The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 4 Chapter 28 Part 2

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Chapter 28: In the Crowd Once and Again, I Look for Her in Vain (2)

Bai Lian smiled and said, "The important thing is not misunderstanding, but Master Yan Yue's intention."

Is it?

That's good.

Yan Yue didn't know how to reply.

When Bai Lian let go of her, she still felt a little reluctant and regretful.

What a good child.


It feels good to be trusted.

Yan Yue immediately changed the topic, "Have you informed your master and Martial Sisters?"

Bai Lian replied, "I've notified them."

The two younger Martial Sisters breathed a sigh of relief. They returned the messages very quickly, as if they were fighting.

Master An Lan's reply was quite cold.

[Remember to tell me when you go out next time]

Yes, yes, yes.

Unfortunately, it's getting late.

She needed three days to five or six days before she could return to the Duxian sect. She wouldn't be able to catch up with this year's Lantern Festival.

Bai Lian deeply regretted it. It was clear that she had been expecting this year's Lantern Festival for several months.

But as long as she doesn't stop, the road will go straight ahead.

"Next time!"

She clenched her fist and thought.

Yan Yue said, "That's good. Your Martial Sisters are waiting for you at the Zhuyan mountain. Let's go."

Bai Lian asked, "Do you want to take the flying boat of the Guangtong sect or the flying boat of the Yuantong sect?"

"Don't bother so much." A scroll suddenly appeared in Yan Yue's hand. "Use this, it's just time."

Bai Lian was stunned, "Just time?"

Yan Yue said, "The Lantern Festival. Before you went out, didn't you say that you would go back on time and take your younger Martial Sisters to see the Lantern Festival?"

It was this.

I didn't expect Master Yan Yue to remember such things!

Bai Lian showed a bright smile on her face.

Yan Yue unfolded the Ultra Long-distance Transmission Scroll. She infused her spirit Qi into it, and a white light spread out like a feather wing to take everyone in.

There was a little pressure around the body, and the pressure on Bai Lian now was not stronger than being tickled.

By the time she came out of the white light, the familiar mountains were already in sight.

The Qiongming peak, the Zhuyan mountain…

Behind was a small town under the mountain with bright lights.

Bai Lian looked at the time and found that there was still half an hour before this year's Lantern Festival started.

That's enough.

Just this time, don't wait until next year!

Led by Yan Yue, she soon arrived at the Zhuyan mountain.

"Elder Martial Sister!"

Xiao Jinse and Su Youwei, who were waiting anxiously in the woods, turned quickly after hearing the footsteps.

It's Martial Sister Bai Lian!

The smile spread out.

This reunion seemed to be as long as a lifetime apart, which made their hearts beat faster.

They both ran towards Bai Lian.

"Elder Martial Sister, I thought you were in danger."

"Elder Martial Sister, it's good that you're all right."

Bai Lian said, "Haven't I come back? Well, hurry up and make preparations. Let's go to the Lantern Festival now."


The two nodded.

Bai Lian's eyes fell on Yan Yue again.

Yan Yue quickly waved her hand, "I won't go. I'm not interested in the Lantern Festival."

She is a Master. If she goes with her, won't she spoil the atmosphere for nothing?

So she won't go.

However, she insisted on sending Bai Lian down the mountain.

When Bai Lian reached the foot of the mountain, she looked back. She thought she should say something.

"Master Yan Yue, the Blood Tree Patriarch really cares about you…"

Yan Yue said, "I know. But we are used to getting along like this. If we rashly change the way, probably no one will adapt."

That's true.

Their fight would have destroyed the Zhuyan mountain if they really hated each other.

Bai Lian only thought that if An Lan and Yan Yue had such a tacit understanding, she wouldn't have to think.

Leave, leave.

Bai Lian walked to the town with her Martial Sisters and the jade rabbit.


Several disciples gathered together to talk.

"Did you see that? Master An Lan's expression was really terrible. She looked like she wanted to eat people!"

"Don't mention it. I was standing near Master An Lan at that time. I felt that I was about to freeze into ice. Fortunately, Master An Lan walked into the Qiongming peak at once."

Is Master at the Qiongming peak?

Bai Lian turned around in astonishment. She thought that An Lan had not come back.

Was it because of her that she came back?

Bai Lian's breath stopped for a moment. She remembered the past few Lantern Festival events. They are a family! A family should stay together!

Xiao Jinse and Su Youwei looked at each other.

For a long time, Martial Sister Bai Lian's face had only been smiling and expressionless. But just now they saw that Martial Sister Bai Lian's face showed a tangled look.

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian must be thinking of Master An Lan.

"Go, Elder Martial Sister!"

"Elder Martial Sister, please call Shifu to go with you!"

"Wait for me."

After that, Bai Lian gritted her teeth and ran towards the Qiongming peak.

Without reservation, she was very fast and came to the forbidden cave in an instant.

However, to Bai Lian's surprise, An Lan was not here. The cave was empty with no one there.

"She will be…"

By the way.

Bai Lian had an idea in her mind that she ran out of the cave.

All the way up.

She stopped outside the yard.

She saw a small and delicate figure fixed behind the paper wooden window.

That's her room.

Bai Lian quickly walked past. She opened the door of the empty room, and the light lit up her vision.

At the small square table in the middle of the room, An Lan, the lonely master, sat quietly. On the table were several empty bowls and cups.

So that's how it feels?

An Lan looked at the empty bowls.

It's also New Year's Eve. It's also one person sitting at the table. It's also dark.

She suddenly felt that it was more interesting to be a mortal in this world than to be the Immortal Heavenly Lord. No one flattered her, but that kind of thing was not important.

Her strength was not gained by other people's flatter!


Suddenly, a voice woke An Lan from her thinking.

She stared at Bai Lian, who was standing at the door, and was stunned.

How close!

Bai Lian walked so close to her, but she didn't find it at all.

Has her alertness failed?