The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 4 Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: Martial Sister Bai Lian's Straight Ball Attack

An Lan was puzzled by this.

She once could cut a field, could order the sun and the moon, could make thousands of flowers bloom as she thought…

But since she fell into the mortal world, all her magic powers have come to naught.

Occasionally, she even wondered whether the Immortal Heavenly Lord An Lan was just her fantasy, but the sealed lance reminded her that everything in the past was not false.

If it's not vanity, is it that she's getting old?

Before leaving the Duxian sect to the Wushan Holy Palace.

Lying in the cave, she felt sour drinking water and hard sleeping. She even mistakenly thought that someone had entered the cave.

"Is this really a sign of premature aging?"

An Lan's heart beat slowly.

She didn't think how terrible it was to die.

But she is very concerned about "How to die".

She is willing to disappear with the brightest light. Even if the world comes to its end and the Great Tao is annihilated, people will still sing her name.

If she becomes old and then dies as an old woman, she prefers to kill herself in advance.

It was Bai Lian's second call that woke her up from her wild thoughts.


"Well, what's your business?"

An Lan looked down at her clothes.

The clothes were clean and proper.

The lapel was closed, the sleeves were covered, and there was no exposure.

Well, I still have the dignity of being a master!

An Lan was relieved at once.

Bai Lian smiled and said, "Thank you for your concern. It was all my fault. If I hadn't acted rashly, your plan would not have been disrupted."

"If only you knew!"

An Lan waved her hand.

She didn't turn her head and couldn't look directly at Bai Lian's eager eyes.

Maybe she felt that her words were too blunt. She added, "It's not important. I can do it at any time anyway."


Bai Lian bowed behind her, and the room fell into silence again.

Only the distant sound of fireworks and explosions could ease the atmosphere a little.

Bai Lian was hesitating.

In various senses, Master An Lan was unfathomable. Even in the aspect of personality, she could only understand half of it.

At this time, if she invited An Lan to visit the Lantern Festival, An Lan would definitely refuse.

How should I say this?

Bai Lian pinched her fingers nervously.

To her surprise, it was An Lan who spoke first.

For a moment, An Lan looked a little confused.

"You stand straight."

She said so and then stood up.


Is this a sudden corporal punishment?

Bai Lian saw An Lan turn around her twice.

There are more "Death" words around Bai Lian's body again!

Compared with a month ago, the words "Death" on Bai Lian's body was dense enough to be used as black plate armor.

If it went on like this, it could even form a face armor.

Maybe this is the real "Death Knight"!

An Lan could not understand it at all.

She looked through the literature records of the Wushan Holy Palace, and no book mentioned this strange situation.

Does it mean that only going to the Immortal World can solve the problem?

But she…

She can't go after all.

An Lan began to feel annoyed. If only she read more information about this when she was still the Heavenly Lord.

She pulled her face and asked, "What did you do in the Flying Fog?"

Bai Lian picked out the key points and explained them again.

Of course, she didn't tell the minor details such as Qiong Zhi wanting to marry the jade rabbit to her.

"Yaoguang Star Lord?"

An Lan shook her head. She didn't know this rabbit. Is the new "Death" on Bai Lian's body related to this rabbit?

She touched her body. After a while, she threw a plate at Bai Lian.

"Take it with you. Don't return it to me."

"Ah, yes."

If Bai Lian remembered correctly, this plate had a positioning function.

When she went to take the second Martial Sister to the mountain, she would be ready to run away if she didn't have this plate.

Obviously, it was only half a year ago, but in retrospect, it felt very far away.

An Lan stared at the picture on the wall, which was the most satisfying place in the whole room.

She is as young in the picture as she is now.

Premature aging must be an illusion!

Be it so.

She turned to the door and said, "You just came back from the outside. Have a rest early. Go to your house "


An Lan is going to leave if I don't say something!

Many scenes flashed through Bai Lian's mind.

In the end, thousands of words were changed into one sentence, "Master!"

An Lan stopped at the door. She slowly turned around, her face puzzled, and asked, "What's wrong?"

The evening wind blew An Lan's dress, and she looked like a fairy in the night.

There is not much time left for her!

In less than half an hour, Bai Lian's head was blank.

She still had no countermeasures. She just stood out with a momentum in her chest.

Stand up at the right time, that's it.

The system didn't give any hint, but she thought that if she missed tonight, she could never draw the "Family photo" in the plan.

The stage is ready.

The lights are in place.

The prelude has been finished.

Wouldn't she be laughed to death if she gave up at this time?

Bai Lian took a deep breath.

Since there are no countermeasures, there is no need for countermeasures. This time it is a straight ball attack!

"Master, today is the Lantern Festival!"

An Lan said, "I know."

"New Year's Eve has passed, and half a quarter of an hour later, today will pass!"

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"I know."

"If we miss this opportunity, we will have to wait until next year!"

"I know."

"So." Bai Lian said, "Master, let's go to the Lantern Festival!"

The passion in her eyes seemed to overflow.

"I know…"

An Lan's words were swallowed back, and her eyes stayed on Bai Lian.

Is this an invitation?

Because it came so suddenly, she was completely stunned.



An Lan felt her lips and teeth stiff.

Her vision gradually blurred. After bypassing Bai Lian, she took all the empty bowls on the table.

She set them up.

In a trance, An Lan saw a vague figure beside the table.

She thought of Bai Lian, who was standing alone at the table full of food a few years ago.

She remembered Bai Lian, who stood alone under the eaves of the house on New Year's Eve last year, waiting for the rain to stop.

She thought of Bai Lian, who had never cried.

She thought of Bai Lian, who had just entered the Duxian sect and was still ignorant.

She remembered…

"But." An Lan said, "It's too late."

It's time to leave.

If Bai Lian came back half an hour earlier, everything would be different.

Bai Lian was also stunned by An Lan's words.

Did she hear it right?

She expected An Lan to refuse like Yan Yue.

She expected An Lan to pretend not to hear.

She also expected An Lan to say that she was not interested.

She didn't expect An Lan to say it was too late.

Straight ball attack, then into the hole?

Bai Lian found herself wrong.

She doesn't know An Lan at all. It's very wrong to label people.

"No!" Bai Lian grabbed An Lan's hand and said categorically, "We still have time!"

What she wanted to see was not the lantern, but the atmosphere.

As long as the atmosphere is in place, even if today is not the Lantern Festival, it's also a day to celebrate.


An Lan lowered her head. She didn't shake off Bai Lian's hand.

She suddenly noticed that Bai Lian's hands were bigger than hers, and Bai Lian's height was also higher than hers. Years had left traces on Bai Lian.

The only constant is that Bai Lian's body is always cooler than normal people.

An Lan squeezed out a smile.

This should be a smile, right?

"Just this once," she said.

The master needs to spoil her disciple occasionally.

Bai Lian saw that the sky behind An Lan suddenly burst into a blue halo.

It's fireworks!


But she is very greedy.

She wants to see them the next time, the next time, and the time after that…

Until forever!