The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 4 Chapter 27 Part 1

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Chapter 27: The Blood Tree Patriarch Is Too Strong! (1)

The loud voice was like a passing typhoon, and the whole Flying Fog was awakened.

A large group of demonic beasts who were resting or working in their houses hurried out.

While running, some demonic beasts also put on grass-woven skirts.

"Damn it! The beautiful night is ruined before it begins!"

"Come on, come on!"

"Who is so rude?"

The slightly lonely night suddenly became lively.

After dozens of breaths, the square in the middle of the Flying Fog was crowded with demonic beasts.

They raised their heads in anger or fear.

They saw a young woman in lavender clothes standing in the air, looking angry.

Behind her was a purple flame dancing like a dragon, reflecting the cold moonlight night sky with its irresistible temptations.

Behind the woman, a swollen blood colored giant tree stood proudly.

The trunk was rough and gave off a terrible cold light.

The roots of the trees were winding and weaving into a huge net, covering half the sky.

Come with evil intent!

"How big! It's bigger than the laurel tree!" A fox demon was scared.

The cat demon beside it trembled, "Its power is comparable to our king's!"

Seeing that no demon came out to fight, Yan Yue sneered, "Since you don't come out, I'll go in myself!"

She waved her hand gently, and the purple demon flame circling behind her shot out like an arrow.

Dragon strike!

The protective magic array wrapped around the Flying Fog trembled violently, and countless white stars fell, just like dandelion seeds blowing away.

For a moment, the square was so quiet that needles could be heard falling.

This woman's strength is too strong. Can the protective magic array really stop her?

"Haven't you come out yet?"

The angry Yan Yue lost her patience.

She looked back at the Blood Tree Patriarch and gave it a look.

The Blood Tree Patriarch understood.

It understood. Now it's its turn!


"Don't come here!"

After cooperating with Yan Yue for so many years, it could know what Yan Yue's idea was at a glance. The Blood Tree Patriarch turned around and planned to fly away.

Yan Yue's face turned black, "If you want to save Bai Lian, don't be so fussy. Come here quickly. It's faster!"

Before the Blood Tree Patriarch answered, she grabbed the root of the Blood Tree Patriarch.

"Damn! Change the direction. Change the direction quickly. Don't put my head on it!"

The Blood Tree Patriarch, who was dazed by Yan Yue's waving, could not help shouting.

Yan Yue couldn't care so much.

She has a lot of spirit tools, but she doesn't have any spirit tools as handy as the Blood Tree Patriarch.

A real woman should wave a tree with her bare hands!

Holding the Blood Tree Patriarch, she launched a charge against the Flying Fog like holding a siege hammer.


The thick crown of the Blood Tree Patriarch firmly hit on the protection array.

"Fuck you!"

In the sound of shouting and swearing, the seemingly solid protective magic array instantly raised a storm, sweeping dozens of miles and still having after waves.

At this time, a frightening scene happened.

The Blood Tree Patriarch was like a "Sponge". All the spirit Qi on the protective magic array was swallowed up by its branches and leaves, which made it look more magnificent.

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When the operation of the magic array was sluggish, it just needed to poke forward slightly.


The magic array immediately broke into numerous translucent fragments.

The demonic beasts in the square were all scared.


Yan Yue contentedly raised the Blood Tree Patriarch.

"Just so so!"

There is no common protective magic array in the world that can block the Blood Tree Patriarch's hammer. If there is, then hammer it again!

In contrast, the Blood Tree Patriarch was very sad.

You think it likes to swear?

That was forced.

It was also a good, kind tree at the beginning.

On a certain day of a certain year.

A woman named An Lan forced it out of the soil and took it to the Duxian sect.

It thought it was going to enjoy a new happy life. Who ever thought it was going to fight!

This fight has lasted for more than 400 years. Any normal tree would become a grumpy old tree after being tossed so many years.

However, the Blood Tree Patriarch just complained. If it had not been dug up by An Lan, it would have been eaten by the nearby demonic beasts, not to mention that it has a chance to fly to the Immortal World now.

Trees cannot forget their roots.

The Blood Tree Patriarch's greatest wish in this life is to make Yan Yue become a lady.

Now it seems that the possibility is infinitely close to zero.

"Come with me."

The Blood Tree Patriarch flew in the direction of the laurel tree.

The diary it gave to Bai Lian was made from the bark it had shed. Even if the diary was placed in the storage prop, it could still vaguely sense the diary's position.

Yan Yue immediately followed.

Rescue Bai Lian is the most important thing now!

On the way, Yan Yue and the Blood Tree Patriarch were stopped.

Standing in the front was Qiong Zhi, who was talking with the jade rabbit just now, while next to her was the Elders of the Yaoguang Rabbit Race.

Qiong Zhi clenched her teeth.

The change of the laurel tree really caused other people to spy on it, but she didn't expect that these people would come so quickly.

"I was careless."

Qiong Zhi sighed softly. The laurel tree is a legacy left by Yaoguang Star Lord. As the king of the Flying Fog, she would not hand over the laurel tree even if she died.

"If you want to get it, step over me!"

Damn rabbit!

Yan Yue was suddenly angry.

This rabbit indeed wanted to rob Bai Lian's "Natural Saint Body".

Stop dreaming.

That's mine!

Cough. She meant that Bai Lian was her valued "Disciple".

"In that case, I will do it!"

Yan Yue had decided that even if she had to sink the whole island, she would take Bai Lian back.

Qiong Zhi locked Yan Yue's breath, "I'll leave the tree to you. I'll stop this woman!"

"Yes, our king!"

The battle broke out.

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