The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 4 Chapter 4 Part 1

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Chapter 4: An Lan Is On the Top! (1)

For An Lan, the best way to relax was to sleep.

Anyway, since she can prolong her life at any time, it's not shameful to waste her life sleeping.

Do you feel envious?

That is exactly what she wants.

Whenever she heard those classmates blaming her for being lazy, she wanted to laugh.

"If you were once an Immortal Heavenly Lord, you could sleep like me!"

If she knew how to deal with her foe, she would have soared to the Immortal World.

An Lan didn't sleep well today.

After sealing the hole, taking off her clothes and lying on the stone bed, she tossed and turned and couldn't sleep.

The quilt had been as cold as iron for many years.

Negative comment.

The cushion was as hard as a rock.

Negative comment + 2.

When her round toes stretched out of the quilt, she felt cold.

Something was wrong.

An Lan quickly sat up.

Her figure is very symmetrical. Driven by such violent movements, only her long soft hair fluctuated.

"Drink some hot water."

An Lan waved to the kettle and flicked her fingers. The cold water in the kettle suddenly warmed up.

She took a light sip.


An Lan stared at the kettle strangely for a long time.

It should be no problem, but why does she think that the water is a little sour today?

"Does my Qi have a problem?"

An Lan put on her clothes again, and she was going to find a place to try.

Just as she stepped on cold ground with bare feet, her body suddenly shook violently, and she subconsciously hugged her chest with her hands.

With her cultivation base, it is impossible to catch cold on such an ordinary winter night.

Someone is definitely plotting against her!

A long lance appeared in An Lan's hand out of thin air. The lance was thick and long, much taller than her.

This is the sealed lance of the Heavenly Lord. She once used this lance to sweep 3000 fields of the Immortal World without being defeated once until she was finally hit by a sword in her knee.

Well, a good woman would never brag about her past glories.

An Lan looked everywhere. In just a moment, her divine sense swept the cave several times like huge waves. To her surprise, she was the only living existence in the whole cave.

"Am I old?"

An Lan sat on the bed, thinking for a long time.

After the second attempt to fall asleep failed, she scanned the whole Qiongming peak with her divine sense.

When she found that Bai Lian was huddled in the room alone reading books, her tight heart suddenly relaxed.

"Come to me alone. Don't disturb others."


Bai Lian, who received the message, was stunned for a moment.

If she heard it correctly, this was Master An Lan's voice!

What the hell?

Bai Lian estimated the time. It's already four o'clock.

The master let her go to the forbidden area alone, where she couldn't attract the attention of others…

Bai Lian had a bad feeling.

As soon as she loosened her finger, the jade slip fell onto the table.

Not good.

It must be a very private matter, otherwise, the master wouldn't deliberately mention the second half of the sentence.

For example…

Let her go and pick up the fourth Martial Sister to the sect!

Bai Lian was frightened.

That's bullshit.

Normally, the fourth Martial Sister should be noticed by Master An Lan two years after the second Martial Sister went up the mountain.

But now An Lan moves too fast. I can't stand it!

Bai Lian quietly put the jade slip away.

"Master, I'll come right away."

Don't panic.

She must refuse An Lan severely. Now she hasn't brought these two younger Martial Sisters on the right track. She will definitely be squeezed out completely if there is the third one.

Bai Lian took a deep breath.

Her divine sense reached into the beds of the two younger Martial Sisters like a tentacle.

Good, they are all asleep.

Bai Lian looked at other places again, but she didn't find the figure of Qing Luan, and the jade rabbit was sleeping soundly in the medicine garden with grass in its arms.

She confidently pushed the door open and left and soon came to the forbidden area where the cave was located.


Bai Lian was modest as ever.

But today's An Lan seemed a little different.

Her eyebrows frowned, her nose was slightly wrinkled, and she didn't notice that half of the clothes on her left shoulder fell, and her snow-like shoulders were exposed in the air.

"Here you are."

Returning to her senses, An Lan naturally pulled up her clothes. Her eyes were staring at Bai Lian, thinking something.

Bai Lian had to ask, "Master, what can I do for you?"

An Lan coughed softly and asked, "Have you encountered any difficulties recently?"

Bai Lian was stunned. What is this?

She hurriedly said, "No. But…"

She mentioned her Martial Sisters.

"These medical pills are insufficient."

She mentioned Qing Luan again.

"I don't know what I can teach her."

An Lan nodded. This is not the answer she want. Now she doesn't want to hear anything irrelevant to Bai Lian!

Qing Luan, Xiao Jinse, and Su Youwei.

I don't want to hear anything about them at all.

She asked patiently, "Don't you have any problems yourself?"

How could it not be.

I'm just a cultivator at the Golden Core Stage. How can everyone think that I have reached the Soul Changing Stage?

Bai Lian was not pretending to be modest. She was really not that strong!

She remembered something.

On the way back to the Duxian sect, Tong Yao congratulated her again for breaking through to the Soul Changing Stage. She tried to explain, but Tong Yao nodded repeatedly and said, "I understand. Elder Gaoyi must have asked you to say so. Hide your strength and bide your time. I really understand!"

What the fuck do you understand?!

Bai Lian shook her head secretly. This was the problem that bothered her most and An Lan couldn't solve it for her.

She lowered her head and was about to speak when the system task came out.

[Task 1, "I have no problem for the time being." (Reward: Dust Light Symbol)]

[Task 2, "Speaking of it, I really have a problem and want to consult you, master." (Reward: Soft Skill +1)]

The Dust Light Symbol is a very low-level talisman. Its effect is similar to that of a flare and can drive away low-grade ghosts.

But Bai Lian doesn't care whether the reward is precious or not.

Why was a system task even here?

Bai Lian stared at An Lan.

The master's personality is eccentric, deep like the sea, and unpredictable.

So she decided to be steady.


Bai Lian took out the book of basic magic circles.

[Task completed. Soft Skill +1]

After understanding what the words in the book mean, Bai Lian encountered new problems. This damn magic circle book actually involves many profound mathematical problems!

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She finally understood why the number of Magic Array Masters was lesser than the number of Alchemy Masters.

Bai Lian was glad that she was not a fool.

In her opinion, An Lan was once the Immortal Heavenly Lord. Although her strength has declined significantly, her knowledge is still there.

This is also the case.

"Let me see."

An Lan took over the jade slip from Bai Lian.

Bai Lian came to her side, and the two were no more than an inch apart. She could clearly feel Bai Lian's steady and powerful heartbeat.

It seemed to resonate.

It seemed to be applauding.

An Lan's agitated heart miraculously became peaceful.

"Master, I don't quite understand this place."

The index finger pointed not only on the floating golden words, but also on An Lan's memory.

She recalled when Bai Lian first joined the Qiongming peak.