The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 4 Chapter 26 Part 1

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Chapter 26: I Have a Dream (1)

After Qiong Zhi left.

The open space beside the laurel tree became silent.

When Bai Lian walked to the edge of the Flying Fog, she saw the fierce and vigorous wind.

This vigorous wind contained a very strong spirit Qi.

With her strength, if she jumped down, she would be directly blown back by the wind.

"Is this the real danger?"

Bai Lian was expressionless.

The reward, as a top-grade magic tool, is really not so easy to obtain.

She even regretted coming to the Flying Fog.

However, as soon as she thought that she had successfully solved the mother-daughter conflict between Qiong Zhi and the jade rabbit and put them on the same line, she suddenly felt that her "Sacrifice" was valuable.

"The system is deceptive. In fact, I am a person with high moral cultivation!"

While she was laughing, Bai Lian found a large flat stone and lay down on it.

She planned to stay here until the jade rabbit was baptized.

The stone was a bit cold.

After all, it's already winter.

Bai Lian saw that the starry sky was blurred by the explosion of fireworks, and the world in front of her seemed to become hazy.

Only the bright moon was left, swaying in the sky like frosted glass.

"So yellow."

Bai Lian reopened her eyes and saw a bright star river. At this time, she was lying on a boat.

She stood up.

It was only then that she realized that she was treading on a river of stars, and the blue black canvas was dotted with twinkling stars.

Maybe this is what the poem describes, "Drunk, she knows not the sky is afloat in the water; A boat laden with sweet dreams weighs down the Milky Way."


The sound of the tide tapped in her ear.

Bai Lian turned her head and looked at the place where the sound came from.

Above the Milky Way, there was a plain-looking osmanthus tree on the mud ground.

The white rabbit under the tree looked up to the sky.

It was like a sculpture.

The most eye-catching thing was the pair of pale blue long ears.

"The jade rabbit?"

This looked definitely like the jade rabbit.

Bai Lian jumped out of the boat. She waded forward and walked under the osmanthus tree.

It was the sound of the waves that startled the white rabbit. She turned her head and looked at Bai Lian suddenly.

When their eyes meet, Bai Lian understood——

This is not the jade rabbit!

Her eyes have seen through the vicissitudes of the world, and are full of discontent and confusion about the future.

Bai Lian suddenly understood that this was the first Yaoguang Rabbit in the world, that is, the "Yaoguang Star Lord" before she became immortal.

But she really looks like the jade rabbit.

Bai Lian doesn't know whether this is because all Yaoguang Rabbits look the same or whether the jade rabbit is actually Yaoguang Star Lord's reincarnation.

She followed Yaoguang Star Lord and looked up to the sky.

At this time, there was a meteor in the beautiful starry sky that even a poem could not describe.

Yaoguang Star Lord's eyes lit up.

The stars in the sky and the stars in the water have found the point where they meet in the eternal separation.

On this day, Yaoguang Star Lord understood the Tao of the Moon and Stars.

The tree was beside the rabbit. It was also light.

The mud in the sea flew into the sky, and the water rolled down from all directions, like a waterfall.

Under the support of the stars gathered by spirit Qi, the muddy land became a floating island.

This was the Flying Fog five thousand years ago.

Bai Lian saw the trees being planted, the grass growing out, and the house standing up.

She turned her head and a Yaoguang Rabbit was standing at her feet.

This time she knew that this was the jade rabbit.

They smiled at each other and said nothing, so they walked straight ahead until they entered the memory of the jade rabbit.

The deserted streets became lively.


The fireworks rose into the air and exploded.

It was a red flower.

In the laughter, there were young rabbits holding the old rabbits in the street to celebrate, there were tiger demons twisting their hips on the wooden platform, and fat yellow cats throwing around several fire rings…

The Flying Fog is not only an island, but also the whole sustenance of Yaoguang Star Lord.

This is the smell of peace!

The jade rabbit pulled Bai Lian's skirt.

Without her saying, Bai Lian understood what she meant.

"Look at yours."

All right!

She led the jade rabbit across the long street and entered the darkness again.

It's a short way.

When they re entered the bustle, Bai Lian found that the jade rabbit had "Disappeared". Beside her was a lovely girl wearing a light blue dress with rabbit ears and white hair.


Is this fourteen years old?

Bai Lian was shocked.

Is it all?

She hasn't grown up yet. Not at the age of marriage!

the jade rabbit didn't care. She leaned over and directly surrounded Bai Lian's arm.

Go, go!

She couldn't hold the excitement.

Bai Lian could only let her drag her around in her "Dream".

The town under the Duxian sect.

On New Year's Eve last year, the flower market was as bright as day.

This peaceful day is so precious in the cultivation world.

The crowded streets were hung with red lanterns. Some people danced with paper dragons, some performed acrobatics, and some sold paper windmills made by themselves.

The jade rabbit was very happy at first.

Look here, look there.

In the dream, she could finally be transformed!

But in the second half of the night, the excitement was completely extinguished.

The sky was dark, and it suddenly rained. The rain was getting heavier and heavier.

Even though the rain clouds were dispersed by some cultivators, the atmosphere of New Year's Eve was still completely destroyed.

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In front of the steps.

Bai Lian was holding an umbrella.

She looked at the raindrops dripping down the eaves. It seemed that she wanted to look at it until dawn.

The jade rabbit noticed something wrong.

If she didn't appear in Bai Lian's dream, wouldn't Bai Lian be the only one from the beginning to the end?

What about the others?

Master? No.

Martial Sisters? No.

Even passers-by who accidentally stepped on the puddle could not be seen.

The bustle belongs to everyone else, but Bai Lian has nothing.

This dream is not funny at all.

The jade rabbit could not help but frown. If she had known this, she would not have come to Bai Lian's "Dream".

Bai Lian must be very sad.


Bai Lian reached out and touched the jade rabbit's head.

She had no mind reading skills, but the jade rabbit's mind was written on her face. It was difficult for her to ignore it.

This is really just a pure "Child"!

Bai Lian comforted the jade rabbit, "Originally, I was going to join in the fun. I'm not like the other people in the Duxian sect, who were not interested in New Year's Eve. I just wandered around while they were cultivating."

I like you just because you are not like them.

The jade rabbit puffed her cheeks.

It didn't know why it was angry. Anyway, it was not angry with Bai Lian, but it seemed to be angry with the world.

Why against Bai Lian!

She didn't do anything wrong! Does a good person deserve to be bullied?

"This year, this year will be very lively." Bai Lian continued, "If you go back with me, there will be you, the second Martial Sister and the third Martial Sister… Well, if it's possible, I will try to invite master and Master Yan Yue. Then there will be six people."


The jade rabbit nodded, and the rain became less and less.

After a while, she raised her head and asked Bai Lian, "Bai Lian, do you like watching lanterns?"

Bai Lian shook her head, "That's not true. I just like the feeling of everyone getting together."