The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 4 Chapter 27 Part 2

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Chapter 27: The Blood Tree Patriarch Is Too Strong! (2)

Qiong Zhi didn't know if she could defeat Yan Yue. She could only pray that other demons defeated the Blood Tree Patriarch as soon as possible and then came to help her.

But she completely underestimated the power of the Blood Tree Patriarch.

Even Yan Yue is no match for the Blood Tree Patriarch in terms of strength.

What are the real rough skin and thick flesh?!

It can fight seven people at the same time!

"Stupid rabbit!"

A flash of cold.

Facing the attack of seven demonic beasts, the Blood Tree Patriarch used its skill "Duxian Bundle".

The rabbit demon that was entangled by it became powerless and was beaten by thousands of branches.

A demon ignited a ball of sky fire, but the Blood Tree Patriarch simply ignored it. A sea of blood was raised around its body, and on the edge of the sea of blood, thick vines gushed out like heavy tanks.

This is the "Tide of Blood Tree" that it is best at. It has many abilities such as binding and absorption.

In the game, it is very difficult to fight the Blood Tree Patriarch without high-quality flames.

Bai Lian usually lets the second Martial Sister defend the Blood Tree Patriarch's attacks in the game. However, this experience is very rare. In most routes, "She" will not live to fight with the Blood Tree Patriarch.

Even if she could survive till that plot happened, it was uncertain who the second Martial Sister's big sword was going to attack.


Bai Lian hurriedly stored away the jade slip.

When Yan Yue attacked, she sent out a message, but Yan Yue, who was in a rage, didn't notice.

The tasks popped out.

Bai Lian didn't have time to read them.

"If they continue to fight like this, one of them will die!"

She must hurry out to stop this senseless fight.

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After only a few steps, the jade rabbit hurried over.

Obviously, the jade rabbit also realized the seriousness of the matter.


"Let's go together."

Bai Lian picked up the jade rabbit and walked to the edge of the battlefield.

She didn't dare to get too close. This was not a fight she could get involved in.

When they came closer, Bai Lian immediately shouted, "Don't fight again!"

She used magic, and even the rabbit demons who had been stunned by the Blood Tree Patriarch could hear.

Bai Lian?!

Yan Yue immediately pushed back Qiong Zhi and her eyes lit up.


Bai Lian is not injured at all, and she has also captured a "Hostage". She is worthy of being Bai Lian!

Yan Yue smiled brightly.

It's a violet flower.

She took one step and twisted and turned the space.

But just before she came to Bai Lian, Qiong Zhi pulled her out from the twisted space.

Want to take hostages?

Only after you walk over my dead body!

Qiong Zhi stabbed Yan Yue with a pillar of moonlight.

"Damn rabbit!"

Yan Yue threw out her flying sword. In the shining array of sword lights, she and Qiong Zhi fight together again.

Bai Lian's face turned green, "Stop!"

"Haw!" the jade rabbit also shouted.


Although they were unwilling, since Bai Lian shouted, Yan Yue and the Blood Tree Patriarch stopped one after another.

Is it true that Bai Lian is the hostage?

Yan Yue had a strange idea. She asked, "Bai Lian, if you are kidnapped, you will blink."

Bai Lian looked expressionlessly at her.

How old are you? Isn't that too naive?

She sighed.

At the same time feeling the headache, a warm current surged in her body. She explained, "Master Yan Yue, Senior Qiong Zhi, this is all a misunderstanding!"

the jade rabbit in her arms nodded hurriedly. It was a misunderstanding!

Bai Lian first introduced the two sides to each other and then described her experiences in the past few days.

"I have some understanding under the laurel tree. I didn't expect that it would take me several days."

"Ah, this…"

Yan Yue's face became embarrassed.

Then didn't she do something wrong?

If she had known this, she would have negotiated with Qiong Zhi first.

Too bad.

She and Qiong Zhi were fine, but the heads of the other rabbit demons were swollen like pigs' heads.

And she also smashed the protective magic array of the Flying Fog.

Yan Yue hung her hands beside her, like a pupil who made mistakes.

What made her feel more sad was that her fantasy was completely broken.

She originally intended to defeat these rabbits in a handsome way, then rescue Bai Lian and let Bai Lian snuggle in her arms and shout "Master Yan Yue, you are much better than my master". Maybe she could take the opportunity to let Bai Lian be her disciple.

Oh, shit, it's over.

Qiong Zhi glared at Yan Yue angrily.

At this moment, Bai Lian stepped forward and stopped Yan Yue.

Fortunately, Yan Yue was very restrained and didn't cause casualties.

She bowed to Qiong Zhi and apologized, "Senior Qiong Zhi, it's all my fault. Master Yan Yue only cares about me. If you want to punish someone, just punish me. I will try to compensate for the losses caused this time."

"Bai Lian。"

Yan Yuewei opened her mouth.

She was about to say something when Bai Lian pinched her palm.

Hold your tongue!

Qiong Zhi said nothing.

the jade rabbit pulled her skirt, "Haw haw…"

Qiong Zhi suddenly sighed.

"As long as you can repair the protective magic array, I will treat it as if nothing has happened."

This time, Yan Yue rushed to speak in front of Bai Lian. As a Master, how could she be behind Bai Lian?

"I'll repay you a better one right away!"

Yan Yue grabbed the Blood Tree Patriarch, "Come on, spit out all the spirit Qi you ate. It's all your fault. You were too impetuous."

The Blood Tree Patriarch, "?"

Didn't you push me in the back?

Yan Yue said, "Save me some face in front of Bai Lian. I will repay you with your favorite food after we go back!"


All right.