The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 4 Chapter 4 Part 2

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Chapter 4: An Lan Is On the Top! (2)

Green lanterns, stone statues.

At that time, Bai Lian also stood beside her as now and asked her the main points of cultivation. The difference was that Bai Lian looked very immature at that time. Whenever she looked up and saw her, she would shyly look away.

Now Bai Lian is older, she has become calm, but she is not as cute as that time.


Why are these memories so vague?

If it weren't for the scene, she wouldn't remember it at all.

After a sigh, An Lan found that her good mood disappeared with the memories.

She hated the strange idea of what was missing.

She was the Immortal Heavenly Lord, she could easily get anything she wanted!

It should be…

An Lan quietly tightened her fist under her long sleeve.

These questions of basic magic circles are too simple for her. Today she will be a good teacher and let Bai Lian worship her!

"Look at this." An Lan stretched out a finger, "It's very simple… So you can get… Again… You can find this at a glance…"

She said and motioned with her other hand. In this way, one magic circle after another appeared in the cave.

In the bright yellow candle flame, the dark cave was gradually illuminated by colored lights.

Bai Lian felt that she was standing in a bright galaxy.

Countless stars were listed in the bright and deep night…

This master…

Fucking great!

She would never have acted so relaxed.

But after listening to An Lan's explanation, Bai Lian looked confused.

How easy is it?

How did this come out?

What is this?

Damn it!

Is this the world of genius?

"Do you understand?"

An Lan smiled and asked Bai Lian.

"Got it, got it." Bai Lian nodded with a smile. She gave up the treatment, "Master, you're really good!"

"Do you really understand?"

An Lan asked again. She vaguely felt something was wrong.

"I really understand!"

An Lan agreed with Bai Lian for the time being. She really has the potential to be a good teacher!

She asked again, "Are there any other questions?"

This time, the system didn't pop out, so Bai Lian shook her head.

An Lan was speechless for a moment.

She suddenly felt that the disciple was too clever, which was not a good thing.

She imagined herself and Bai Lian staying up all night to discuss the bottleneck scene Bai Lian met during her cultivation.

As warm as in the past.


She wrote the script of a whole book, but Bai Lian only opened the first page.

She knew it was not Bai Lian's fault. She couldn't beat Bai Lian into a fool, could she?

An Lan shook her head secretly, and then looked up and down at Bai Lian.

Speaking of it, she and Bai Lian haven't seen each other for more than half a month, and the "Death" words on Bai Lian have increased again compared to before.

In fact, this is a very unreasonable thing.

How can a person with so many "Death" words be favored by heaven and have a Tao halo?

You should know that the Tao halo is the embodiment of vitality.

If life and death could be so easily balanced, she would have achieved real detachment. How could she become like this?

An Lan patted her left side, "Sit!"

Bai Lian sat down.

She deliberately moved aside for fear of pressing on An Lan's clothes.


An Lan was stunned.

She was only two inches away from Bai Lian, but these two inches were as far away as from one world to another.

The air was filled with a bitter taste.

An Lan said, "Put your feet out."


Bai Lian was puzzled.

"Help you check your Tao halo to see if there is something wrong with it."


Bai Lian took off her boots and socks, then slowly raised her bare right foot and put it on An Lan's thigh.

To be honest, she was quite embarrassed.

The master is the master after all.

An Lan gracefully grabbed Bai Lian's feet and watched it repeatedly. There was nothing out of line in her heart. She really planned to help Bai Lian have a look.

Just now, she found that she didn't want to see how Bai Lian would die so much.

After the initial tension, Bai Lian soon calmed down.

She looked at her master's serious eyes and felt something in her heart was touched.

This scene…

Surprisingly reassuring.

She no longer thinks about An Lan's identity. At least for now, she is just an ordinary master, ordinary enough to make her feel at ease.

After a while, An Lan loosened Bai Lian's feet, but her eyebrows were still locked.

Bai Lian asked cautiously, "Master, is there anything unusual about the Tao halo on me?"

An Lan shook her head, "It's normal, and it seems to be growing."

Normal is the biggest abnormality. Even she doesn't know what it means.

Forget it.

An Lan took out a lot of things from the storage ring. She pushed these things in front of Bai Lian.


Bai Lian took a closer look. In front of her, there were medical pills, magic circle books, the best magic tool Protective Beads, a variety of functional talismans, and several sets of Magic Formation Flags.

An Lan said, "Take all these things."

Bai Lian was shocked.

In addition to the Dirt Free Sword, this is the first time for her to get so many things from An Lan.

With these things, she could even beat a cultivator at the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage to death!

"Master, I…"

Bai Lian almost knelt.

My master is too great!

An Lan's face looked full of dignity, "You are the Eldest Martial Sister. If you're too poor, it will make the Qingming peak be looked down by others."


"All right, go and do your own business." An Lan waved her hand. She was anxious to drive Bai Lian away.

Bai Lian put everything away and bowed slightly, "Thank you, master."

She turned around and was about to leave. At this time, An Lan stopped her again.



An Lan took out a scroll from the ring, "You like hanging pictures on the wall. I think this picture is pretty good. Take it back and hang it."


Bai Lian didn't ask much.

She soon returned to her room.

After dealing with the things that An Lan gave her, she opened the scroll and was presented with a figure painting in front of her eyes. The person in the painting was An Lan with a long skirt and floating like a fairy.

Bai Lian looked up at another picture hanging on the wall, which was a portrait of her Martial Sisters when she was testing her painting ability.

It happened that there was an open space next to it, and Bai Lian carefully hung the picture An Lan just gave her there.

It doesn't look bad.

She decided to worship it every day. Maybe An Lan will give her something again as soon as she is happy.

In the cave.

Seeing Bai Lian hang the painting, An Lan lay in bed happily. This is right. She should only hang her Martial Sisters' painting!

At this time, the blanket was not cold, and the quilt was not hard anymore.

After more than a dozen breaths, An Lan fell asleep.

In her dream.

She was a good master.