The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 4 Chapter 26 Part 2

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Chapter 26: I Have a Dream (2)

Now I see.

"Then Bai Lian, you can't stay in the Flying Fog."

"Yes, there are still people waiting for me in the Duxian sect."

"We're leaving."

"Why don't you go back with me? Anyway, the Flying Fog doesn't need you to do anything now."

"It will be rejected."

"That's a pity."

Bai Lian stretched out her hand under the umbrella. The rain stopped, but she didn't hurry to move the umbrella.

Although the world under the umbrella was small, it was just enough to accommodate her and the jade rabbit.

the jade rabbit suddenly asked, "Why does Bai Lian like the Duxian sect?"

This question…

Bai Lian pursed her lips and didn't reply in a hurry.

She wanted to think about it.

When she first came to this world, she had no memory related to the game.

At that time, her idea was very simple. She was a world traveler. And just after she woke up in this world, she became a very strong master's disciple. Just like these protagonists in web novels!

She cultivated hard. At that time, she had no deep feelings for the Duxian sect.

The protagonist was persecuted by her fellow disciples and finally was forced to leave her sect. This kind of scenario was too common.

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But what was waiting for her was another way.

"Am I a Natural Saint?"

Who made that rumor? Does he want to kill me?!

Bai Lian had never been able to catch the culprit.

She cautiously cultivated, never expecting that the rumors would become more and more terrible, even to the point where her explanations were useless.

One day she recovered her memory related to the game.

After the initial panic period, Bai Lian could examine the Duxian sect from a new perspective.

These little words are the link between her and her previous life.

I can't go back.

She wandered in the game for one month, and then she would wander in the Duxian sect for her whole life.

Every time she saw a scene that had appeared in the game, she would feel her heart beat slower.

When she saw the peace in other places, she would think of the tragedy when the Duxian sect was destroyed in the game.

Bai Lian seriously said, "I naturally like it. If you want to know the reason, because that's my memory."

Bai Lian had a dream today.

She dreamt that one day, the Duxian sect would be able to successfully pass through the coming disaster, and the fire of the sect would last forever.

She dreamt that one day, her younger Martial Sisters would be able to unload all their burdens and live as ordinary people.

She dreamt that one day, her master could recover her strength when she was still that Heavenly Lord and defeat the foe who had defeated her by despicable means.

She dreamt that one day…

This road must be long and full of thorns.

Bai Lian didn't know whether she could walk to the end of the road alive. After all, she was already an unlucky person with "Death" written all over her body.


Let's go. Every day we go.

Bai Lian threw the umbrella away.

She felt as if she had thrown away some baggage, and suddenly felt relaxed.

When she listened carefully, she heard the prompt given by the system, and her Focus was increased to 410.

Her cultivation base had just arrived at the Nascent Soul Stage, and now, her divine sense ([Focus]) had already reached the Soul Changing Stage!

Is this insight?

"Let's go again."


The jade rabbit nodded.

Although she was being baptized by the laurel tree, she still heard the conversation between her mother and Bai Lian.

At first she was a little sad.

How could you be indifferent after being rejected?

But after walking in Bai Lian's "Dream", she realized her immaturity.

You can't force other people to follow your will.

She also felt that, just as she wanted to protect the Flying Fog, Bai Lian also wanted to protect the Duxian sect.

Their Tao is connected!

Even without her mother's intervention, she believed she could walk back to Bai Lian's side.

In the reconstructed dream, the jade rabbit reintroduced herself to Bai Lian in the dim light, "I am not Yaoguang Star Lord, I am Yao Ye of the Flying Fog, and I am also the jade rabbit of the Qiongming peak."


On the Qiongming peak.

Seeing that the Lantern Festival was coming, Xiao Jinse and Su Youwei were in anxiety.

"Why didn't Elder Martial Sister return my message?"

"Where did Elder Martial Sister go?"

"Elder Martial Sister must be in danger!"

They had tried to contact An Lan, but they didn't know where to find her. Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian had been teaching them all the time.

They had no choice but to find Master Yan Yue, who had the best relationship with Martial Sister Bai Lian.

"Did Bai Lian lose contact?"

Yan Yue, who received the news, smashed the lyre placed in front of her.

Then, she turned around and pulled out the sleeping Blood Tree Patriarch.

"Ouch! Can you tell me first before you do it?!" The Blood Tree Patriarch cursed.

Yan Yue didn't care so much, "Let's go and fight!"

The Blood Tree Patriarch asked, "What fight?"

"Bai Lian is missing."


The Blood Tree Patriarch, who was still crying just now, became cold. Xiao Jinse and Su Youwei, who were standing nearby, only felt that they had suddenly fallen into the ice cave.


Yan Yue said, "You two stay here. This may be a fierce battle. I will not have the energy to protect you."


The two lowered their heads.

After all, they don't have enough strength.

If they could become stronger as soon as possible…

Yan Yue hurried away carrying the Blood Tree Patriarch. The Blood Tree Patriarch said that it could sense the position of Bai Lian, which was good news.

On the way, Yan Yue didn't forget to send An Lan a message.

[Your eldest disciple is missing. Are you still in the mood to wander outside?]

An Lan replied, [?]

Yan Yue explained to her patiently.

It's better to let Bai Lian be my disciple! Yan Yue thought.

In the library of the Wushan Holy Palace.

For the first time in half a month, expressionless An Lan came out.

The Deputy master of the Wushan Holy Palace, who was guarding the gate, smiled and said, "Senior, you…"

An Lan waved her hand, "I'm leaving. Do what you like."

No matter how complicated the expression the Deputy palace master has on her face, An Lan stepped out of the Wushan Holy Palace in one step.

When she returned to the Duxian sect, the lanterns were just lit.

She stopped over the town for a moment.

No Bai Lian was found.

She returned to the Qiongming peak and stood outside Bai Lian's house.

There was still no Bai Lian, nor was there a table full of dumplings.


The empty Qiongming peak is boring.

An Lan took out the message jade slip and sent a message to Bai Lian.


After a few hours, Bai Lian woke up from her dream.

When she opened her eyes, she found that she had received many messages on her jade slip.

There were from Martial Sisters, Yan Yue, and even An Lan.

An Lan: [Where have you been? Reply me quickly!]



Bai Lian quickly took out the spirit calendar made by herself. At a glance, she was gapemouthed.

"Today is the Lantern Festival?"

It's over. It's over.

Unless she borrows the ultra-long distance transmission array, she will not be able to return to the Duxian sect today.

How many days did she sleep?!

Bai Lian smoothed her hair.

She turned her head. The silver laurel trees had returned to normal, and there were no fireworks in the sky.

In short, let me send them messages first. After that, I'll go say goodbye to Qiong Zhi and the jade rabbit.

At that moment, an angry cry came from the distance, "Rabbits of the Flying Fog, hurry up and come out, or I will tear down this island today!"