly.

Yan Yue said, "Don't force yourself. If you encounter difficulties, you can come to me at any time."

The flower demon can escape from the double-headed dragon, which proves that the strength of the double-headed dragon is not too strong, so she is not worried that Bai Lian will encounter danger.

Yan Yue's attitude moved Bai Lian, "Thank you, Master Yan Yue."

She was going back to the Qiongming peak, but at that moment, she suddenly remembered the picture hanging in the room.

She turned and asked, "Master Yan Yue, have you ever painted for my master before?"


While Yan Yue was still thinking, the Blood Tree Patriarch answered, "Not only has she painted, but she has painted a lot."

Yan Yue angrily said, "Shut up!"

The Blood Tree Patriarch just laughed. Who lets you poke me so hard just now? I will expose your true face!

Yan Yue suddenly became coy. "I did, but I was too naive at that time. How did you know this?"

If she was not that naive at that time, she would never have drawn a picture for An Lan!

Bai Lian said, "A few days ago, the master gave me a painting. She didn't say who drew it, but I saw Master Yan Yue's seal on the painting."

Yan Yue hurriedly asked, "What kind of painting is it?"

Bai Lian pulled out a water rhyme in front of her, and the painting slowly emerged in the wave light.

Yan Yue looked at it in silence.

She trembled when she looked at her.

She remembered what happened many years ago. An Lan told her that the painting had been lost.

"Don't give me anything in the future. I have to tidy it up for half a day every time."

Does it take up space?

Because of An Lan' words, Yan Yue's excited heart cooled quickly and then began to collapse.

No more.

She didn't want to paint anymore!

A long time later, until today, Bai Lian suddenly told her that An Lan had always kept that painting.

What is this?

Yan Yue hadn't recovered for a long time.

"Master Yan Yue?" Bai Lian asked.

After a while, Yan Yue calmed down, "Yes, I painted it."

Sure enough.

Bai Lian wanted to know more about it. Yan Yue said anxiously, "I think I have something to do, so I won't accompany you."

"Ok, Master Yan Yue."

Yan Yue hurried away.

Her back was a little embarrassed for a while.

It was not long before Bai Lian heard an angry scolding voice, "Why are you wandering around? How long have you cultivated today? Don't you feel ashamed if you look at Bai Lian and yourself?"


Bai Lian felt guilty.

Don't pull hatred!

At this time, the Blood Tree Patriarch suddenly said, "Do you want to know the relationship between your master and Yan Yue?"


There was a book hanging on one of the Blood Tree Patriarch's branches.

Bai Lian thought that it must be a fascinating [Evil book]!

The Blood Tree Patriarch showed a devil-like smile, "This is the diary written by Yan Yue when she was a child. She burned the diary, but I copied it before she burned it, and I also wrote notes on it."


Bai Lian solemnly took over the book.

How can it be called peeping? I just want to reconcile the contradictions between the masters!

"I'll take it back!"

Bai Lian pulled the jade rabbit and fled away from the Zhuyan mountain.

She never thought that she had finally found an opportunity to communicate with Yan Yue.

Looking at the back of Bai Lian, the Blood Tree Patriarch shook its crown slightly.

It was raised by Yan Yue. On the other hand, Yan Yue was also brought up by it. It regarded Yan Yue as its sister.

Although they quarrel nonstop every day and fight from time to time, it never hates Yan Yue.

If it can, it hopes that Yan Yue will never leave regrets in her heart.

"Take your time."

The Blood Tree Patriarch sighed.

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